General Hospital

1963 • ABC
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Season 51 episodes (172)

78 1/3/14
Sonny confronts Morgan; Julian questions TJ and Morganss threat; Rafe pines for Molly's affection; Shawn tries to convince TJ not to go to the police; Duke pressures Anna for info; Rafe seeks revenge.
79 1/6/14
Heather upsets Franco by showing up at lunch. Rafe tells Anna that TJ was at the warehouse and witnessed everything. A fierce argument between Ava and Carly turns into a threatening situation. Morgan talks to Julian about getting out of the business.
80 1/7/14
Carly runs into Heather and big trouble ensues. Franco threatens Ava to stay away from Carly. Morgan continues his betrayal, telling Sonny he's quit working for the Jeromes. Detective West questions Sam about Silas.
81 1/8/14
Franco searches for Carly, who is being held at gunpoint by Heather. Silas reveals his dark past to a shocked Sam, while Nathan continues to question Silas's explanation of what happened.
82 1/9/14
Sonny and Robin have a bittersweet reunion. Michael blames Franco for the disappearance of Carly, who is being held at the Quartermaine boathouse by Heather. Sabina talks to Felix about her future.
83 1/10/14
Heather prepares to get rid of Carly once and for all. Sonny is surprised to find Morgan and Ava together. Patrick and Robin are shocked to learn about Sabrina's pregnancy.
84 1/13/14
As Port Charles detectives continue the search for Carly, Heather moves forward with her plan to frame Franco. New evidence surfaces about Silas's mysterious past. Morgan confronts Julian about Carly.
85 1/14/14
The worst is feared for Carly's fate when the contents of her car trunk are revealed. Patrick has hard questions for Sabrina. Sam has a theory about Ava's involvement in Silas's comatose wife.
86 1/15/14
More damaging evidence points toward Franco for Carly's disappearance. Shawn questions Morgan's loyalty to Sonny. Lucy confides her secret to Felicia. Morgan's loyalty is questioned again.
87 1/16/14
Heather's masterful plan to frame Franco for murder is almost complete. Julian tells Ava he has another long-lost child. Bobby tells Lulu she's worried about Lucas coming to Port Charles.
88 1/17/14
Lucas (Ryan Carnes) returns to Port Charles, wanting to be there for Bobbie while Carly is missing. Scott is forced to make tough decision when he's asked to issue a warrant for Franco's arrest.
89 1/20/14
Luke discovers Carly. Lucas comes face to face with his real father. The doctors of General Hospital are shocked by who is named Chief of Staff.
90 1/21/14
Heather moves Carly to a new location. Sabrina begs Liz not to tell Patrick her secret. Lulu finds a shoulder to cry on.
91 1/22/14
Kiki covers for Franco. Heather tells a huge lie. Lulu and Dante share a moment.
92 1/23/14
Sam seeks out answers on Silas's case. Morgan overhears valuable information about Julian.
93 1/24/14
Sonny is devastated. Someone from Silas's past has key information. Felicia confides Lucy's secret to Mac.
94 1/27/14
Olivia asks Sonny what he's going to do about Morgan's betrayal. Lucy's secret weighs upon Felicia. Julian relays shocking news to Anna. Nathan searches for more evidence against Silas.
95 1/28/14
Sonny confronts Morgan. Anna blindsides Duke. Lulu tells Nathan she's left Dante. Nathan makes a cryptic phone call. Julian pressures Ava about Silas.
96 1/29/14
Kevin's patient (guest star Chandra Wilson from "Grey's Anatomy") sees an unfamiliar nurse and asks why he is in her doctor's office. Someone leaves Port Charles.
97 1/30/14
Carly tries to use Heather to her advantage. The jailed Franco and Silas compare notes. Kiki visits the Miscavige Institute. Someone leaves Port Charles.
98 1/31/14
Tracy demands that Anna open a missing persons case on Luke. Elizabeth challenges Sabrina. Victor Cassadine (Thaao Penghlis) returns to Port Charles with scandalous news.
99 2/3/14
A fugitive Franco is forced to tell Kiki the truth about Heather. Victor gives Robin the reason why she will help him. Sabrina makes a life-altering decision.
100 2/4/14
"Sam informs Alexis of more incriminating evidence against Silas. Franco makes an escape attempt. Olivia wonders if her Heather sighting is a vision or reality."
