Bungo and Alchemist -Gears of Judgement- (Original Japanese Version)

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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 Run, Melos
A young greek man named Melos must run to save his friend from a tyrant king. But then he finds out he's more than he appears to be…
2 In the Forest of the Cherry Blossoms, Beneath the Full Bloom (Part 1)
Dazai goes on his first mission working for the mysterious Alchemist, a being of immense power that speaks through a talking cat.
3 In the Forest of the Cherry Blossoms, Beneath the Full Bloom (Part 2)
Trapped in his own book, Ango Sakaguchi is forced to face the madness he's created.
4 Howl at the Moon (Part 1)
In the modern world, with cell phones, movies, and games, not many people read books. But what would the world look like if books vanished altogether?
5 Howl at the Moon (Part 2)
Trapped in the world of an insane poet, the authors must work to unravel the mystery of their own deaths.
6 Portrait of Hell (Part 1)
With no food except tuna and nothing to do, the stressed out authors are getting into fights. Time to go farm for their own food!
7 Portrait of Hell (Part 2)
Trapped within his own book, Ryunosuke Akutagawa longs to destroy everything he's ever made.
8 No Longer Human (Part 1)
Akutagawa is feeling down, but Dazai has the perfect plan to cheer him up: a fan club! But how will he react when Akutagawa reads his book?
9 No Longer Human (Part 2)
Akutagawa goes to incredible lengths to save Dazai from being tainted.
10 In a Bamboo Grove (Part 1)
Suspicions mount as to the true nature of Akutagawa. Who is he, and what is he really here for?
11 Beyond the Pale of Vengeance
The group decides that the only way to save Akutagawa's books is to kill the fake Akutagawa. But is he really a fake?
12 Gears (Part 1)
The Taints reveal their ultimate plan to destroy the Library. Can Dazai stop them in time?
13 Gears (Part 2)
Akutagawa is ready to exact his revenge on literature. The only surviving author is Dazai. Can he save the books he loves?

About this show

Open the book to a fantasy world that features famous and handsome historical figures from the field of literature, who must call upon their magical abilities in order to save books that have been tainted by some truly evil forces.

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