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Season 1 episodes (14)

1 The Macon 7
Noah has returned to the Macon Plantation after his first escape attempt and begins to organize the Macon 7 escape using the "Freedom Map" he's acquired while held by Slave Catchers. John meets William Still and begins his and Elizabeth's journey into the Underground Railroad. August pretends to help a runaway slave escape slave catchers. Tom begins his run for Senate.
2 War Chest
The Macon 7 meet to plan their escape only to find Cato is going with them. Noah asks Rosalee to run with them. John and Elizabeth learn how the Underground Railroad works. Tom meets on the plantation with the men he needs to impress to get the nomination. Facing more desperate life on the farm, August decides to enlist the help of his son, Ben, to go after runaway slaves.
3 The Lord's Day
John and Elizabeth receive their first "cargo" and meet her
ex-fiancé, Marshal Kyle Risdin, throwing a serious wrench in their plans for the
Underground Railroad. The slaves enlist Rosalee's help to steal Tom's
official seal as they continue to prepare for the big escape.
4 Firefly
Bill is discovered barely alive in his cabin and Tom realizes Rosalee and Noah have escaped from the Macon Plantation. John and Elizabeth deal with their slave abductors, eventually overpowering them with the unwitting help of Kyle. Tom promotes Cato to Plantation Overseer, which Cato quickly uses to finalize the plan for the rest of the Macon 7 to join Noah and Rosalee.  They ignite the fields and escape.
5 Run & Gun
The Macon slaves face questioning over their plans; at the same time, the mad dash to catch a train heading north comes with complications at every turn.
6 Troubled Water
The Macon slaves face questioning over their plans; at the same time, the mad dash to catch a train heading north comes with complications at every turn.
7 Cradle
Innocence is lost when children are forced to face the harsh realities of the world.
8 Grave
In the face of near-certain death, the runners decide their only hope is a suicidal attempt to hide in plain sight. Meanwhile, Ernestine confronts her worst fear.
9 Black & Blue
Rescuing a member of the Macon 7 turns into a deadly mission; John and Elizabeth challenge each others' choices.
10 The White Whale
Everyone must pay for their sins when the day of reckoning arrives.
101 Wanted
See all new scenes from the action-packed new season of Underground.
102 Full Length Trailer
See the full length trailer to WGN America's new original series "Underground."
103 First Look
Get a first look at WGN America's new original series "Underground". From Executive Producer John Legend, "Underground" follows a group of slaves who plan a daring escape from a Georgia plantation to cross 600 miles to freedom.
104 The Music of Underground
Legendary musician John Legend and producer Mike Jackson discuss The Music of Underground and how contemporary music interacts with the show.

About this show

An unflinching story of plantation slaves that band together for the fight of their lives—for their families, their future and their freedom.

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2.35K reviews
Cass Is Real
May 1, 2017
I love Underground the show but I hate how slow the episodes are being loaded onto Google Play. I should have streamed the show from another site. WGN is no longer available in my area and I thought this would be a good option. The first two episodes were available the day after airing but became the following ones began to take much longer. It has been FIVE days and I still do not have access to episode 8. I will not purchase another show from Google Play.
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ronald weasley
May 20, 2017
The world need to no what we went threw the taking of our mind of our men our women our children our parenting the raping of our black men cutting off our black men penis being hung from a oak tree the black women being raped while the white wife listening to screaming out in pain and walking around being pregnant by there white husband .... breaking up our family buy selling us off .... oh I could go on and on.... But not knowing how to read r write we sang song to relieve our pain and got out of slavery .... This tv series tells it so very well .... such great actors .... that I cry .... because I remember the truth that my mother told me about what her mother and father and siblings went threw .... thanks for bringing it back .... to show Ms Harriet Tubmun the women that was part of the underground ... I live threw the wood behind John Brown house it was to be leave that my house was part of the tunnel to hide our people... we had a hidden trap door that lead to the underground to my house ..... it freedom freedom .... To u all keep up the greatest most outstanding realistic show ever Thank you .👍👍👍 But we still have some more work to do my parent would be so grateful and proud so am I 😊 u all did it
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Gernell Turner
May 1, 2016
This show is a family fav! When I was a child there were not shows like this on main stream TV -- displaying the strength of African Americans through the struggle of slavery. This was something I had to come to understand as I grew older. I'm so glad to be able to enjoy this show with my children today. It's amazing the dialogue that happens among us because of this show! Rosalee, Sam, Noah and Henry are so real to them. Thank you WGN and all those that make this show happen. PLEASE DON'T STOP!
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