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14 Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on whether Iran can be contained?
Is Israel readying for an attack on Iran? Fareed Zakaria goes 1-on-1 with Defense Minister Ehud Barak.
15 Is the American recovery on track? Should somebody outside America lead the World Bank?
Fareed's Take on what a nuclear deal with Iran could look like
15 State Of Hate: The Explosion Of White Supremacy
Fareed Zakaria hosts a special edition of Fareed Zakaria GPS, STATE OF HATE: THE EXPLOSION OF WHITE SUPREMACY, exploring the vast and global nature of white supremacy ideology and violence.
16 France's elections, Syria, India's nuclear test, and more.
Fareed assembles an all-star GPS panel to discuss France's elections and what it means for the world.
17 The stunning fall of China's Bo Xilai; Inside Pakistan's "Memogate"; Brent Scowcroft.
Obama finds his campaign theme, but it's the wrong one -- Fareed proposes an alternative.
18 The rise of the national security-state; and Robert Caro on President Lyndon Johnson
If we've won the war on terror, shouldn't we look and act like winners?
19 The World's Banker, Robert Zoellick. The strange case of 'American French Fry Brother'.
What happens when you add Hollandaise sauce to Europe's crisis?
20 Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman.
The man who could save Europe: Fareed sits down with Italy's Prime Minister Mario Monti.
21 Republican Alan Simpson & Democrat Erskine Bowles.
What happens when a Democrat and a Republican put their heads together to fix America's deficit? It's called the Simpson-Bowles plan -- Fareed speaks to Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles.
22 Mitt Romney's plans for the U.S. economy. Syria's descent into civil war, Fawaz Gerges.
1-on-1 with Mitt Romney's senior economic adviser, Glenn Hubbard. Plus, Syria's crisis: why a military intervention is a bad idea, with Fawaz Gerges
23 Chicago's Rahm Emanuel and NYC's Michael Bloomberg Rwanda's President Paul Kagame.
1-on-1 with Chicago mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel on the economy, the presidential race, and more.
24 Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. Bjorn Lomborg on why the Rio+20 summit.
How is the British Conservative Party different from the U.S. G.O.P? London's Mayor Boris Johnson has a fascinating take -- and its consequences.
25 New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Nicholas Kristof. Why Estonia is growing fast.
How can America tackle obesity? Michael Bloomberg is taking matters into his own hands. His thoughts on health, government, taxes, and more.
26 Sunday, July 1
Fareed's Take this week -- How to shift Moscow from being part of the problem to part of the solution in Syria.
27 07/08/2012
What is the way forward for Mexico -- on the drug war, on the economy? Fareed interviews the man who won the presidential election this week, Enrique Pe?a Nieto. Also, an all-star panel on Europe, Syria, and more. What in the World looks at China's demographic crisis. And, who creates jobs -- the 1% or the 99%? A heated debate.
28 07/15/2012
Fareed's Take on how to create jobs. An all-star panel on the economy & the election. Syria's crisis -- are defections leading to a tipping point? Also, what Syria's opposition is planning -- Fareed speaks with their leader. Finally, what is the "Higgs boson"?
29 07/22/2012
What really goes on at a private equity firm and what does that say about Mitt Romney? Fareed speaks to Steven Rattner. Also, what a Grexit would like like. Economic historian Niall Ferguson explains what would happen if Greece left the euro.
30 07/29/12
Airdate July 29, 2012: Assessing Mitt Romney on foreign policy -- Fareed offers his take. Then, an all-star panel on Syria, Egypt, and Iran: Paul Wolfowitz, Tom Friedman, and more.
31 08/05/12
The importance of Israel and the Jewish vote in the 2012 U.S. election -- Bret Stephens debates Peter Beinart. Then, What in the World: Why China is not only allowing protests, but also caving in to the demands of the people.
32 08/26/12
1-on-1 with Colin Powell. The former U.S. Secretary of State discusses the crisis in Syria, what to do about Iran, and how he rates Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney on foreign policy.
33 09/02/12
Is a tax lobbyist the most powerful man in America? Fareed quizzes Grover Norquist on how to fix America's deficit. Then, who creates jobs: is it the 1%, or the rest?
34 09/09/12
Fareed's Take explores politics in America: the most optimistic party usually wins the presidency. Which party fits the bill this year? Then, to Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan, with a top foreign affairs panel.
35 09/16/12
An incendiary video sparks protests across the Muslim world. What happens next? Fareed speaks to a panel of experts: former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, Paul Wolfowitz, Tariq Ramadan, Bernard-Henri L?vy.
36 09/23/12
1-on-1 with former President Bill Clinton -- on jobs, on Obama vs Romney, on Israel and Iran. Then, a best-selling author who knows all about Muslim rage: Salman Rushdie recounts how "The Satanic Verses" led to calls for his death.
37 09/30/12
1-on-1 with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In his final visit to the United Nations as Iran's President, Ahmadinejad sits down with Fareed to talk about the crisis in Syria, relations with Israel, and his country's nuclear ambitions.
38 10/07/12
Where is the U.S. economy headed? Fareed sits down with three CEOs for answers: Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Andrew Liveris of Dow Chemical, and John Chambers of Cisco.
39 10/14/12
Obama v. Romney on foreign policy with Bill Keller, Danielle Pletka, Kishore Mahbubani and Bret Stephens, CIA mastermind behind "Argo" Tony Mendez, The president of Harvard Drew Gilpin Faust and Ric Burns on how the civil war changed America.
40 10/21/12
Can anything be done to end Syria's civil war? Fareed speaks with former U.N. Secretary General and former U.N. peace envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan.
41 10/28/12
Fareed offers his Take on the U.S. economy and why he thinks it is ready for a robust revival. Then, a GPS panel on the fiscal road ahead for America.
42 11/04/12
In 2 days the US will pick a new president. This weeks' show takes two different looks at this moment in time from an historical and global point of view.
43 11/11/12
Fareed's Take on how this week's election marks a return to America as "the land of the future." Then, a memo to the President: Fareed convenes a panel of two former White House chiefs of staff and a man who has advised four U.S. presidents.
44 11/18/12
How to fix America's finances: Fareed sits down with two former U.S. Treasury Secretaries from either side of the aisle -- Robert Rubin, and Paul O'Neill.
45 11/25/12
On today's show, a visit with two great historians: Robert Caro and Jon Meachem. Also, Fareed talks to Robert Kaplan about how geography plays a role in today's global economy and politics.
46 12/02/12
Egypt's crisis with Tarek Masoud and Steven Cook, Beijing's new leaders and their policies and thinker/author Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
47 12/09/12
Fareed speaks to James Baker about the fiscal cliff, the GOP, and foreign policy. Fareed talks to the president of the world's largest cancer research center: Ronald DePinho of MD Anderson. And, What in the World: should America be more like Scandinavia?
48 12/23/12
Looking beyond the fiscal cliff: what's in store for the American economy in 2013? Fareed convenes a panel of experts. Then, What in the World: a grand bargain is achieved in the Americas, but it's not the United States.
49 12/30/12
In the latest GPS special, Tough Decisions, Fareed spoke with four leading figures in policy making and business about difficult calls they have had to make
50 1/06/13
Fareed offers his take on the fiscal cliff deal -- it is a small victory for sanity, but the U.S. faces a much deeper challenge, he says.
51 1/13/13
The controversy over President Obama's pick for Secretary of Defense: Bret Stephens debates Peter Beinart about Chuck Hagel. Then, a new Cold War? Why Russia and the United States are slipping into a legislative tit-for-tat.
52 1/27/13
A special hour from the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. First up, a GPS exclusive with the King of Jordan: will fresh elections quell months of public discontent? Fareed explores the implications for the region.
53 2/03/13
Despite wars, economic crises, and freaky weather, why should we be positive about the future? Bill Gates tells Fareed Zakaria why, in a wide-ranging interview on global disease, education, technology, and more.
54 2/10/13
Fareed hosts an all-star GPS panel on American politics and the economy: Paul Krugman, Arianna Huffington, and more. Then, India's richest man in his first TV interview in a decade: 1-on-1 with Mukesh Ambani.
55 2/17/13
Is gun control really possible? Australia actually did it, after a gun massacre in 1996. Now, gun violence has fallen sharply. What can the U.S. learn from it?
56 2/24/13
Is torture necessary to intelligence gathering? Did it help us get Osama bin Laden? Fareed convenes a panel of experts including former director of the CIA Michael Hayden, to talk about torture, the ethics of drone strikes, and more.
57 3/03/13
Was there a breakthrough in the nuclear talks this week with Iran? Fareed has an exclusive interview with Amb to the United Nations, Mohammad Khazaee. Plus, are the automatic spending cuts that took place this week so bad? And, with Italy's bizarre election results this week is the Euro crisis back?
58 3/10/13
Should the Keystone pipeline be allowed to go ahead? Fareed presents his take on the proposed oil pipeline, and then invites a dissenter on for a debate: Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. Hugo Chávez is dead; Fareed convenes a panel of thinkers to explore what it means for Venezuela, the region, and America. And, China's new president: how Xi Jinping will manage the world's most important relationship, with U.S. Hugo Chávez is dead; Fareed convenes a panel of thinkers to explore what it means for Venezuela, the region, and America. And, China's new president: how Xi Jinping will manage the world's most important relationship, with U.S.
59 3/17/13
On today's show, a look America's wars, past and present. Could the US be drawn into a war with North Korea after their dropping of the armstace? The deadly attacks on Americans continue. Is it time to get out of the country completely?
61 3/31/13
GPS presents some of the year's best interviews so far. First, Jordan's King Abdullah on the state of the Arab Spring, and his own country's evolution towards democracy. Then, India's richest man: Mukesh Ambani on India's road ahead, and why he's bullish on America. Next, the story of a country that responded to gun violence with an assault weapons ban: 1-on-1 with former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. And finally, Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on his job swap with President Putin, and Moscow's ban on U.S. adoptions. GUESTS: Jordan's King Abdullah, Mukesh Ambani, John Howard, Dmitry Medvedev.
62 04/07/13
Will North Korea attack the U.S. or its allies? Fareed convenes an all-star panel of global thinkers to discuss the Koreas, the Middle East, gun control, and President Obama. Then, some good news for America: Morgan Stanley's Ruchir Sharma explains why emerging markets are slowing down, and the U.S. is on the up. Plus, What in the World: why thousands of Chinese rivers are simply disappearing.
