Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh

2015 • Netflix
65 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (14)

1 Boovin In / Sant-Oh
Best friends Tip and Oh drive each other crazy when he moves into the human world with her. / Oh stirs up trouble when he tries to act like Santa Claus.
2 Little Kisses / Snow Day
Tip busts Oh eating kitty litter and says he'll never get kissed by My Mom again. / Oh and Tip help out all his friends when they freeze into Boovsicles.
3 It’s a Secret / Queen of Thighs
Oh cannot keep a secret when Tip tells him she's planning a surprise party. / Lucy's “Queen of Thighs” video goes viral and turns her into a celebrity.
4 Krunkle Krush / Beauty Tip
Tip spies on Oh when he has his first date with a strange Boov named Krunkle. / Tip competes against rival Pom Pom Pappernacky in a beauty pageant.
5 Boov Flu Blues / Get Me to the Gorg
Oh comes down with the Boov Flu and Tip accidentally turns him into a flu monster Tip help out all his friends when they freeze into Boovsicles. / Tip and Oh take off on a space road trip to see the Gorg Babies.
6 Kung Boov / Werewolves of Chicago
Tip teaches Oh her version of kung fu so he can stand up to a bully. / Oh finds a real wolf to teach him how to become a werewolf for Halloween.
7 The Gray Matter / Feverbreak
Oh and Tip discover an underground cult living in the sewers. / While Tip is home with a fever, she witnesses a crime committed by her scheming neighbor, Donny.
8 Wrinkly Humans People / Piggy Piggy
Tip doesn't think her grandparents will approve of Oh so he disguises himself as a humans housekeeper. / Sharzod adopts Pig and names him “Juicy Booty.”
9 Struck Through the Heart / Boov Up and Drive
Oh has an electric spark when he and Tip do the ultimate best friend handshake. / Tip can't get Slushious back until she passes a Boovian Driver's Test.
10 Party of Slumber / Paranoid Activity
Oh throws a slumber party to take his friendship game to the next level with Tip's classmates. / Kyle will do whatever it takes to keep Oh accident-free.
11 Angerdome / Tush Twins
Tip battles an alien as angry as she is at the Boov's Angerspringa festival. / Sharzod and Lucy become besties and call themselves the “Tush Twins.”
12 Sitting on Babies / Best Frenemies
Things go very wrong when Tip and Oh watch the Gorg babies at a cheese-themed playland. / Captain Smek pretends to be Oh's friend just to ruin his day.
13 Podlings / Dumpster Dining
Oh's family reunion ends up turning into a disastrous family feud. / Tip and Oh secretly turn Lucy's craft store into a trendy new Boovian restaurant.
101 Sharzod's Guide to Social Media
Let Sharzod teach you the most #boovilicious way to use social media and you too will be digitally sizzlin'!

About this show

What happens after a misfit alien named Oh conquers Earth, befriends an adventurous teen girl named Tip and together they save the day? Oh moves in with Tip and her human family and finally discovers the true meaning of home. The galaxy's dynamic duo are back in "Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh," an all-new series jam-packed with outrageous laughs, tons of heart and contemporary urban pop music. Life on earth will never be the same!

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65 reviews
Mahny London
April 21, 2022
Hey I like the movie I like the show but to be honest it's actually really really weird kind of sus if you ask me but hates my opinion do what you want but don't come crying to me when you see how weird it is.
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Christine Burden
April 2, 2020
My tablet wasn't working but I still love you'r show the other guy up there his name the name was a Google user Camry Sanders show sucks and I don't believe that I love your show I love your show so much
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Gina M Rios Santos
November 1, 2019
Sure it's FREE! I click on it and it says i have to buy a seaon! Like what? You need to start telling people the real thing and not the fake thing! :( 😭😠😠
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