Shark Tank

2.05K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (14)

1 Pilot
Ambitious entrepreneurs present their breakthrough business concepts.
2 Week 2
The Sharks hear from an entrepreneur with a life-saving idea.
3 Week 3
An entrepreneur makes a less-than-stellar presentation to the sharks.
4 Week 4
A man from California wants to franchise his graffiti-removal business.
5 Week 5
An entrepreneur tries to get the sharks to invest in his fitness device.
6 Week 6
A young Chicago entrepreneur plays hardball with the sharks.
7 Week 7
A housewife from Charleston, S.C., charms the male sharks.
8 Week 8
A young entrepreneur's overconfidence could blow a deal with the sharks.
9 Week 9
A veterinarian's product claims to prevent cancer in pets.
10 Week 10
A urologist has an unusual business proposal.
11 Week 11
Things get heated when the sharks deal with a husband-and-wife team.
12 Week 12
Two Texas bicyclists have an idea for a portable hand degreaser.
13 Week 13
A California entrepreneur wants to bring back old-fashioned ice cream men.
14 Week 14
A man from Florida reinvents the umbrella.

About this show

Shark Tank gives aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to capitalize on their ideas with help and financing from one or more self made multimillionaire tycoons. But before contestants can make their business dreams a reality, each must go before a panel of savvy and outspoken Sharks to pitch their concept in order to get the funding they need.

Ratings and reviews

2.05K reviews
October 28, 2020
I used to adore this show. I'd watch it every night with my older brother, mom and dad during dinner, and we'd eat pizza and garlic knots, and it was amazing. But I saw how much things changed drastically. I, personally, have not watched the show in about a year. I'm not sure about my parents. But, the thing is, I've seen how much people have started to dislike this show and what it has brought. I can't really take this by my own word, but I've seen that all of these people are very rude and misunderstanding now, and they're not being very polite to these new entrepreneurs. At first, I thought that these people who were rating the show were lying. But, I've seen many ratings that have the same wording and the same reasons why they don't like it anymore. I'm sincerely disappointed in this show now, but I'll try to write a more valid review once I get back into watching this show. But, I don't ever think that day will come, if I'm being honest.
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Nicole Starr Allsbrook (Nicki)
April 10, 2016
I get so nervous! I see the passion and hard work people have in their products. But I can understand the other side too. ...It hits close to home with the disappointing ,hurt in their eyes and heart. I had a class mate, for15yrs.(same 20 kids Preschool thru graduation! Have a bond like sis&bro.s) Lee's family owned a land&a hog farm.My mama was manager!Extremely smart & creative!His bro.was turned down on a science show.He had gadget w/camera to find people in fire!Brilliant! Only had to make 1 tiny tweak.
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Michael W
March 31, 2019
Trippie App episode response: I watched this episode today as a rerun and was absolutely disgusted with how they treated this young man. I've literally seen every shark tank eposide but this season I'm catching up on reruns and I've seen them praise so many horrible redundant products, products non proprietary with competitors, cry at every back story known to man, applaud people for overcoming adversity, applaud hustle, and gumption of students with less work in than coding a site coming in before they had zero sales and not even a prototype and yet they felt the need to uniquely attack this man even when down. Why? What was so unique to him? See this is the vailed issue with so many in America. It's not seeing the overt subtlety of how we treat young black men period, but even when attempting to become more. Everyone's background story matters but them, other's personal history factors in but theirs, attempts and obstacles but theirs, education or work, work ethic before fruits bare but them. None of that matters, as matter a fact a panel of people that literally ask everyone for their backstory said it didn't matter and essentially he didn't matter as much as others.
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