63 04/14/13
This week's show features debates over Pres.Obama's new budget plan. The largest cause for debt in America is healthcare. Also, Anthony Bourdain on his travels and food. Lastly, a lesson from one of India's financial leaders.
65 04/28/2013
What are intelligence agencies doing to keep America safe? Fareed speaks to a man who ran both the CIA and NSA: Michael Hayden. Later, does technology help keep us safe, or does it enable terrorists? Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt explains why the Internet is a force for good. And, 1-on-1 with director Mira Nair. Her new film "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" tells the story of a young Pakistani who comes to America with great dreams, only to become disillusioned by the U.S. - what can we learn from his story?
66 05/05/13
Airdate May 5th, 2013: Has Syria's Assad crossed a red line? Should the U.S. intervene? Fareed convenes a panel of foreign policy thinkers, including Richard Haass and Anne-Marie Slaughter. Then, is it the end of austerity in Europe? TIME's Rana Foroohar and the FT's Gillian Tett weigh in. Plus, the Boston bombers, Islam, and immigration: 1-on-1 with author Salman Rushdie.
67 05/13/13
Beyond the Manhunts explores current domestic and international terror threats to the homeland, the use of drones and enhanced interrogation in intelligence collection, and the role of women agents in counterintelligence. Zakaria also discusses insights into the hunt for bin Laden, and gathers broad perspectives on how U.S. intelligence agencies have slowly evolved to take on some activities associated with the U.S. Military. Author and national security analyst Peter Bergen, former National Security Agency director Michael Hayden, Pulitzer Prize-winning national security journalist Mark Mazzetti, former CIA director and U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, former FBI agent Ali Soufan, and former CIA officers Nada Bakos, Robert Grenier, and Cindy Storer discuss how America's clandestine operations detect the dangers and try to stop them - and what does and doesn't to be working.
68 05/20/13
Airdate May 19th, 2013: Washington's week of scandals. How should the White House deal with them? Fareed speaks to a man who would know: former Chief of Staff to Pres. Reagan, Ken Duberstein. Then, has America fixed its deficit problem? Fareed convenes a smart economic panel, including Glenn Hubbard and Zanny Minton Beddoes. And later, a journey into the future of technology, with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.
69 5/27/13
Airdate May 26th, 2013: A special GPS hour from London. First, Fareed delves into the horrific attack on a British soldier: what lessons can London - and the world - draw from it? Then, does Britain need more Europe, or less? A discussion with Martin Wolf and Pulitzer Prize-winner Anne Applebaum. Later, is the Cold War back? Two experts on the world of spooks explain why Russia decided to humiliate an alleged U.S. spy. Finally, "Big Data" or "Big Brother"? How the digital information era is changing the world in extraordinary ways.
70 06/03/13
A GPS panel on Syria, Russia, the White House & GOP -- David Remnick, Nicholas Kristof, Dan Senor. Then, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman on bright spots in the U.S. economy. And later, inside the Hermit Kingdom: VICE TV gives us a rare, exclusive look inside North Korea with the Harlem Globetrotters and Dennis Rodman.
71 06/10/13
Airdate June 9th, 2013: A meeting of the two most powerful men in the world -- Barack Obama and China's Xi Jinping. Where is the Sino-U.S. relationship headed? Fareed speaks to one of the only Americans to have spent time with not only Xi, but every Chinese leader since the late 1970s - Henry Kissinger. Then, a preview of Iran's presidential election - who's going to win and what will it mean for the world? And, protests in Turkey: is the Arab Spring spreading, or are the demonstrations just a blip?
72 6/16/13
Does the U.S. government spy on Americans? Fareed asks former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden. Next, The New Yorker's Jeffrey Toobin and John Cassidy discuss whether Edward Snowden is a hero or a zero. Then, what is China doing in Nicaragua? What is going on with the turmoil in Turkey? And did JFK give the most important presidential speech of the modern era?
73 6/23/13
On today's show: the Iranian Elections, the G8 conference, a pivotal week in the economy and the future of manufacturing using 3D printing. This week's guests include: Anne-Maria Slaughter, Richard Haass, Bret Stephens, Niall Ferguson and MIT's Neil Gershenfeld.
74 6/30/13
An exclusive interview with Pres. Obama's National Security Adviser Tom Donilon. In his last day on the job, Donilon talks frankly about the search for Edward Snowden, Iran's nuclear program, Syria's crisis, and more. Then, the conservative case for gay marriage. In 1989, Andrew Sullivan wrote an influential essay advocating the right for gays to marry; 24 years on, he discusses the long journey to this week's Supreme Court decision. Finally, Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwartzman on his new Rhodes-like scholarship program, which sends students to China.
75 7/07/13
What happens next in Egypt? Fareed gets the latest out of Cairo with CNN's Ben Wedeman. Then, Washington's role and the big picture view, with former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Haass, and Bret Stephens. Later, Fareed takes a closer look at what Egypt's fighting factions are planning next. All that, plus analysis on the Edward Snowden affair, on GPS.
76 7/14/13
Is the U.S. economy rebounding? Will politics get in the way? Fareed sits down for an exclusive interview with U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. Then, the struggle for Egypt, with an expert GPS panel. And, why good movies don't get made anymore: learning about the era of "sequel-itis".
77 7/21/13
Airdate July 21st, 2013: Assessing America's recovery - Fareed convenes a set of expert panelists including Glenn Hubbard and Edward Luce. Also, the case for banning college football: it might sound crazy, but The New Yorker's Malcolm Gladwell says America's favorite sport is damaging bright young minds.
78 7/28/13
Is there new hope for the Middle East peace process? Fareed offers his take, and then gets the view from both sides: Israeli and Palestinian. In What in the World, the new Great Game ... in the Arctic. Later, a debate: is Detroit's bankruptcy a harbinger for more municipal defaults? And, move over Man of Steel - the world's newest superhero is ... a burka-wearing Pakistani girl.
79 8/04/13
Is the American Dream over? Is the United States no longer the place to "make it"? Fareed convenes a panel of top economists and thinkers, including Jeff Sachs and Raj Chetty. Then, dealing with Tehran: Is Iran's new president as moderate as his words suggest? Former U.S. Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns and Hamid Dabashi give us some fascinating insights into Hassan Rouhani. And, will Saudi Arabia go the way of the USSR? According to author Karen Elliott House, that is a very real possibility.
80 8/11/13
How to fight al Qaeda -- Fareed offers his take, and then discusses the terror group's evolving strategies with experts Peter Bergen and Gregory Johnsen. Then, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak on the Middle East peace process. What are the reasons to be optimistic about Pakistan's relations with India. Former press baron Conrad Black on his time in U.S. prison, and his take on American leadership.
81 8/18/13
What does the future hold for Egypt, and what can Washington do to help? Bret Stephens debates Peter Beinart. Then, is America over-regulated? Fareed puts that to Pres. Obama's former "regulation czar" Cass Sunstein. In What in the World some good news for America: common sense is kicking in on prison reform. And, the Middle East's other revolution: how the region is becoming a hot-bed of innovation and tech startups.
82 8/25/13
Fareed offers his take on global unrest around the world, and why he thinks it's part of a natural journey towards liberal democracy. Then, 1-on-1 with the world's youngest self-made female billionaire: Sara Blakely tells her story of how she started Spanx with nothing more than $5,000 and an idea everyone thought would never work. Plus, where the world will live in the future: Fareed convenes a panel of thinkers and academics on cities and the global trend of urbanization.
83 09/01/13
A special program on the crisis in Syria, live from Istanbul. Turkey shares a 500-mile border with Syria: Fareed looks at the regional implications of Syria's crisis, and the ramifications of a potential U.S.-led attack on Damascus. Richard Haass, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Fawaz Gerges and other experts weigh in.
84 9/08/13
What should Washington do about Syria? GPS convenes a shadow National Security Council with former staffers from both sides of the aisle: Paul Wolfowitz, James Steinberg, Wesley Clark, and Nicholas Burns. Later, a legal quandary: does Pres. Obama need Congressional approval to strike Syria? Jeffery Toobin debates Steven Groves. And, why France is backing Obama on Syria: 1-on-1 with French philosopher Bernard-Henri L?vy
85 9/15/13
Fareed is live from New York today. The show starts with two elder statesmen of political affairs, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Then, former Chairman of UNSCOM Richard Butler who discusses his opinions on destroying Syria's chemical weapons. And, Anthony Bourdain discusses his recent visit to Jerusalem.
86 9/22/13
An exclusive 1-on-1 with Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States of America. In a wide-ranging discussion, Clinton discusses Obama's options in Syria, the economy, the NSA spying controversy, the next Fed Chair, U.S. politics, the Clinton Foundation, and whether his wife Hillary will run for President. All that, plus: Fareed's take on the two other big issues of the week - talking with Iran, and elections in Germany.
87 9/29/13
Four exclusive interviews. First, U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice on the way forward with Iran, and what to do about Syria. Then, 1-on-1 with Iran's only Jewish parliamentarian: what is it like to be a Jew in Tehran? How does one reconcile with the country's politics? Later, how the terror group Al-Shabaab was spawned, with Somali President Hassan Sheik Mohamud. And finally, 1-on-1 with Turkey's President, Abdullah G?l - on the conflict in neighboring Syria, and on the protests in Turkey this summer.
88 10/06/13
Two exclusive interviews. First, Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif - on the nuclear negotiations, why his country needs nuclear energy, on the United States, and on Israel. Then, rockstar and activist Bono. The U2 frontman talks about the fight against HIV, the benefits of foreign aid, Africa, U.S. politics, and more. All that plus Fareed's Take on the U.S. government shutdown.
89 10/13/13
Why is Washington so polarized? And what can be done about it? Fareed speaks with three experts: Norman Ornstein, Jeffrey Toobin, and Vanessa Williamson. Also, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein on the economy, globalization, and inequality in America. And, What in the World: Advantage China, as Pres. Obama misses two big summits in Asia.
90 10/20/13
Can Washington bounce back? Fareed speaks with an old GOP hand who has held each of the following jobs: White House Chief of Staff, Treasury Secretary, and Secretary of State -- an exclusive with James Baker. Later, What in the world: why Africa's leaders stay in power for so long. And, 1-on-1 with Chile's President, Sebasti?n Pi?era.
91 10/27/13
France & Germany are angry about revelations of U.S. phone-tapping, and Saudi Arabia is disappointed by U.S. policies in the Middle East. What can Washington do? Fareed speaks with a panel of experts. Plus, re-thinking the Bible: Malcolm Gladwell explains why the David and Goliath story was about an underdog ... except that the real underdog may have been Goliath.
