Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky & The Brain

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Season 1 episodes (22)

1 Das Mouse
Pinky (series star ROB PAULSEN) and The Brain (series star MAURICE LaMARCHE) go undersea in a submarine to find the key ingredient for a hypnotic pancake batter.
2 Of Mouse And Man
The Brain gets a job at a large corporation and schemes to collect workmen's compensation in order to fund another plan to take over the world.
3 Tokyo Grows/That Smarts/Brainstem
In Tokyo in the 1950s, The Brain reverses a miniaturization ray to create monsters to scare the city and then rescue it. Trouble occurs when a real monster arrives. The Brain decides that the key to his success is to make Pinky as smart as he is. Pinky and The Brain sing about the various parts of the brain.
4 Pinky & The Fog/Where No Mouse Has Gone Before/Cheese Roll Call
In the 1930s, The Brain poses as The Fog and plots to broadcast his hypnotic voice over the radio. Pinky and The Brain alter the inscription on a space probe to show themselves as the dominant species. Pinky sings about cheeses.
5 Brainania
To fund their latest scheme, Pinky and The Brain establish a bogus country in order to receive massive foreign aid from the United States.
6 TV Or Not TV
The Brain decides he will take over the world by starring in a hit TV sitcom, but his dreams of fame and global dominance get shattered.
7 Napoleon Brainaparte
In 18th-century Paris, Pinky and The Brain plan to use the celebration of Napoleon's victories to cause a diversion, but they become the diversion themselves.
8 A Pinky and the Brain Christmas
The Brain designs a mesmerizing doll, Noodle Noggin, which resembles him. His plan is to make one for every house so he can make people do his every command through mind control. Since it would take him and Pinky over a hundred years to make enough Noodle Noggin dolls on their own, The Brain decides to use Santa's (guest star voice talent EARL BOEN) workshop. He and Pinky go to the North Pole and infiltrate Santa's workplace. Incredibly, they get the dolls made and Santa delivers them to every house around the world. When everyone on the planet is mesmerized and the time comes for The Brain to begin his commands, he is overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit and instead demands that everyone wish each other a Merry Christmas.
9 Snowball
Snowball (recurring guest star voice talent RODDY McDOWALL), an evil hamster that also wants to take over the world, interrupts the Brain's chain-letter scheme. Ironically, The Brain must now save the world so that it will be available to conquer the following night.
10 Around the World in 80 Narfs
In 19th-century England, Pinky and The Brain accept a challenge to circle the globe in 79 days in order to gain a foothold in the British Empire and then conquer the world.
11 Fly
After purchasing carefully selected properties, The Brain schemes to flood the planet and leave his holdings as the only dry land. He and Pinky bluff their way onto the space shuttle to manipulate the Hubble telescope and focus the sun's rays on the polar ice caps, melting them. But The Brain has made a fatal error in his real estate dealings, which foils the plans.
12 Ambulatory Abe/Mouse Of La Mancha
Knowing that the population craves an honest politician, Pinky and The Brain mechanize the Lincoln Memorial and drive it around town, convincing the population that it's the reincarnated Lincoln. They meet with some success--but not quite enough. To escape a pummeling from irate lab mice, The Brain tells the story of Don Cerebro de La Mancha--a tale of hope that ends with the musical number, "The Impossible Scheme."
13 The Third Mouse/The Visit
Pinky arrives in Vienna circa 1946 to search for his friend, The Brain. Several people tell him that The Brain was killed in a chemical explosion. It is later revealed that The Brain is alive, but faked his death in the hopes of starting a new life. Both Pinky and The Brain have lost their ability to see in the dark due to being the subjects of numerous genetic experiments. The Brain decides to capture some ordinary field mice and clone their DNA code to restore his night vision. However, the two mice The Brain captures are his parents. The Brain is at first very excited to see them, but his parents soon begin bothering him. The Brain convinces his parents to move to Florida, but he also promises to visit them on Thanksgiving.
14 It's Only a Paper World
"If you build it, they will come" could be the motto for The Brain's (series star MAURICE LaMARCHE) latest scheme for world domination. Enlisting the help of his barely helpful sidekick, Pinky (series star ROB PAULSEN), The Brain builds an enormous paper-mâché replica of the Earth that he calls Brainus. The Brain hopes to lure admirers, worshipers and fans from all over the globe, and begins a massive giveaway of free T-shirts which proclaim the wearer's love of Brain's planetary creation. But when Brainus is destroyed by a wayward asteroid, the citizens of Earth are left without a new planet and they return to their pre-Brainus existence, leaving Pinky and The Brain to ponder their next attempt at taking over the world.
15 Collect 'Em All/Pinkasso
In "COLLECT 'EM ALL," Brain uses Johannes Gutenberg's printing press to make up collectable trading cards. In "PINKASSO," Pinky becomes a famous modern artist.
16 Plain Brain from Outer Space
The evil alien, Zalgar, the Brain Eater, desires The Brain's cranium for dinner. But when one of Zalgar's space probes is shot down by an Air Force jet, Pinky and The Brain leave Acme Labs to find the alien craft, narrowly escaping Zalgar's arrival on Earth. Hungry for brains, Zalgar follows the two laboratory mice to Roswell Military Base and uses the best of his advanced alien technology to try to get at the contents of The Brain's head. An extended chase ensues, with Pinky and The Brain finally escaping in the downed space probe. Little do they know that, in the end, an eager Air Force pilot may be their worst enemy.
17 The Mummy/Robin Brain
Pinky and The Brain pose as pharaohs in order to be "discovered" by explorers in the Egyptian pyramids. Wrapping themselves in toilet paper, Pinky and The Brain sneak into a pyramid so that when the excavators open the door they can announce themselves as King Khufu and his brother, George. Pinky and The Brain decide to pose as "Robin Brain and his Mallard Men." At first, they are welcomed because of widespread hatred for Robin Hood, but soon they become the targets of the town's vengeance when they steal from the rich and keep all the money for themselves. Pinky and The Brain are run out of the forest and left to ponder their next attempt at world domination.
18 The Pink Candidate
Loved by the citizens of the country, Pinky runs for president with The Brain running as his vice president. The plan is working until The Brain's instruction book on world domination is stolen and he is impeached. When Pinky accepts the blame, he also gets impeached and the mice return to the ACME Labs to ponder how to take over the world.
19 Brain's Song
In their latest attempt to take over the world, The Brain plots to become a football hero and make the world fall in love with him. His plan is to devastate his fans by injuring himself, gaining their unbridled sympathy and support, and then become ruler of the world. Once injured, The Brain calls each country's leader and asks if he can rule their country. Pitying him, they allow him to do so. Of course, the plan backfires when The Brain begins to make speeches announcing that he is the overlord. Everyone across the planet laughs.
20 Welcome to the Jungle
Pinky and The Brain are "saved" by animal rights activists and released in the jungle, where they discover that The Brain's nemesis, Snowball, is worshipped as a king. While trying to find their way back to the lab, Pinky and The Brain meet Snowball, who captures them and plots their demise. But Pinky saves himself and The Brain from danger. While escaping from Snowball, they are captured by the animal rights activists again and taken back to ACME Labs.
21 A Little Off the Top/Megalomaniacs Anonymous
In this Samson and Delilah parody, The Brain tries to gain control of Samson's strength, but he can't figure out the source. When he accidentally gets a lock of Samson's strength-giving hair, The Brain's dreams of power are shattered. Once again, the two mice are left to ponder their next plan. The Brain joins a self-help group to overcome his addiction to power. But The Brain soon realizes that his obsession with taking over the world is not driven by a lust for power but is a desire to make the world a better place. He immediately returns to his former ways.
22 Two Mice and a Baby/The Maze
When a scientist from a dying planet sends his infant son rocketing to Earth, Pinky and The Brain find the superbaby and decide to raise him in the lab. The Brain attempts to teach the boy to assist in his plan for world domination, but the baby is not interested and destroys the lab with his superhuman strength. The Brain has a plan to take over the world by sending a subliminal message of complete subjugation to the human race with his subsonic transmitter. First, however, he and Pinky must recover the dilithium matrix chip from the Labyrinth-A-Tron 4000, a new and very perilous high-tech maze. Using both intellect and agility, they complete the maze, but eventually, Pinky's unbridled appetite for cheese thwarts The Brain's plan.