101 2/5/14
An elderly widow, Mrs. McClain (guest star Shirley Jones), goes to the PCPD to say she believes the gravedigger she encountered at the cemetery could be the fugitive they've been searching for.
102 2/6/14
Britt is perplexed by Ben's missing hairbrush. Lucas has a surprising announcement for Julian. Michael confronts a jailed Kiki about hiding Franco. Spencer delivers an early Valentine to Emma.
103 2/7/14
After the cave-in, Heather comes to and makes a startling discovery. Michael encourages a skeptical AJ. Plus, Alexis and Sam are suspicious of Nathan's new proof against Silas.
104 2/10/14
Morgan makes a suggestion to Ava. AJ remembers more about the night Connie was murdered. Franco overhears valuable information. Cameron and Spencer discuss how they will make a play for Emma's heart.
105 2/11/14
Carly's rescue attempt goes horribly awry. Morgan tells Sonny that Ava wants to switch sides. Alexis demands that Anna charge Silas or release him. Ava has flashbacks about Connie.
106 2/12/14
Those injured in Carly's rescue attempt fight to stay alive. Ava has news for AJ. Silas is finally able to explain to Sam why he kept his comatose wife's will a secret from her.
107 2/13/14
It's Valentine's Day in Port Charles and along with the romantic holiday comes joy as well as pain. Liz awaits baby Ben's paternity results. Julian is thrown by Ava's sneaky ways.
108 2/14/14
Duke attempts to reconcile with Anna. Molly and TJ make a study-date. Morgan and Ava and Sonny and Olivia plan romantic evenings. Liz threatens to tell Nikolas the truth if Britt won't.
109 2/17/14
On this Valentine's Day night in Port Charles, Nikolas has the ultimate surprise for Britt. Liz grapples with her feelings for her true love. Franco fights for his life. Will he wake up and be reunited with the love of his life?
110 2/18/14
Patrick finds out why Robin has been distancing herself. Dante and Lulu are thrown for a loop. Lucas and Morgan bond over their relationship troubles. The feud between the Corinthos and the Jerome families heats up.
111 2/19/14
Patrick takes his dilemma to Anna. Lulu worries about her missing father. The enamored Nikolas dismisses Britt's concerns about Baby Ben. Anna interrogates Heather about Luke's whereabouts.
112 2/20/14
Liz makes her move. Tracy has an emotional reunion. Heather's information provides a welcome relief to many. Victor tightens his evil grip on a resistant Robin. Britt makes a surprising apology.
113 2/21/14
Robin has incomprehensible news for Emma. Sam has a disturbing run in with Julian. Sonny plants seeds of doubt in Michael's mind about Kiki. TJ and Molly are ready to take their puppy love to the next level.
114 2/24/14
"General Hospital" celebrates a milestone with its 13,000th episode which unveils new twists and turns in the relationship of teenagers Molly and TJ. Meanwhile, Michael and Kiki discuss taking their relationship in a new direction. An unstable AJ tries to remember what really happened the night of Connie's murder, and Patrick and Robin make a heart-wrenching and emotional decision that will affect their lives forever.
115 2/25/14
Ava needs Carlos to do her dirty work. Molly is furious with Alexis for interrupting her date. Julian has an overdue chat with TJ. Somebody returns to Port Charles. Sam and Silas enlist Delia in their plans to clear Silas's name.
116 2/26/14
Sam and Silas believe Delia will prove Ava is framing Silas. TJ gets a veiled threat from Julian and advice from Shawn. Nathan shows Kiki the file on her father. Sonny pays an unexpected visit to the Metro Court's latest occupant.
117 2/27/14
Sonny suspects ulterior motives for why a distant relative has returned to Port Charles. Patrick tells Sabrina about his situation with Robin. Shawn calls into question Ava's trust in Julian. A masked Carlos attacks AJ.
118 2/28/14
Robin breaks emotional news to friends and family. Sonny offers Lulu emotional support. AJ's memory is jarred once again. Nikolas wants an engagement party. Silas makes a decision.
119 3/3/14
AJ confronts Ava about what he remembers the night Connie was murdered. Victor Cassadine has an unexpected request of Dr. Obrecht. A private moment between Patrick and Robin gets interrupted.
120 3/4/14
An altercation ensues between Ava and AJ. Dr. Obrecht confronts Anna about Faison's disappearance. Silas attempts to visit his comatose wife. Victor tells Patrick that Robin should remain hopeful.