92 11/03/13
In light of revelations that the National Security Agency allegedly tapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone, are relations between Washington and Berlin endangered? Fareed speaks with former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. Next, the American side of the story. Who gave the NSA permission to spy on leaders of allies? Former NSA and CIA chief Michael Hayden responds. And, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on his legacy, as he prepares to step down.
93 11/10/13
The latest on nuclear negotiations with Iran - why did the Geneva talks this week end in a stalemate? Fareed offers his take and speaks with two experts on the discussions. Later, the Edward Snowden leaks: did the whistleblower actually do America a service? And, 1-on-1 with the Prime Minister of Albania: how Edi Rama transformed his capital city with a simple strategy - painting. Executive Producer Beau Willimon speaks about the role of journalists in Netflix's "House of Cards."
94 11/17/13
Fareed speaks with Stephen Flynn, and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Laurie Garrett for their take on why Typhoon Haiyan was so deadly. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and The Council on Foreign Relations' Elizabeth Economy offer their takes on China's new leaders. And, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, biographer, and historian Robert Caro on the Kennedy assassination.
95 11/24/13
World powers strike a nuclear deal with Iran - what happens next? Fareed offers his take. Later, CNN's Wolf Blitzer picks up for updates from reporters in Tehran and London, reaction from Jerusalem, and a panel of experts in Washington. Plus, Fareed's exclusive conversation with Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors.
96 12/01/13
An all-star panel of historians on the state of the American economy, on second-term presidencies, and more: Walter Isaacson, Nancy Gibbs, Jon Meacham, and David Nasaw. Then, a referendum to cap CEO pay to 12-times the salary of a firm's lowest-paid employee: What in the world is going on in Switzerland? And, why kids in South Korea and Finland are getting a better education than their counterparts in the United States.
98 12/15/13
A photograph that ricocheted around the world -- Fareed offers his take on Pres. Obama shaking hands with Cuba's Raul Castro. Then, an all-star panel on why American kids are falling behind students in other countries: Tom Friedman of the New York Times, Salman Khan of the Khan Academy, and more. In What in the World, a look at the protests in Kiev: is this the start of a Ukranian Spring? And, why North Korea's Kim Jong Un ordered the execution of his own uncle.
99 12/22/13
What were the most significant moments of 2013? Who were the year's big winners and losers in the world of international relations? Fareed convenes an all-star panel of GPS experts. Then, the case for British austerity: 1-on-1 with UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.
100 12/29/13
Premiere of "India at a Crossroads: A Fareed Zakaria GPS Special". As India gets ready for its national elections - the biggest in the history of the world - Fareed Zakaria looks at the country's prospects. Will India become the next China, the next big engine of global growth? Or will politics get in the way? Fareed Zakaria speaks with top Indians in business, government, and technology as he seeks the answers.
104 1/26/14
A special GPS hour from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland - Fareed sits down with three world leaders. First, 1-on-1 with Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, on nuclear negotiations, on relations with America, on Israel, and on Syria. Then, an exclusive interview with Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the economy and on relations with China. Finally, Egypt's Prime Minister on his country's path towards democracy, three years on from the Arab Spring.
105 2/02/14
In the wake of Pres. Obama's State of the Union speech, Fareed convenes a panel looking at inequality in the United States, with Zanny Minton Beddoes, Steven Rattner, Kenneth Rogoff, and Chrystia Freeland. Then, Ukraine's crisis, and why Kiev can't shake off Moscow: former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger explains the historic nature of Russia's role. And, an insider's perspective on Vladimir Putin, from a close friend: the famous conductor Valery Gergiev.
106 2/09/14
This week: First, Farred talks to the US Ambassador to Russia who has just resigned from his post. They discuss the state of the Olympics, the security threats and Russian President Putin. Then, a discussion about the possible collapse of the world's second largest economy, China. Plus, discussions about technology and the Arab Spring.
109 3/02/14
Live today from New York. Fareed looks at the situation in the Ukraine with a variety of guests including: CNN correspondent Diana Magnay, Phil Black, former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and former US Sec. of State Madeleine Albright. Plus, a closer look at Vladimir Putin with authorand professor Stephen Cohen.
110 3/09/14
Fareed starts the show on the subject of the Ukraine and Crimea with Fmr. National Security Advisor Tom Donilon and a panel of experts on the region. Then, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu comes out this week with talks of peace but is his plan the right one? Fareed talks to Israel's Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett who advocates peace but wants to use a different strategy.
111 3/16/14
Fareed offers his take on the crisis in Ukraine, before taking a look at the situation LIVE in Crimea with reporter Nick Paton Walsh. Then, a look at how Russia's neighbors are feeling about Moscow's aggression: a conversation with Poland Foreign Minister and Estonia's President. And, corruption in Nigeria, and how to end it: 1-on-1 with Nigeria's Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
112 3/23/14
First on today's show Fareed takes a look at the news from the hotspots around the world. Then, will machines and robots be taking your job? Then, why are world records in sports being broken at such a high-rate these days. Finally, what will happen to the Union Jack if Scotland succeeds?
113 3/30/14
Today: The East-West crisis might have a solution as President Putin reaches out this week to President Obama. Then, The New Yorker's Evan Osnos talks about China's belligerent stance on Flight MH370. Then, Arianna Huffington and a panel of experts discuss how the world would be different if women ran it. It's becoming more and more common for major countries to have female leaders.
114 4/06/14
Today Fareed is live from New York. First, Fareed will talk about yesterday's election in Afghanistan, will it change anything with the Taliban with the American troops leaving? Then, a panel discussion of Ukraine and the Middle East peace talks. Lastly, a talk with author Michael Lewis about his ideas that Wall Street is rigged to give certain traders an unfair advantage that might be costing you money.
115 4/13/14
Fareed offers his take on the crisis in Ukraine, before taking a look at the situation LIVE in Crimea with reporter Nick Paton Walsh. Then, a look at how Russia's neighbors are feeling about Moscow's aggression: a conversation with Poland Foreign Minister and Estonia's President. And, corruption in Nigeria, and how to end it: 1-on-1 with Nigeria's Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
116 4/20/14
On GPS Sunday, we'll bring you the latest on the crisis in Ukraine and talk about what role sanctions played in bringing the parties to the table. Then, why did Brazil go from boom to basket-case? And, a groundbreaking new study that sheds light on America's place in the world. It's not #1; it's not #2; find out where it IS ranked. You'll be surprised. Finally, we'll dig into the roots of religious hatred. What's behind it?
117 4/27/14
First up, Fareed talks with former Nation Security Adv. Tom Donilon about Ukraine and what Putin's real intentions are and whether Asia pivot is working. Then, a conversation about the next big international crisis that might take place in a few months. Also, what is the most important economic trend of the last three decade, you?
118 5/04/14
On GPS Sunday, do sanctions work? We talk to the U.S. official responsible for enforcing them. And over 1200 people in Egypt have been sentenced to death, while the U.S. re-starts military aid to the country. Egypt's foreign minister defends his government's actions. Next, the relative merits of the U.S. legal system versus Sharia law. Then, America's middle class -- once the envy of the world -- is no longer the richest. Fareed digs into the data with the New York Times' David Leonhardt.
119 5/11/14
On GPS Sunday, what to make of the Nigerian terror group, Boko Haram. Are they Islamists or just plain thugs? And will Putin make a deal in Ukraine? Fareed asks former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger what to expect from Russia. Then, is the U.S. in an economic bubble? Is it about to burst? Fareed talks to two top economic minds.
121 5/25/14
The latest on the election in Ukraine and what it means for the East-West showdown there. And, is there a new Naziism growing in Europe? Billionaire George Soros tells us what to make of the rise of nationalism. Next, it's graduation season! What advice does Fareed have for the class of 2014? Then, Fareed asks two top Indian politicians what we should expect from the controversial Narendra Modi, India's next prime minister. Finally, on what device are you watching this episode? Fareed sits down with CEO of Time Warner, Jeff Bewkes, to learn about the future of television.
122 6/01/14
Around the world with a GPS all-star panel on American foreign policy, Edward Snowden, Ukraine and why the GOP should pay more attention to the EU. Then, to Afghanistan -- Fareed explains why there may actually be hope for the war torn country. And, the Freakonomics guys on how to solve problems: they say you need to "think like a freak". Finally, can you go from shoplifter to CEO? We'll introduce you to Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amoruso who did just that.
123 6/08/14
On GPS Sunday, the Bowe Bergdahl brouhaha - what's behind it? Then, what is it like to be a Taliban prisoner? Fareed asks journalist David Rohde who was held captive by America's enemy for 7 months. And, President Anote Tong explains how climate change & rising sea levels are sinking his country, Kiribati.
124 6/15/14
On GPS Sunday, Fareed is live with foreign policy experts Richard Haass and Ryan Crocker for the latest on the militant threat to major Iraqi cities as ISIS forces march toward Baghdad. Then, Fareed talks immigration reform with Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray Caso. And, is there an upside to slums? Listen in to hear Harvard professor Edward Glaeser's take.
126 6/29/14
On GPS Sunday, Fareed is live with foreign policy experts Richard Haass and Ryan Crocker for the latest on the militant threat to major Iraqi cities as ISIS forces march toward Baghdad. Then, Fareed talks immigration reform with Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray Caso. And, is there an upside to slums? Listen in to hear Harvard professor Edward Glaeser's take.
127 7/06/14
As the Middle East devolves into chaos, Fareed talks to a panel of experts about the endgame in the region - is it redrawn borders? Never-ending violence? Then, a former CIA official explains whether drones can actually help the U.S. fight terrorists in Iraq. And, as America embraces soccer, Peter Beinart says this is truly a sign of a shifting society. Finally, part two of a GPS series: Where America Works. Fareed visits a surprising boom town for jobs: Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
128 7/13/14
On GPS Sunday, Fareed gathers an all-star panel to discuss the escalation of violence between Israel and its enemies and President Obama's handling of the many concurrent foreign policy crises. Next, America has a secret weapon: a financial nuclear bomb in the form of sanctions. But is this good or bad for the U.S.? The world? And, part three of a GPS series: Where America Works. Fareed visits Denver to learn a cheaper way to get yourself a college degree.