About this show

Continuing in the grand tradition of sophisticated, irreverent Warner Bros. humor, two mice from Acme Labs--The Brain, who is a gifted genius, and Pinky, who is absolutely not--relentlessly plot to rule the earth, as they devise intricate, scientific, adventurous, nonviolent and often just plain ludicrous schemes.

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169 reviews
Mahny London
April 21, 2022
Pinky and the Brain is a nice show that can teach you absolutely nothing brain smart he knows things pinky still struggles to get his brain working but now I don't hate this show it's good 4 kids like me. And I'm in 5th grade I'm still watching this so if I'm watching it grown ups can watch it too so don't get all weird with me.
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Samantha Retrocity
December 1, 2019
I LOVE this show! Everything about it is perfectly executed from The Brain's many plans to take over the world to the perfectly timed, smart humor. Even though its premise may seem repetitive at first glance, Pinky And The Brain finds ways to spice up its episodes to be original and new every single time! The show was never boring and didn't drag on with its episodes. Pinky And The Brain themselves are characters that are very well put together and the way the two bounce off of each other is hilarious. The voice actors also do a really good job of portraying their characters. Everything about this show is just "WOW!" I totally recommend this show! It's a throwback for adults who watched it during its original 1995-1998 run and an entirely new thing for kids. Trust me, you'll love this show!
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The Wiser 1
April 8, 2017
LOVE the show,Hate that Google Play only has some of the series out of the 3 available DVD sets on digital
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