Down to Earth with Zac Efron

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Season 2 episodes (8)

1 Habitat Conservation
From Sydney to the Greater Blue Mountains, Zach and Darin meet with leading eco-warriors to learn about protected lands and habitat conservation.
2 Regenerative Agriculture
Zac and Darin get down and dirty as they explore a natural approach to farming through regenerative agriculture and organic food production.
3 Great Barrier Reef
Along the coastline, Zac and Darin take a deep dive into the coral reef restoration techniques supporting a vast underwater ecosystem.
4 Torres Strait
Zac and Darin test their cooking skills in Melbourne before heading to the Torres Strait Islands to understand the impact of rising sea levels.
5 Waste
Searching for ways to minimize their carbon footprint, Zac and Darin visit a self-sustaining home and other businesses innovating to reduce waste.
6 Wildfire
In the aftermath of a devastating bushfire season, Zac and Darin learn about efforts to rehabilitate the wildlife and livestock population.
7 Aboriginal Voices
Leaders and representatives of Aboriginal communities show Zac and Darin how indigenous cultures live to protect and preserve the land.
8 Eco Innovators
Eco-innovators introduce Zac and Darin to unique and cost-effective ways to address complex problems and help heal the environment.

About this show

Zac Efron and superfoods expert, Darin Olien, travel the world in search of the secrets to good health, a long life, and a higher level of eco-consciousness -- adventure, laughs and goat-milking ensue. "Down to Earth" is a binge-worthy travelogue, food odyssey, and eco-warrior series that takes the star out of his comfort zone and into the far corners of the world.

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