129 7/20/14
On GPS Sunday, Fareed is live for the latest on breaking news around the world from Ukraine to Israel. Zbigniew Brzezinski calls the international response to the MH17 disaster a "historically defining moment." Chrystia Freeland and Stephen Cohen debate who is to be blame for the tragedy in Ukraine and what should be done about it. Then, is Obamacare working? Fareed talks to Paul Krugman about the Affordable Care Act in its first year and gets his take on the economy and Obama's domestic policy performance.
130 7/27/14
On a special GPS this Sunday, Fareed sits down with Hillary Clinton for the hour. First, the former Secretary of State explains what it's like to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin. And does he bear responsibility for the downing of MH17? Then, Clinton explains what she thinks are some of the biggest obstacles to peace between Israelis and Palestinians. And, can a Washington insider from the Democratic Party ever become President?
131 8/03/14
GPS begins with a live look at the latest from the crisis in Israel and Gaza. Then, to the other crisis, in Ukraine. Will the new sanctions against Russia make President Vladimir Putin change his behavior? Poland's foreign minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, weighs in on why this time is different. And, West Africa is experiencing the deadliest Ebola virus outbreak in history. Fareed asks two experts -- CNN's Sanjay Gupta and Peter Piot, the man who actually discovered Ebola -- whether the virus can be contained.
133 8/18/14
On GPS Sunday, Fareed gathers a panel of experts to discuss the ongoing crisis in the Middle East and how to stop the spread of ISIS in Iraq. What should the U.S. do in the region? Then, is Russia setting up camp in Cuba to spy on America ... again? And an innovative approach to harnessing nuclear power while cutting costs, increasing safety and reducing waste. Finally, the author of ""The Culture Map"" discusses how to succeed in business in today's globalized world.
134 8/24/14
Jim Sciutto is in for Fareed. Today, Jim covers the ongoing story of the 6.1 earthquake which hit Northern California. Also, Dep. State Dept. Spokesperson Marie Harf discusses the Isis situation and the U.S.'s options with Syria. Then, retired Gen. MIchael Hayden gives his opinions on the situation.
135 8/31/14
On GPS Sunday, Fareed is live for the latest on three major crises around the world in Iraq, Ukraine and Gaza. Fareed hears from CNN correspondent Anna Coren who has the latest on the ISIS threat in Iraq after Iraqi forces and U.S. air power broke the siege in Amerli. Then, Zbigniew Brzezinski says movement of Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine can only be viewed as an invasion. And Israel's foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman on his criticism of the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and Gaza.
136 9/07/14
Fareed takes a live look at the two major crises that dominated this week's NATO summit: Russian aggression in Ukraine and the ISIS militants in Iraq. Then, good news about the deficit from Washington, DC? What in the World? And, there's another global crisis brewing in Pakistan - two experts explain the growing tension in the nuclear-armed nation.
137 9/14/14
On GPS Sunday, Fareed asks elder statesman Henry Kissinger for his thoughts on ISIS and Ukraine. Plus, why does Kissinger say he is "ambivalent" about Obama? Then, former Jordanian foreign minister? Marwan Muasher on what regional players think about Obama's plan to "destroy" ISIS. Next, Fareed goes to Silicon Valley and speaks with two of today's leading technology innovators. First up, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, whose growing car-sharing enterprise is changing the way we travel. And finally, Fareed hears from Vinod Khosla who is taking big risks by investing in companies that could fuel a new energy wave and end our reliance on oil.
138 9/21/14
This week, on a special edition of GPS, Fareed interviews two of the world's most powerful men. Can India become the next China? And will the world's largest democracy ever be strategic allies with the world's first democracy? Fareed will ask India's new prime minister, Narendra Modi, in a global exclusive interview. Then, on the eve of the 10th annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, Fareed asks former President Bill Clinton his thoughts on President Obama's plan to combat ISIS, about whether Russia "invaded" Ukraine, about the Ebola epidemic, and whether he's considered what it would be like to be "First Man" at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
139 9/28/14
This week, leaders of the world converged in New York; on GPS Sunday, Fareed sits down with some of the most interesting. He will discuss the fight against ISIS and the state of nuclear negotiations with Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani. Then, will there be peace in the Middle East or just more war? Shimon Peres, elder statesman and former President of Israel, predicts the future of the region. And, after a new CDC report warns of a potential great uptick in Ebola cases, Fareed asks Chelsea Clinton, Paul Farmer, and Liberia's foreign minister what can be done to contain the crisis.
142 10/19/14
On GPS, a reality check on the fears that seem to be gripping many parts of the world. First, is ISIS a threat to the West? Then, Fareed talks to co-discoverer of Ebola about the scope of the crisis and how to contain it. And, Martin Wolf and Rana Foroohar explain whether the global economy is headed toward another recession. Finally, Fareed investigates his own "roots". Does he come from a long line of warriors?
143 10/26/14
Fareed is live to look into what the attack on Canada's capital might tell us about the new face of terrorism: are lone wolf attacks the norm? Then, is Obama to blame for the various crises around the world - as some pundits would have you believe - from ISIS to Ebola to concerns that the Democrats might lose the Senate? Finally, can how you relate to a marshmallow predict whether you will have success in life? Fareed sits down with the man behind the famous "Marshmallow test".
145 11/09/14
Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Fareed talks to two people who watched from the seats of power in Washington D.C. and London: Brent Scowcroft, then-National Security Advisor to President GHW Bush, and Charles Powell, then-foreign policy advisor to British PM Thatcher. Next, Americans turned out to vote for change on Tuesday, but they might not have known what they were voting for. That's according to a new poll on international ignorance. What in the World? Finally, Fareed hears what he says is the first real solution for the seemingly intractable conflict in Syria.
148 11/30/2014
On GPS, a special look at "innovation." How do you do it? Who is good at it? And what makes a place ripe for it? This Fareed Zakaria GPS special will answer those questions and many more with some of today's top innovators: from Uber's Travis Kalanick and venture capitalist Peter Thiel to businesswoman Linda Rottenberg and author Walter Isaacson who wrote the recent best-seller "The Innovators". We'll also take you INSIDE innovation in progress, as we examine a brand-new start-up that's trying to disrupt a sleepy industry that's been doing business the same way for decades.
149 12/07/14
On GPS Sunday, an all-star panel goes around the world to discuss Russia's coming recession, the delayed deadline for a nuclear deal with Iran, and the unusual bedfellows in the fight against ISIS. Then, Fareed hears a fascinating story of spying and subterfuge from inside the borders of one of the world's most secretive and closed-off nations: North Korea. And, how to fix American education? Lessons from the man who ran America's largest school system for 10 years. Finally, we have e-books, e-commerce, e-mail. Is e-residency next?
151 12/21/14
On GPS Sunday, an all-star panel goes around the world to discuss Russia's coming recession, the delayed deadline for a nuclear deal with Iran, and the unusual bedfellows in the fight against ISIS. Then, Fareed hears a fascinating story of spying and subterfuge from inside the borders of one of the world's most secretive and closed-off nations: North Korea. And, how to fix American education? Lessons from the man who ran America's largest school system for 10 years. Finally, we have e-books, e-commerce, e-mail. Is e-residency next?
152 1/18/15
On GPS Sunday, an exclusive interview with former CIA director Leon Panetta to talk about the Paris attack, how to stop the NEXT attack, and whether Pres. Obama made a mistake by not attending the unity rally. Then, what in the world will happen to the economy this year? Fareed digs into the data to determine who the economic winners and losers of 2015 will be. And, is radical Islam infiltrating Europe? An expert guest who has done the math says "no!"
153 1/25/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed takes a look at the impact of Saudi Arabian King Abdullah's death. What will it mean for the country's relationship with the West? For the strength of radical Islam? And for the price of oil? Then, from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Fareed asks UK's finance minister if fears of deflation in Europe are founded. And, everyone from CEOs to POTUS is worried about inequality: what in the world are the solutions? Fareed explains the growing problem, and how to fix it.
154 2/01/15
On GPS Sunday, a special hour with the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Fareed asks Pres. Obama about Islamic terrorism and problems with Russian President Putin. They discuss drones on the White House lawn and nuclear talks with Iran. Then Fareed turns the conversation to the president himself - what does he believe his legacy will be?
155 2/08/15
In the wake of new ISIS atrocities, Fareed asks whether the group is winning or losing. And how should the world respond? Then, a new budget proposal might actually save the government money: what in the world? Fareed looks at the long-term benefits of preschool education. And, as another crisis in Ukraine heats up, Fareed talks to experts about whether a new cold war is on the horizon.
156 2/15/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed talks to Bill Browder -- once the largest foreign investor in Russia but now is on a Russian blacklist -- about what drives President Vladimir Putin. And, as the Greek debt deals come down to the wire, Fareed asks three leading economic thinkers to make sense of Greece's stand-off with the Eurozone. Then, a new report says that freedom is in decline globally -- what in the world? Finally, Bill and Melinda Gates tell Fareed why they are optimistic for the future, and what both women and technological innovation have to do with it.
157 2/22/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed looks at the battle against ISIS. First, as a debate wages about the group's ideology, a panel weighs in on how to describe and deal with the phenomenon President Obama calls "violent extremism." And, a new battle against the terror group heats up, online. Then, John Chambers, chairman and CEO of Cisco, explains how the spread of disruptive technologies will transform lives. Finally, is American power a symptom of luck? And how long will the U.S. remain on top?
158 3/01/15
In a special GPS, from Amman, Jordan, Fareed sits down for an exclusive interview with King Abdullah II of Jordan, his first since ISIS brutally murdered a Jordanian Air Force pilot. How did he react to that killing, and how does he think the world should respond to the terror group? Then, is Venezuela on the verge of collapse? Fareed looks at that country's economic decline and increasing authoritarianism. Finally, a conversation with the man who could upset that Israel's politics: opposition leader Isaac Herzog.
159 3/08/15
After Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned Congress about any nuclear deal with Iran, Fareed asks an expert panel what would happen if the deal fell through and looks at the strange partnership forming between the U.S. and Iran against ISIS. Then, what nation just banned Dick Cheney? Fareed looks one country's economic decline and increasing authoritarianism. Finally, do you know more about your world than a chimpanzee? Fareed's guest, Prof. Hans Rosling, will tell you.
160 3/15/15
Moonshots For the 21st Century. Featuring Sending Astronauts to Mars, 3D Printing A Heart, Creating A Star on Earth, Traveling from New York to London in One Hour and Mapping the Brain.