121 3/5/14
The PCPD begins questioning suspects in the shooting of a Port Charles resident. Someone is secretly watching Sam and Silas. Tracy braces herself for Luke's disclosure. Ric has a revelation for Elizabeth.
122 3/6/14
As AJ battles for his life, the suspects work on finding alibis. Anna makes an arrest in the case. Molly calls Ric with an unexpected request. Luke tells Tracy why he lied to her and then offers her a proposition.
123 3/7/14
Many in Port Charles are shocked upon learning who has been implicated in a recent shooting. Duke's quandary could alienate him even further from Anna. Alexis learns Ric reconnected with his other ex-wife.
124 3/10/14
Carly confronts Sonny as AJ's condition changes. Duke is hesitant to tell Anna information regarding the shooting. Alexis becomes livid when she finds out Ric's plans for Molly. Tracy notices that Luke is acting strange.
125 3/11/14
Michael continues to absorb more about what happened to AJ. Julian and Ric appear to have a mysterious involvement with one another. Felix is blindsided when he sees Lucas and Brad together.
126 3/12/14
Sonny perceives how worried Michael is about AJ's condition and tries to comfort him. Britt tells her mother that she is engaged to Nikolas. Ric has an offer for Liz that puts Nikolas on edge.
127 3/13/14
To get to the bottom of AJ's shooting, a frustrated Anna and Dante question more people. Emma asks Patrick a difficult question regarding Robin. Lulu dreams Ben is her son. Luke's continuing out-of-character behavior affects Kiki.
128 3/14/14
Silas gets an unexpected visitor from his past. Sam may have a new suspect in Nina's case. While a threat lurks in AJ's room, an unaware Patrick informs Michael and Monica of AJ's medical options.
129 3/17/14
AJ is running out of time and Michael must now make a life or death decision about his father's medical treatment. Nathan's true motives are revealed when a family member pays him a visit. Alexis surprises Molly and TJ by giving them her blessing. TJ and Shawn receive a shocking blast from their past.
130 3/18/14
Ava questions Julian about his involvement with Ric. Sonny asks Alexis for a favor. Elizabeth is frantic when she discovers Cameron has gone missing. Lulu confides in Lucas about her feelings towards Ben. Britt feels guilty about keeping her secret from Nikolas. A previous love appears and cautions Nikolas about his engagement to Britt.
131 3/19/14
Patrick provides some dire news about AJ's condition. Before the party, Britt decides to destroy some incriminating evidence about Ben's parentage. Shawn demands to know what his visitor's true motives are for coming to Port Charles. Luke makes Kiki uncomfortable when he confronts her about their incident.
132 3/20/14
As Britt and Nikolas's engagement party begins, a relieved Britt believes she is in the clear about her secret. Sam makes a confession to Silas about her romantic past. Dante shows off baby Ben to Sonny and Olivia while Lulu continues to grapple with her maternal feelings. Will a guilt-ridden Brad be stopped from confessing the truth about Ben?
133 3/21/14
The engagement party really heats up when Elizabeth finally learns the secret about Ben. Now she must contemplate on how to best deal with this revelation. Meanwhile, Obrecht is beyond livid when she finds Brad ready to reveal the truth to Lucas. Sonny and Alexis team up to probe into a possible connection between Ric and Julian.
134 3/24/14
The drama intensifies throughout Wyndemere, as Nikolas and Britt's engagement party is in full force. Elizabeth has her own way of handling the baby Ben revelation, while Dr. Obrecht threatens Brad if he exposes the truth. Alexis confronts Ric about being in cahoots with Julian. Tracy walks in on a covert meeting with Luke.
135 3/25/14
Lulu stuns the engagement party with a wild assertion that breaks up the party. Sonny questions Luke about the Jeromes. Julian is so offended by Alexis's interrogation about Ric that it leads to a heated argument. Silas and Sam are surprised to find his apartment ransacked and suspect who might be responsible.
136 3/26/14
Dante and Lulu are appalled by Dr. Obrecht's latest scheme involving Ben. While Britt tries to plead her case, an enraged Nikolas condemns her behavior. Lucas has hard questions for Brad about his part in Britt's cover-up. Ric attempts to woo Elizabeth. Nathan learns disturbing news about Nina.
137 3/27/14
Kiki catches Ava ready to enter AJ's room and updates her so-called concerned mother about his condition. Dante prods Britt about the Ben situation, and apologizes to Lulu. Nikolas is heartbroken over Britt's actions. Silas makes a startling admission to Sam about Nina, while Anna presses Nathan to come clean.
