The Thundermans

2014 • Nickelodeon
1.55K reviews
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Volume 1 episodes (10)

1 Adventures in Supersitting
Phoebe and Max Thunderman appear to be regular teenagers, but they're actually superheroes. While Max embraces the dark side, Phoebe strives to be normal and use her powers for good, but can life ever be normal in this family?
2 Phoebe vs. Max
After Max pranks Phoebe on Picture Day, a prank war between them gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Hank and Barb try a new parenting style to get Billy and Nora to do their share of chores.
3 Dinner Party
Max plans to sabotage dinner when Phoebe invites her crush's family over in order to impress them, but when an unexpected guest arrives, Phoebe and Max have to work together to keep the evening from turning into a disaster.
4 Report Card
After changing the grades on his report card and being moved into an advanced class, Max competes against Phoebe in the Math Bowl. Meanwhile, Hank, Nora, and Billy try to catch the elusive newspaper thief.
5 Ditch Day
Max and Phoebe use their powers to create some fun for themselves on Ditch Day, but when they remember the school has security cameras, they enlist Billy and Nora's help to erase the footage before their secret is uncovered.
6 This Looks Like a Job For
Max and Phoebe get jobs at a pizza parlor so they can get the new MEphone, each trying to impress the manager with their own creative ideas. When Max over promises on a huge order, they must work together to save their jobs.
7 Weekend Guest
Phoebe volunteers to take the class Venus Fly Trap home for the weekend, but when Max performs an experiment on it, the plant keeps growing until it threatens to take over the whole house.
8 You Stole My Thunder, Man
When Max wins the school election that Phoebe had been working hard for, Phoebe plots revenge.
9 Weird Science Fair
Phoebe and Max let an old rivalry get carried away while helping Billy and Nora with their school science fair projects. Meanwhile, Barb tries to catch Hank in the act after he copies her notes in book club.
10 Crime After Crime
Hank creates a neighborhood watch group when crimes start happening. Max takes the blame for the mysterious crimes to hide his own secret, but Phoebe knows he is innocent and it's up to the family to catch the real criminal.

About this show

The Thundermans are just like any other American family, but they're superheroes! Watch this super family battle some serious sibling rivalry and eventually work together to use their extraordinary powers to create an ordinary life!

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1.55K reviews
Baylah Nowell
February 6, 2021
The whole good twin/evil twin idea was really interesting and was able to be used for a lot of interesting episodes. Max also made the show a lot better because he was unique and stuck out. Dr. Colosso was a bit interesting as well! I wouldn't recommend the show to older audiences. It's a good show for ages 10 and below, but teenagers and even preteens would be able to see how flawed the show is. How is it flawed you ask? I will dismiss the poor acting and skip to the poor plot. A family of superheroes wants to be normal but can't have any one know. However they are CONSTANTLY using their powers in public. Also they lived in Metrocity or something beforehand which i a city just for supers? So what only villains live there too. Also why is the world unaffected by superheroes? In the MCU we can see differences in society bc of it. However it seems like our world with one family of superheroes. Also the jokes won't make anyone laugh besides children which is perfectly fine bc it is a show for kids after all.
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Zebra Unicorn
February 15, 2015
the ideas are just stolen from the movie "The Incredibles " people may say its not exactly but it is but like all writers they steal ideas from hit shows or movies and just twist it a little so they wont get sued for copyright.Don't believe me here are a few examples: -The parents are retired super heros in hiding. -The second to the last kid has super speed. -The father has super strength -They have freeze powers like frozone
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BlackWolf Gaming
June 25, 2016
It's the best show ever everyone always hated it but I've always loved it I hope I can meat the whole cast. By the way if the cast is reading this I love all of you especially Max he is an all around bad boy he is the coolest. I really love this show
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