161 3/22/15
Today: what does Benjamin Netanyahu's re-election to a 4th term as Prime Minister of Israel mean for relations with Iran, the U.S. and the rest of the world. Then, Fareed sits down for an exclusive interview with Afghanistan's new President Ashraf Ghani who will soon be welcomed at the White House and at Congress. And, is the U.S. turning its back on some of the world's most desperate? Fareed digs in.
162 3/29/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed has latest developments in the chaos in Yemen and the Iran nuclear negotiations in Switzerland. Then, is Islam a religion of peace? Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains why her former religion needs a reformation similar to the one Christianity had. And, Anderson Cooper asks Fareed about his new book, In Defense of a Liberal Education, which looks at the consequences of America's growing fixation on science and technology learning to the detriment of the humanities.
163 4/05/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed digs in to the Iran deal with Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes. Then, an exclusive interview with the great American statesman James Baker on Iran, Russia, peace in the Middle East, and yet another man named Bush who might run for the Presidency.
164 4/12/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed and an all star panel bring you the latest on Hillary Clinton's big announcement. Will she stand for change or continuity? What will she bring to American foreign policy? Then, is the U.S. making progress with two longstanding enemies in Iran and Cuba? And, Malcolm Gladwell on why Americans are the most honest taxpayers in the world.
165 4/19/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed sits down with two former U.S. Treasury Secretaries - Larry Summers on the left and Hank Paulson from the right. What's the one glaring troublespot in the U.S. economy? And is the nation losing out to China? Then, a pope and a politician duke it out over ancient history. Fareed explains what harsh words from Turkey tell us about that country today. And, as Earth Day approaches, Jeffrey Sachs tells Fareed why 2015 is our LAST chance to act on climate change.
167 5/03/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed tackles three of America's biggest foreign policy puzzles. First, to Iran, where the New York Times bureau chief tells Fareed what Iranians think about the nuclear negotiations, both on the street and in the government. Then, Jordan's King Abdullah II explains the rise of ISIS and how the terror group can ultimately be defeated. And, a look deep inside North Korea, the most secretive nation in the world. Finally, drones are most famous for use as killing machines, but some could actually be used to save lives.
168 5/10/15
In the wake of the attempted attack in Texas, Fareed talks to former CIA director Michael Hayden about whether ISIS is a threat to the U.S. homeland. Then, Fareed turns to the editor of the Economist to understand the surprising results of the British elections. Finally, with bank vaults full of gold, cash, and jewelry, does it make sense to just rob them? Fareed asks one of Freakonomics duo.
169 5/17/15
On a special Seattle edition of GPS, Fareed talks to the city's most famous son, Bill Gates, about innovation, education, energy, and the U.S. economy. Then, Nathan Myrhvold on the many ways that technology can help the poor - starting with a very cool keg. And later, the story of how a drop of blood is changing healthcare and made one woman the youngest female self-made billionaire on Earth.
170 5/24/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed sits down with a world class panel to discuss Iraq, Syria, China, and more. And, Bernie Sanders proposed free college for all in the United States. That solution probably can't work, but Fareed explains why another - technology - could. Then, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking are all warning that computers COULD bring about the end of humanity. But are the dangers of Artificial Intellience being overblown? Fareed asks a real expert.
171 5/31/15
On GPS, ISIS's recent taking of Ramadi show military-like planning. How did this gang of terrorists acquire such skills? Fareed talks to the experts. Then, Fareed explained last week why he thinks the Brits have resigned their role as a global power. The Brits begged to differ and British ambassador to the U.S. has a rebuttal. Then, what Ireland's approval of same-sex marriage says about religion's power (or lack thereof) around the world.
172 6/07/15
On GPS, General Stan McChrystal breaks down how to defeat ISIS. Then, a report straight from the front lines about the horrific ways ISIS abuses women. But first, Fareed asks an expert panel: how did the long arm of American law take down FIFA? Later on the show, a world-renowned chef serves up innovative ideas about food.
173 6/14/15
On GPS Sunday, the U.S. ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, talks to Fareed from Ukraine - as that country's leader says that his military must be ready for a "full-scale invasion" from Russia. Also, the White House announced plans to beef up operations in Iraq to fight ISIS. Will it work? A great panel weighs in. Then, countries around the world are worried about their declining populations - and they've rolled out some audacious plans to promote procreation.
174 6/21/15
The U.S. has killed key terrorists, but ISIS is still on the march. Fareed asks the former White House counter-terror czar to explain. Then, an exclusive interview with the United States Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on a new face for the $10 bill and the democratic revolt against the Obama administration on trade. Then, Fareed asks a NASA astronaut if China will beat the U.S. in the race for space supremacy.
175 6/28/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed talks about what to make of the recent terror attacks in Tunisia and Kuwait. Then, the deadline for the Iran nuclear negotiations is approaching; why are former Obama officials questioning a deal? And, a debate on who is to blame for the troubled U.S.-Israeli relationship with two diplomats - one from either side. Finally, how to catch a Russian spy!
176 7/12/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed is live for the latest on the Greece debt talks. And will Iran get a deal? Fareed talks to two experts about the political implications as the Iran nuclear deadline looms. And, why China's economy this month may be more important than Greece's - Fareed digs in on the stock market chaos there. Then, a chat with the "Queen of England," or rather, her proxy: Helen Mirren.
177 7/19/15
On GPS Sunday, the West and Iran FINALLY reach agreement on its nuclear program. But is Iran ready to come in from the cold? Fareed asks an all-star panel to discuss. Also, the OTHER big deal of the week: Greece gets saved by Europe...or does it? Paul Krugman tells us why the new deal is terrible for Greece AND for Europe. And, the incredible story of "El Chapo", the all powerful drug-lord who managed to escape from prison for the second time. What does it mean for the U.S.-Mexico relationship?
178 7/26/15
On GPS Sunday, an exclusive interview with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz on the terms of the much-debated Iran deal. Will it make it through Congress? Then, Fareed sits down with Dr. James Hansen, a scientist who was one of the first to sound the alarm on global warming, to learn the dire conclusions of his new study. And, a look at Japan's efforts to re-militarize. Finally, is it possible to resurrect extinct creatures? Evolutionary biologist Beth Shapiro will tell us how to clone a mammoth.
179 8/02/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed asks a global panel what the world thinks of the U.S. election circus. Then, Turkey may be increasing airstrikes against ISIS, but why aren't the other Middle Eastern nations doing more to fight the terror organization? And, Fareed takes an inside look at the secretive kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a former ambassador to Riyadh. Finally, one-on-one with Nobel Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi on fighting child slavery.
180 8/09/15
On GPS Sunday, an exclusive interview with President Obama on the Iran nuclear deal and the push-back at home and abroad. What does the President have to say about the hardliners and America's shifting relationship with Iran? Fareed also sits down with a historian to discuss the long-standing role of political idiocy in U.S. campaigns.
181 8/16/15
Airdate August 16, 2015: On GPS Sunday, Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. tells Fareed why the Iran deal is bad news, not just for his country. Next, Fareed talks to Jon Huntsman about China's economy and the 2016 presidential field. And, why in the world is Russia throwing away perfectly good food from the West? Then, Lawrence Lessig on why he wants to fix American elections...by potentially running for president.
182 8/23/15
On GPS Sunday, is Russia the "most dangerous" threat to America? Fareed asks a panel of experts about how to ease the tensions in Ukraine. Then, the first journalist from a Jewish newspaper to be issued a credential to report in Iran since 1979 explains what he found there. And, Fareed makes the case for women to be allowed to serve in ALL military roles. Then, Atlantic editor Derek Thompson talks to Fareed about whether you will soon live in a "world without work."
183 8/30/15
On GPS, Fareed asks an expert panel to grade Obama's foreign policy. Then, General Stanley McChrystal (Ret.) on how to lead, on a battlefield or in a boardroom. And - why are advertisements in Denmark and Singapore urging people to have sex? Finally, Fareed talks to Dame Helen Mirren about how she would play Hillary Clinton.
184 9/13/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed asks a real-life "M" -- former chief of the British MI6 - about the biggest security threats around the world. Then, why are some countries angry that Germany is taking in more Syrian refugees than its European counterparts? And, Fareed talks to an Egyptian billionaire who believes that one solution to the refugee crisis could be to buy an island. He wants to do just that.
185 9/21/15
Today: Fareed discusses the world's problems with a star panel including David Miliband, David Frum and Danielle Pletka. Then, Fareed takes a look at what the GOP can learn from its counterpart across the pond. And, an expert discussion on Iraq and the Islamic Republic's struggles.
186 9/27/15
Today: Fareed has an exclusive and extensive interview with former President Bill Clinton.
187 10/04/15
Airdate October 4th, 2015: On GPS Sunday, Fareed sits down with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to talk Syria, Iran and the future of the Middle East. Then, why reading a novel may better prepare you for the job market than learning computer code. What in the World? And, President Bill Clinton, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and billionaire George Soros come together at the Clinton Global Initiative for a conversation on Europe, refugees, and the threat from Russia.
188 10/11/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed talks Syria, Russia, ISIS, and Israel with an all-star panel. Then, the most important and least told story of the week? An exclusive interview with Michael Froman, the United States Trade Representative, who just negotiated a trade agreement with 11 other nations - the Trans-Pacific Partnership. And, why working less might be better for you AND your company. What in the world? Also, more of Fareed's great conversation with President Bill Clinton, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and billionaire George Soros at the Clinton Global Initiative about Europe's future.
189 10/18/15
On GPS Sunday, an exclusive interview with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on his country's conflict with Russia and the downing of flight MH17. Then, Ray Kelly, the longest serving police commissioner of New York City, on police brutality and the threat to the American homeland from ISIS. Then, Fareed sits down with Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya, to discuss the terror threat facing his country from next door. Finally, Anne-Marie Slaughter and her husband, Andrew Moravcsik, talk about why working women can't have it all and what needs to change so they can.
190 10/25/15
On GPS Sunday, reality checks on the two biggest foreign policy debates on the 2016 Presidential campaign trail. First up, who's to blame for 9/11? Fareeds ask Philip Zelikow, the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, and Paul Wolfowitz, Bush's Deputy Defense Secretary. Then, how about Iraq - can you draw a straight line from the 2003 invasion to ISIS? Fareed talks with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. And, Ben Bernanke on bringing the global economy back from the brink when he was the Chair of the Federal Reserve. Finally, Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil, one of the largest and most important countries in the world, talks about her personal story and the many crises her country currently faces.