138 3/28/14
As AJ fights for his life, Carly discovers who shot him. Dante and Britt make contact with Obrecht and try to convince her to divulge her latest ploy. Michael and Kiki are at odds over Ava's involvement with AJ. A guilty Nikolas visits Elizabeth at home, but he is unaware that danger is lurking nearby.
139 3/31/14
Monica uses everything she knows to help AJ win the battle of his life. When Nikolas arrives at Elizabeth's, he senses that something is very off--as though she's not alone! An unlikely person is asked to bring down Ava. When Luke meets with Julian, he presents a scheme that could destroy Sonny.
140 4/1/14
GH marks its 51st anniversary show with love, life and nostalgia. With the knowledge of AJ's shooter weighing on them both, Carly and Sonny bond and reflect on their stormy history. Bobbie learns that Noah is in love with someone else, while Lucy is determined to end her affair with Scott for good.
141 4/2/14
Now that Carly knows who shot AJ, a deeply concerned Sonny wonders if she will keep his secret. Dante and Lulu are stunned to hear who will be representing Britt in the embryo case. Shawn freaks out when he learns about Jordan's new job. Nathan, Sam and Silas are forced to work together--but who in the world is their target?
142 4/3/14
Once Sonny comes clean about AJ, Carly contemplates keeping his secret from Michael. Ava eavesdrops on a staged conversation about Nakamura. After her tense encounter with Nikolas, Britt turns to Brad for comfort about Ben. Meanwhile, Obrecht's master plan heats up as she plots her next move.
143 4/4/14
Another disturbing twist is revealed in the Nakamura case. A torn Britt ponders over Obrecht's latest scheme regarding Ben. Dante receives an unexpected visitor at the PCPD. Shawn questions Jordan about her new job. Nikolas is relieved when he finds out Ric didn't spend the night with Elizabeth.
144 4/7/14
A blindsided Nikolas suddenly finds himself in a dangerous situation. Britt surprises Lulu and Dante with information about Ben. Ava's actions make Silas question the true suspect in Nina's case. Ric severs his professional ties to Julian.
145 4/8/14
Just as everyone starts to decipher Obrecht's latest scheme regarding Ben, the unthinkable happens to Elizabeth. Madeline makes a revelation to Nathan regarding Nina. In order to help lift Carly's burden, Franco tries to persuade her to trust him and share Sonny's secret.
146 4/9/14
For once, Obrecht is the one who is shocked when she comes face to face with someone from her past. Besides Ava's involvement with AJ's shooting, Carly thinks she is hiding something else. The newest Port Charles' resident rubs Nathan the wrong way. Dante and Lulu are given some hope.
147 4/10/14
Ric sets the record straight with Sonny. Nikolas is perplexed when Elizabeth asks him about his true feelings for Britt. Silas and Sam finally solve Nina's case, and are convinced this ordeal is behind them. Nathan and Britt bond over drinks.
148 4/11/14
Obrecht has a callous proposition for Dante in regards to his family. Ric intends to fight for the woman he truly desires. Nikolas gives bad news to Spencer about Britt and Ben. Sonny confronts Luke about his recent unsettling conversation with Ric.
149 4/14/14
Dante tells Lulu about Obrecht's obscure proposition. Nikolas offers to help Elizabeth, which does not sit well with Britt. By default, Madeline has no choice but to reveal some scandalous news to Nathan. When Patrick joins Sabrina for her doctor's appointment, an uninvited Carlos shows up.
150 4/15/14
Sonny's guilty conscience is haunting him just when Michael arrives to tell him they might have a suspect in AJ's case. As Jordan gets ready for her first day of work, she and Shawn continue to argue about her job choice. Ned returns to Port Charles.
151 4/16/14
Olivia tries to help Sonny out of his erratic state, but is crushed by his hurtful words. Patrick and Sabrina learn the gender of their baby. Jordan proves her loyalty to her new boss by confiding that she wants in on his covert business. Ned does not trust Luke's true motives for marrying Tracy.
152 4/17/14
Feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, Sonny believes there is one person he can trust. Nathan deals with some obstacles at home. Anna and Dante secretly arrange to obtain a DNA sample from Carlos. Lulu asks Britt about whether or not she should trust Obrecht's latest offer.
153 4/18/14