191 11/01/15
On GPS Sunday, Fareed Zakaria and Richard Haass discuss what to make of Obama's decision to send troops to Syria, after years of insisting he would NOT do that. Then, a look inside the administration's thinking on Syria's next door neighbor - Iraq - with Deputy Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. Also, scientist & author Richard Dawkins on why it's a "disgrace" that some GOP candidates say they don't believe in evolution. And, an expert panel weighs in on how to read the presidential polls.
192 11/08/2015
On GPS Sunday, the latest on what really brought down the Russian plane over the Sinai. Fareed sits down for an exclusive interview with former CIA director Michael Hayden. And, as Europe's massive refugee crisis will only worsen come winter, there's a humanitarian case to take in refugees but is there an economic rationale? The FT's Martin Wolf, a child of refugees, has a surprising answer. Also, Ta-Nehisi Coates on why equality of the races is still a long way off, despite Barack Obama's presidency.
193 11/15/2015
GPS is live to bring you the latest on all aspects of the Paris attacks. How can Europe and the United States prevent against future attacks like this? Will attacks like this be "the new normal?" And, a former radical on how to stop Muslim youth from becoming radicalized. Also, how to confront terror: Secretary of State John Kerry explains the U.S.'s strategy to counter ISIS.
194 11/22/2015
On GPS Sunday, Fareed is live to bring you the latest on the Paris terror attacks -- the investigation, the global threat from ISIS, and how the West should respond. Then, the French Ambassador to the United States answers the question: "Why France?" And, is Islam the problem? The former chief rabbi of the United Kingdom on how to stop religious violence. Then, Secretary of State John Kerry on why world leaders are convening in Paris for a meeting on one of the biggest global threats: climate change.
195 11/29/2015
Fareed takes an updated, in-depth look at ISIS: its threat, its aspirations, and what life is really like deep inside its self-styled Islamic State.
196 12/06/2015
On GPS Sunday, Fareed talks exclusively with U2's Bono & The Edge as they gear up to play Paris just a few weeks after their concert was cancelled by the terror attacks. How do the rock legends and political activists think the world should confront terror? And, another exclusive as President Obama's National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, sits down with Fareed to talk worldwide terror, ISIS and Syria, Russia & Putin. Then, what in the world? Is one of America's strongest allies turning towards authoritarianism? Fareed takes a look inside Poland's recent turn to the right.
197 12/13/2015
On GPS Sunday, as Trump rocked the airwaves with calls to ban Muslims from the United States, Fareed asks a global panel what to make of the rise of populists and nationalists around the world. And, inside the struggle to become a refugee in America. Fareed introduces a woman who has escaped war in Iraq and Syria; but will she arrive in America? Finally, the sky-high cure for climate change in Mexico.
198 12/20/2015
On GPS Sunday, Fareed Zakaria asks U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and the British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne about a new plan to defeat ISIS by cutting off the terror group's funding. And, the end of ISIS may begin in Syria: Bashar Al-Assad's first cousin on how to bring democracy to the war-torn country. Then, Jon Meacham digs into how the Bush family became the American political dynasty of our age and why Jeb isn't finding the success his father and brother did.
199 1/3/2015
Today's topics Why is Middle America killing itself? Ian Bremmer, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Richard Hass discuss the world's top stories for 2016. Mariana Mazzucato discusses public funding influence on the economy. Swanee Hunt, Alaa Murabit, and Esther Ibanga on women waging Peace.
200 1/10/2016
Airdate January 10, 2016: On GPS Sunday, Fareed asks an expert panel about tensions in the Middle East rising even further. Could a cold war turn hot between Saudi Arabia and Iran? Then, is another recession on the horizon, this one with an epicenter in China? And, Henry Kissinger: war criminal or great statesman? Fareed asks the biographer of the most controversial secretary of state what he's learned. Next, a former Soviet hero on why Putin is dangerous to Russia and the West.
201 1/17/2016
On GPS Sunday, the day critics said would never come, as international experts verify that Iran has abided by the nuclear deal. What does this mean for Iran and its relationship with the West? And, an expert panel on the actual state of America's union: from Obama's heartfelt address to the U.S. economic climate to the contenders to be the NEXT Commander-in-Chief. Then, will pennies, pounds, and pesos be a thing of the past? Fareed looks at one nation saying goodbye to cash.
202 1/24/2016
On GPS Sunday, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter discusses the U.S. strategy to defeat ISIS and whether Afghanistan will be a never-ending war. Fareed also talks with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the Iran nuclear deal and whether there he still believes there can be a resolution to the conflict with the Palestinians. And, you've heard of the old lady who lived in a shoe? We'll introduce you to a church in a shoe. Where in the world?
203 1/31/2016
On GPS Sunday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on how a liberal former school teacher got elected to Canada's highest office and what he intends to do while in that office. And, on the fifth anniversary of the Arab Spring, Fareed asks how and why it went so badly wrong. And, the growing threat of the Zika virus...what can the current outbreak tell us about our preparedness for the next pandemic?
204 2/07/2016
On GPS Sunday, an all-star political panel on the tightening primary race as 2016 election kicks into high gear. What to make of the Iowa results? And what will happen in New Hampshire? And, after President Obama's first visit to an American mosque, Fareed goes one-on-one with basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Islam in America. Plus, the big data revolution that could help us live to the century mark.
205 2/14/2016
On GPS Sunday, former Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff and author Peter Bergen discuss the possibility of ISIS trying to hit the U.S. in 2016, and an economic panel debates the likelihood of a global recession. What will the jobs of the future look like? Alec Ross tells Fareed how people can prepare themselves and their kids. And, the great Harry Belafonte on diversity in Hollywood and the ongoing fight for racial equality.
206 2/21/2016
On GPS Sunday, a tour of the world's hot spots with The New York Times' Thomas Friedman and a journey across America with The Atlantic's James Fallows. Mukesh Ambani, India's richest man, tells Fareed he can provide internet to one billion citizens. Plus, India's biggest movie star, Shah Rukh Khan on competing with Hollywood at home and around the globe.
207 2/28/2016
On GPS Sunday, tackling the country's biggest national security issues and presidential politics with former NSA and CIA director, Michael Hayden. Then the world's richest man Bill Gates on how he would handle the FBI's request to unlock the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. Plus, could paying would-be criminals decrease crime in American cities?
208 3/06/2016
On GPS Sunday, Paul Krugman and Bret Stephens debate the rising tide of Trump and who's responsible for it. Also, a real-life cyber-attack that put a quarter million people in the dark: could it happen in the U.S.? Vali Nasr and Thomas Erdbrink on what Iran's elections mean for the world. Plus, could new bleeding edge technology one day allow a rogue nation to create a master race?
209 3/14/2016
Airdate March 13, 2016: On GPS Sunday, a panel from around the globe on what the rest of the world thinks of the 2016 Presidential race. Also, are we seeing the rise of American authoritarianism? And, from Plato to penis jokes, two historians delve into the evolution of debating. Plus, on the eve of the Ides of March, dissecting the downfall of Rome's great leader.
210 3/20/2016
Airdate March 20, 2016: On GPS, what to make of Putin pulling out of Syria with CNN'S Clarissa Ward and Council on Foreign Relations' Richard Haass. Also, author Thomas Frank offers his take - could the Democrats be to blame for the rise of Trump? And, the nuclear nightmare brewing in South Asia. Plus, how to fight the booming, global drug trade.
211 4/03/2016
On GPS, what did the Brussels attacks teach us about fighting terror? Fareed offers his take then gathers a great panel. Plus, a historical look at campaign 2016 - is there any precedent for this crazy campaign? And, a book that could make your drink tastier and your life longer.
212 4/10/2016
On GPS, a rare conversation with Fed chair Janet Yellen and all her living predecessors. And, Irshad Manji on being a feminist, gay Muslim and trying to reform her faith. Plus, wisdom on getting the best rest from Arianna Huffington.?
213 4/17/2016
Ahead of Obama's visit to the United Kingdom, Edward Luce tells Fareed that a British exit from the EU is a distinct possibility.
214 4/24/2016
On GPS, Italy's Prime Minister on refugees, ISIS and Donald Trump. Plus, Slate's Fred Kaplan on China's cyber-attacks on the US. Also, a gay feminist Muslim on trying to reform her religion from within...and why 72 virgins are most likely NOT waiting in paradise for Muslim martyrs.
215 5/01/2016
On GPS, Fareed debates Edward Snowden on a crucial topic in the wake of San Bernardino: government access to encrypted devices. Also, author Parag Khanna says instead of building a wall on the border with Mexico, the U.S. should break down boundaries and embrace a North American Union. And, Imran Khan, Pakistan's popular politician, on what's driving anti-Americanism in the muslim world.
216 5/08/2016
On GPS, what is the future of the GOP, conservative movement, even America with Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee? And, Greece's former finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, says Europe is collapsing. Plus, Bassem Youssef, "the Jon Stewart of Egypt," on the state of his home country, five years after revolution.
217 5/15/2016
"Fareed Zakaria GPS" is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
218 5/22/2016
"Fareed Zakaria GPS" is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
219 5/29/2016
On GPS, a tour of the world's hotspots with an all-star panel. And, billionaire serial investor and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman on how to succeed in business. Also, how segregation is finding it's ugly way back into American life.
220 6/05/2016
On GPS, can a third-party candidate win the election? Former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson says he thinks it's possible. And, what can a country's billionaires tell you about have much that nation is at risk? Plus, an ACTUAL billionaire: co-founder of Airbnb, Nathan Blecharczyk, talks about disrupting travel
221 6/19/2016
Fareed Zakaria interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin along with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.
222 06/26/2016
Fareed Zakaria discusses how "Brexit" will effect the world's economy and politics. Interviews with Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Andrew Solomon.
223 7/03/2016
Fareed goes to the source - he asks a dangerous Jihadi, a man currently facing trial on charges of supporting ISIS - what are the reasons you hate America?
224 7/10/2016
Today's guests: Philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, Deputy art editor, Guardian US Lanre Bakare, Former Executive Director, Congressional Black Caucus Angela Rye, and author John McWhorter. Fareed interviews President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto.
225 7/17/2016
Today's topics; Nice, France terrorist attack, The attempted coup in Turkey, and Donald Trump and the Rebpublican nation convention.
226 7/24/2016
Today's guests: Bret Stephens, Stephen Moore, David Frum and Danielle Pletka discuss the state of the GOP. Rebecca R. Ruiz Reporter froom The New York Times, Bryan Stevenson Founder and excutive director, Equal Justice Initiative, and Iris Bohnet Director, Harvard's Women and Public Policy Program.
227 7/31/2016
Today's guests: David Sanger, Anne Applebaum, Max Boot, and Masha Gessen, discuss international views on The United States election. Fareed Zakaria's exclusive interview with Fethullah Gulen Leader of the Hizmet movement in Turkey.
228 8/07/2016
Today's guests: Emily Miller, Bret Stephens, Stephen Moore, Paul Krugman, and Malcolm Gladwell.
229 8/14/2016
Today's guests: Ferial Haffajee, Chemi Shalev, Gideon Rachman, and Pavel Felgenhauer discuss The U.S. & The 2016 Race: A Global view. J.S. Vance, author "Hillibilly Elegy" and Nicolas Berggruen Founder Berggruen Institute.
230 8/28/2016
In Global Lessons on Guns - A Fareed Zakaria GPS Special, Zakaria takes viewers to Switzerland, Japan, Israel, and Australia for policy lessons from other mass gun murders, and suicide prevention - which may work in the U.S..
231 9/04/2016
Fareed Zakaria interview President Obama on topics Turkey, The Asian Pivot and Donald Trump. Jorge Castaneda Former foreign minister, Mexico. Cynthia Breazeal Founder and chief scientist of Jibo.
232 9/11/2016
Today's guests: Anne-Marie Sloaughter, Fawaz Gerges, Mary Kissel, and Tom Friedman is discuss 15 yeats after 9/11. Fareed interviews Leon Panetta Former U.S. Secretary of Defense and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
233 9/25/2016
Fareed Zakaria interviews Petro Poroshenko President of Ukraine and State Counsellor of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi.
234 9/18/2016
Guests: Ginni Rometty, President of IBM. Joshua Cooper Ramo andJennifer Harris discuss North Korea. Rob Schmitz author of "Street of Eternal Happiness" discusses China.
235 10/2/2016
Fareed Zakaria interviews Former Leader, UK Independence Party Nigel Farage, and Australia's first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
236 10/09/2016
Today's guests: Jon Meacham, James Fallows, and Kathleen Hall Jamieson discuss second Presidential debate. Ginni Rometty President of IBM.
237 10/16/2016
Today's Guests: Fareed interviews Bill Maher. Ivo Daalder President, Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Chris Hughes Co-founder, Facebook and eduardo Porter Economic Scene columnist, New York Times.
238 10/23/2016
Today's guests: Melody Barnes and Evan Osnos discuss what a Donald Trump Oval office might be like. Fareed interviews Lloyd Blankfein Chairman & CEO, Goldman Sachs.
239 10/30/2016
Today's guests: Kishore Mahbubani, Radek Sikorski, Bernard Kouchner, David Miliband, Nigel Farage, and Anne Applebaum.
240 11/06/2016
Fareed discusses closing days of Presidental campaign with Bret Stephens, Katrina vanden Heuvel, J.D. Vance. Zbigniew Brzezinski discusses the key foreign policy issues facing the next president. A panel of historians to discuss how campaign may be remembered.
241 11/13/2016
Discussion with Dan Senor, David Remnick, Neera Tanden and Conrad black about election results. Anne-Marie Slaughter, Ian Bremmer and James Woolsey discuss key foreign policy challenges facing Trump presidency.
242 11/20/2016
Fareed Zakaria interviews Henry Kissinger, Michael Flynn Donald Trump's National Security Adviser appointee, and Dalia Grybauskaite President of Lithuania.
243 11/27/2016
Today's guests: Susan Rice National Security Adviser, Tom Steyer Businessman, Siddhartha Mukherjee Author, and Steven Johnson Author.
244 12/4/2016
Today's guests: Tom Friedman, Melissa Bell, Nadia Urbinati, and Ian Buruma.
245 12/11/2016
Will Trump's strategy to defeat ISIS help Iran? Trump adviser Woolsey says sometimes the U.S. must "ally temporarily with a bad guy to defeat another bad guy."
246 12/18/2016
Will Trump's strategy to defeat ISIS help Iran? Trump adviser Woolsey says sometimes the U.S. must "ally temporarily with a bad guy to defeat another bad guy."
247 1/8/2017
Today's guests: Jim Baker, and a round table with Tina Brown, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ian Bremmer, and Bret Stephens.
248 1/15/2017
Today's guests: Richard Haass, Bernard-Henri Levy, Sir Tony Brenton, Victor Cha, and Joe Cirincione.
249 1/22/2017
Today's guests: Anne-Marie Slaughter, Richard Haass, William Cohen, Michael Doran, Julius Drein, Katrina vanden Heuvel.
250 1/29/2017
Today's guests: Anthony Romero, David Miliband, Jonathan Turley, Rula Jebreal, Jorge Castaneda, Conrad Black, and Anne Applebaum.
251 2/5/2017
Today's guests: Timothy Naftali, Jonathan Turley, Stephen Hadley, Madeleine Albright, and Bernard-Henri Levy.
252 2/12/2016
Today's guests: Richard Haass, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Laurence Tribe, Michael Mukasey, and Rashid Khalidi.
253 2/19/2017
Today's guests: Tony BLinken, Elliott Abrams, Avril Haines, and Caroline Kennedy.
254 2/26/2017
Today's guests: Tom Friedman, Gideon Rose, David Frum, Natalie Nougayrede, Stephen Moore, Jeffrey Sachs, and Nigel Hamilton.
255 3/5/2017
Today's guests: Tom Donilon, Stephen Hadley, Scott Gilmore, and Michal Kosinski.
256 3/12/2017
Today's guests: Dimitry Peskov (Spokesman for Vladimir Putin), and Stephen Schwarzman (Co-founder, Chair & CEO, BLackstone).
257 3/19/2017
Today's guests: Richard Haass, Antony Blinken, Ernest Moniz, Amal Clooney, and Nadia Murad
258 4/2/2017
Today's guests: Tom Kean, GE CEO & Chair Jeffrey Immelt, Kholoud Helmi, and Evgeny Afineevsky.
259 4/9/2017
Today's guests: David Petraeus, Robin Wright, Karim Sadjadpour, Graham Allison, and Elizabeth Economy.
260 4/16/2017
Today's guests: David Frum, Antony Blinken, Kori Schake, Mustafa Akyol, and Gerard Araud.
261 4/23/2017
Today's guests: Bernard-Henri Levy, Jochen Bittner, Zanny Minton Beddoes, Luke Harding, and Steve Ballmer.
262 4/30/2017
Today's guests: Susan Rice, Chrystia Freeland, Shirley Anne Warshaw, Timothy Naftali, and Matthew Kroenig.
263 5/7/2017
Today's guests: Natalie Nougayrede, Richard Haass, Bret Stephens, Ben Bernanke and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
264 5/14/2017
Today's guest; Michael Hayden, James Woolsey, Cristina Rodriguez, Tim Naftali, Shannon O'Neil, Moises Naim, and Bruce Feiler
265 5/22/2017
Jim Sciutto interviews Robin Wright, Elliott Abrams, and Thomas Erdbrink about President Donald Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia.
266 5/28/2017
Today's guest: Associate Professor at Georgetown University Matthew Kroenig, Author Richard Haass, President and CEO at New America Anne-Marie Slaughter, President for Eurasia Group Ian Bremmer, Author Jeffery Gettleman, and Co-founder of World Science Festival Brian Greene
267 6/4/2017
On today's show Fareed talks with Sr. International Corr. Clarissa Ward, Prof. at London School of Economics Fawaz Gerges, Co-author of ISIS: The State of Terror Jessica Stern, Co-founder of Macro Advisory Partners Nader Mousavizadeh, National Security Analyst Peter Bergen, Frm. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, Pres. Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass, Global Economics Analyst Rana Foroohar
268 6/11/2017
Today's guests: James Woolsey, Laurence Tribe, Elizabeth Foley, Goerge Osborne, and Chrystia Freeland
269 6/18/2017
Today's guests: David Blankenhorn, Padraig O'Malley, Edward Luce, Jill Abramson, Ruchir Sharma, and Sheikh Hamad bin .Jassim Al Thani.
270 6/25/2017
On GPS, Rahm Emanuel weighs in on the first 5 months of President Trump. And, a debate on North Korea as tensions ratchet up.
271 7/02/2017
On GPS, Sen. Mark Warner of the Senate Intelligence Committee on the Russia probe. And, an all-star panel on how history will view Trump.
272 7/09/2017
Today's guests: Nick Paton Walsh, Anne Applebaum, Elliott Abrams, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Ian Bremmer, Sergey Karaganov, and David Rubenstein,
273 7/16/2017
On GPS, an exclusive interview with Iran's Foreign Minister, 2 years after Iran agreed to the nuclear deal. Bill Browder CEO, Hermitage Capital Management.
274 7/23/2017
On GPS, live from London, how America's closest ally grades Trump's first 6 months. And, the view from Venezuela with an opposition leader.
275 7/30/2017
On GPS, the chaos at the White House and its influence on America's global standing. Also, how did Steve Bannon come to his dark world view?
276 8/06/2017
Today's guests: Al Gore, Gideon Rose, Dan Senor, and Julia Ioffe,
277 8/13/2017
Today's guests: Former Director of Pres. Obamas Domestic Policy Council, Melody Barnes, Historian of American Conservatism, Rick Perlstein, Prof of History and Public Service NYU, Timothy Naftali, Pres. Asia Society Policy Institute, Kevin Rudd, Korea Chair Center for Strategic and International Studies, Victor Cha, and Host of HBOs Real Time, Bill Maher
278 8/20/2017
Steve Bannon exits stage right as America tires to make sense of the events in Charlottesville -- Fareed and a panel discuss.
279 9/17/2017
On GPS, Fareed theorizes how North Korea's dictator would interview. Then, Neil deGrasse Tyson gives his take on Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.
280 9/24/2017
On GPS: Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif reacts to President Trump's UNGA speech and discusses the future of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Interview with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.
281 10/01/2017
On GPS, the big foreign policy question of the day: how to calm down the North Korea nuclear crisis? Fareed shares a plan then brings in a panel to discuss. Also, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the task of turning around a 40 year-old, deeply engrained company...and how his mother and his son influence how he thinks about business.
282 10/08/2017
On GPS this week: Stop the madness - how the U.S. can get a grip on gun control including what it can learn from other countries.
283 10/15/2017
A special edition of GPS with Hillary Clinton - on President Trump's erratic foreign policy and why Putin interfered in the 2016 elections.
284 10/22/2017
On GPS, foreign policy in the Trump Era, Xi Jinping's ambitions for a brave new China, and Canada's war of words over NAFTA.
285 10/29/2017
On GPS, the crisis over Catalan secession...and Bill Browder explains why Putin put him on Interpol's wanted list... for murder.
286 11/05/2017
On GPS, understanding terror today in the wake of the NYC attack, the latest on the Russia investigation, and Trump's first trip to Asia.
287 11/12/2017
On GPS, an exclusive interview with the Turkish PM, a panel on Trump's adventures in Asia, and just what IS happening in Saudi Arabia?
288 11/19/2017
On GPS, far-right rallies in Poland, Trump's first Asia trip, and the latest on Brexit. Then, a last-ditch idea to combat climate change.
289 12/03/2017
On GPS, Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI, North Korea's latest ICBM test, and just what is happening at the State Department?
290 12/10/2017
On GPS, an exclusive interview with UN Sec. General Guterres on Jerusalem, North Korea, and more. Also, what next for Palestine and Israel?
291 12/17/2017
On GPS, Fareed discusses the Putin/Trump relationship with a great panel. Then, a simple plan for economic growth: more women at work.
292 12/24/2017
On GPS: The Next Big Idea. Fareed explores some of the most interesting ideas today - from driving flying cars to eating garbage. Also, what makes a genius?
293 12/31/2017
On GPS, America's role in the world under a Trump administration. Then, can the star of "The Apprentice" bring apprenticeships to America?
294 01/07/2018
On GPS, Iranians protest, Koreas agree to talks, U.S. freezes aid to Pakistan. Then, is global warming behind the arctic chill in the U.S.?
295 01/14/2018
On GPS, Trump ignites a firestorm over immigration, while tensions cool in Korea. Then, why 2017 might have been the best year on record.
296 01/21/2018
On GPS, does Trump's vision of immigration reflect American values? Also, can the U.S. protect itself from a nuclear attack?
297 01/28/2018
On GPS, an exclusive interview with Israeli PM Netanyahu on Jerusalem, Iran & corruption. Also, how did Trump's America First play in Davos?
298 02/04/2018
On GPS, fallout from the Nunes Memo. Then, an exclusive interview with the King of Jordan. And, is China poised to lead the AI revolution?
299 02/11/2018
On GPS, the politics swirling around the Olympics, the woman trying to unseat Putin, and Qatar's Foreign Minister on the ongoing Gulf crisis.
300 02/18/2018
Today's guests: Julia Ioffe Contributing Writer for The Atlantic, Richard Haass Council on Foreign Relations, Bill Gates Co-Chair Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Jung Pak Senior Fellowand Korea Chair Brookings institution.
301 02/25/2018
Today's guests:

Adam Lankford - Professor of Criminology, University of Alabama
Saul Cornell - Professor of History, Fordham University
Stephen Cohen - Scholar of Russian History & Politics
David Sanger - Political & National Security Analyst
Steve Phillips - Author, "Brown Is The New White"
Hilda Solis - Former Secretary of Labor
302 03/04/2018
On GPS: Condoleezza Rice gives Fareed her take on the Trump administration's foreign policy, the 2nd Amendment, and what unites Americans.
303 03/11/2018
On GPS: Pres. Trump has agreed to meet Kim Jong Un. A recipe for peace? Or disaster? Then, Gen. Martin Dempsey on the Trump administration.
304 03/18/2018
On GPS Rexit, Russia, and rare poison. What next for US diplomacy Can the UK stop assassinations on its soil Will Putin ever leave power?
305 03/25/2018
Our special 'The Most Powerful Man in the World' looks at the Russian president's rise.
306 04/01/2018
On GPS: Kim Jong Un out and about in Beijing, Russia escalates its spat with the West, and could Trump?s tariffs reverse his economic gains?
307 04/08/2018
On GPS, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers on a trade war with China, and former National Security Advisor Tom Donilon on John Bolton.
308 04/15/2018
Anne-Marie Slaughter and David Miliband react to Allied strikes on Syria. Then, Madeleine Albright on the startling rebirth of fascism. Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on human rights under siege.
309 04/22/2018
Pulitzer Prize-winner Ronan Farrow tells Fareed about the sad state of US diplomacy and his Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting. Mona Charen and Dan Senor discuss Donald Trump's Grand Old Pary. Julia Sweig and John Paul Rathbone discuss Cuba without a Castro in charge.
310 04/29/2018
Will Kim Jong Un bring the Hermit Kingdom out of the cold? Then, Macron charmed Trump, but did he convince him to stay in the Iran deal?
311 05/06/2018
On GPS: As the clock ticks down on the Iran nuclear deal & North Korea negotiations, can Pres. Trump prevent a meltdown?
312 5/13/2018
Michael Hayden & James Clapper weigh in on Pres. Trump ending the Iran nuclear deal on the eve of negotiating another with N. Korea.
313 05/21/2018
After the U.S. opens its Jerusalem embassy, is the two-state solution dead? Tom Friedman & Hanan Ashrawi weigh in.
314 5/27/2018
On GPS: With the on-again/off-again N. Korea summit, could Trump soon have TWO nuclear crises on his hands? Former National Security Adviser Tom Donilon weighs in. Then, Tony Blair was GPS's first ever guest 10 years ago. He joins Fareed again to talk populism, protectionism, and religious extremism.
315 06/10/2018
Airdate June 10, 2018: On GPS: What shape are America's alliances in after the G7...and what will be the results of the Trump-Kim summit? Also, Obama foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes on how it feels to have one's legacy systematically dismantled by President Trump. Finally, a look back at 10 years of GPS.
316 06/17/2018
"Fareed Zakaria GPS" is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
317 06/24/2018
Airdate June 24, 2018: On GPS: UN Human Rights Chief Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein weighs in on the US detention of immigrant children and America's withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council. Also, Neil deGrasse Tyson on Trump's announcement of a 6th military branch - the Space Force. Is it a good idea? Or is it unnecessary?
318 07/01/2018
An all-star panel of smart Brits on the Trump-Putin summit and the crumbling of the trans-Atlantic alliance
319 07/08/2018
Today's guests: David McKenzie CNN International Correspondent, Michelle Kosinski CNN Senior Diplomatic Correspondent, Tony Blinken CNN Global Affairs Analyst, Richard Haass President Council on Foreign Relations, Susan Glasser Reporter "The new Yorker", Steve Rattner Chairman CEO Willet Advisors, Mohamed El-Erian Chief Economic Adviser Allianz, and Matt Rivers CNN International Correspondent.
320 07/15/2018
After a tense NATO summit and an awkward UK visit, what can President Trump expect in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin?
321 07/22/2018
"Fareed Zakaria GPS" is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
322 07/29/2018
Today's guests: Robin Wright "The New Yorker" writer, Reuel Marc Gerecht Foundation of Defense of Democracies, Trita Parsi National Iranian American Council, Laurel Miller Senior Political Scientist Rand Corporation, Husain Haqqani Former Pakistani Ambassador to the UN, and Prof. Laurie Santos Yale University Professor of Psychology.
323 08/05/2018
"Fareed Zakaria GPS" is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
324 08/12/2018
What do American voters make of Pres. Trump's foreign policy? An all-star panel breaks down immigration, trade and relations with rivals.
325 08/19/2018
'Fareed Zakaria GPS' is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's 'take' on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
326 09/02/2018
Steve Brill - Yale Journalism Initiative
James Fallows - Author
Deborah Fallows - The Atlantic
Andreas Schleicher - Author
Dambisa Moyo - Economist
Carlo Rovelli - Author
327 09/09/2018
Today's guest: Former Secretary of State John Kerry, European Council of Foreign Relations Carl Bildt, Professor Jonathan Haidt.
328 09/16/2018
'Fareed Zakaria GPS' is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
329 09/23/2018
Former NYC Mayor Mike Bloombergs joins Fareed to discuss whether or not he will challenge Trump in 2020.
331 09/30/2018
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif joins Fareed to answer Trump's allegations against Iran this week at the UN.
332 10/14/2018
Fareed Zakaria GPS is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
333 10/21/2018
'Fareed Zakaria GPS' is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's 'take' on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
334 10/28/2018
Fareed Zakaria GPS is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
335 11/04/2018
"Fareed Zakaria GPS" is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
336 10/28/2018
On GPS: An Exclusive Interview with France's President, Emmanuel Macron, on his relationship with Donald Trump, the 100th anniversary of WWI, and his bold plan to Make France Great Again.
337 11/18/2018
"Fareed Zakaria GPS" is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
338 12/16/2018
Fareed Zakaria GPS is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
342 December 23, 2018
"Fareed Zakaria GPS" is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
343 January 6, 2019
"Fareed Zakaria GPS" is CNN's flagship world affairs program. Every week on the show, you will see in-depth interviews with world leaders, newsmakers and analysts who break down the world's toughest problems, you will hear Fareed's "take" on vital subjects, and you will learn what you need to know about the world around you.
344 January 13, 2019
What could President Trump do if he declares a national emergency? Fareed digs into the powers Trump could grab, with Elizabeth Goitein and John Yoo.
345 1/20/2019
Former UK PM Tony Blair calls for a new referendum on Brexit after the defeat of PM May's deal in Parliament.
346 "January 27, 2019"
As political chaos plunges Caracas into crisis, Fareed breaks down what's at stake in Venezuela. Then, the view from Davos.
347 2/3/2019
The US nixes a major nuclear treaty with Russia while political pandemonium rages on in Caracas. Fareed and a great panel explain it all.
348 2019-02-10
As the crisis in Caracas barrels on, Fareed asks former Venezuelan Trade Minister Moises Naim & the Council on Foreign Relation's Shannon O'Neil what it will take to end Venezuela's protracted political predicament. Then, NY Magazine writer Rebecca Traister talks about what she calls "the revolutionary power of women's anger" today and throughout recent history.
349 February 17, 2019
After giving BILLIONS of his own fortune away to causes like education, polio, and malaria, Bill Gates tells Fareed what he makes of proposals to raise taxes on the wealthy. Then, Stanford computer scientist Daphne Koller on the revolution that might just save your life - when A.I. meets medicine.