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Season 3 episodes (11)

1 301
Looking for a second chance at love on the season premiere of the highly anticipated “Bachelor in Paradise,” the cast arrive to their own private paradise in the gorgeous town of Sayulita, located in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico. With a mix of former contestants and a few returning Paradise favorites, no one is more highly anticipated than villainous Chad, who is hot off the heels of his dramatic exit from JoJo’s season. Though it’s clear that this romantic seaside retreat will be the perfect place to find love, things take an unexpected turn when an unhinged hunk offends everyone in Paradise during an erratic evening, which leads to someone leaving much earlier than expected.
2 302A
Things start off with a bang when one cast member insults Chris Harrison and his cast mates during his early exit! Meanwhile, back at the house, an excited bachelorette arrives in paradise with a date card and makes another bachelorette jealous with her choice. Later, things get complicated when the bachelor vet takes the bachelorette out for a night in Mexico, leaving his previous date upset! As connections get more complex, none of the girls feel their rose is guaranteed and at the first rose ceremony, two disappointed women are sent home. The morning after the ceremony, a notorious bachelor arrives, much to the annoyance of his longtime nemesis. Will history repeat itself, or will the bachelor vet fight for love?
3 302B
The women have the power as things begin to heat up! An aggressive suitor steals one particular bachelor’s love interest yet again, and a new bachelor leaves another man upset when he arrives in Paradise with a date card, forming a love triangle. Plus, a recently dumped bachelor tries to win back a woman as she’s mid-makeout with another bachelor. Will the underdog prevail?
4 303A
Day three in Paradise starts with a hopeful bachelor making a desperate plea for a taken woman. With the girls holding the power, the unattached bachelors are at risk of being sent home. Heading into the second rose ceremony, a Paradise vet remains caught in a love triangle, and another undecided bachelorette is questioning whether to save a friend who deserves a chance at love. Plus, a newly single bachelorette contemplates her options. As the rose ceremony comes to a close, two smitten bachelors are shocked to be sent home. When an unexpected bachelorette arrives in Paradise, she asks out a popular bachelor, leaving another woman upset. And in a Paradise first, a double-date card arrives. Meanwhile, things take a shocking turn when an overly excited bachelor goes to extreme measures to win back his former fling.
5 303B
When an infamous drama queen arrives in Paradise, she’s shocked to discover that her ex has met someone else, and she asks another bachelor to join her on a date. Back at the house, Paradise’s most unorthodox couple have an equally unorthodox date and their feelings deepen. Meanwhile, a show-stopping bachelorette arrives in Paradise, and a long-time fan-favorite is instantly smitten. Heading into the rose ceremony, one bachelor finds himself at the center of drama with his ex, and he threatens to leave Paradise.
6 304A
In the hours leading up to the third rose ceremony, a frustrated bachelor continues to deal with his crying ex who must accept that he’s moved on with a new girl. As the rose ceremony commences, two devastated bachelorettes are sent packing. Later, two arrivals stir up interest in the ladies of Paradise, which impacts an existing couple and leads to the second double date of the season. Meanwhile, an opportunistic bachelorette makes her move to recapture her dream guy’s heart, and a tempted woman puts her relationship to the test when she declares her attraction for another man. Will one of Paradise’s strongest couples be able to survive this relationship roadblock?
7 304B
The story picks up as the shattered New Yorker talks with his doubting bachelorette about their relationship. During their tearful conversation, the crushed bachelor ends things and exits Paradise. Later, the cast is reenergized when a popular couple arrives with a date card. The couples sit down with the husband and wife in hopes of obtaining a romantic date, but doubts arise for two couples, forcing them to have difficult conversations. Meanwhile, one hot-and-cold couple receive a date card and admit to the possibility of a future together.Continuing to feel rejected, a tearful bachelorette prays for a man to arrive to ease her broken heart – just as a handsome radio DJ steps onto the beach. Will this self-proclaimed princess finally find her happily ever after in Paradise?
8 305A
The cast welcome a hotly anticipated arrival, and one desperate woman's wish is granted when the newcomer asks her on a date. It’s not all smiles, unfortunately, and insecurities test one couple’s limits and cause them to reconsider their relationship. Plus, a shocking announcement at the night’s rose ceremony results in the departure of not one but multiple Paradise hopefuls! And a temperamental bachelor loses his cool and confronts his Paradise rival for questioning his intentions.
9 305B
After a confrontation with one jealous woman, a beautiful bachelorette makes the shocking decision to leave Paradise. A confident bachelorette and her date return to Paradise hand in hand, much to the dismay of one already emotional woman, and two newcomers arrive in Paradise with a double-date card.
10 306A
A new arrival lands in Paradise, but she is disappointed to learn that all the men are already taken. When a cold conversation with a disinterested bachelor leaves a woman heartbroken, she exits Paradise in hopes of winning back the man she spurned earlier in the season. At the cocktail party, one overwhelmed man decides between the three women looking to him for their rose. Ready to move into the final week in Paradise, five bachelors hand out their roses but one man shocks everyone when he sends himself home, leaving three women without roses. A struggling suitor ends things with his emotional bachelorette and she leaves Paradise. The happy couples head out on their final dates, but will doubts arise as the couples face what the future holds?
11 306B
A panicked bachelor voices his concerns, and a vulnerable bachelorette worries that her reserved guy may not reciprocate her feelings. Who will leave their time in Paradise engaged and ready to start their next chapter and who will leave with their heart broken?

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From the creator of The Bachelor and hosted by Chris Harrison, it's Bachelor in Paradise. Some of The Bachelor's biggest stars and villains are back, living together in an isolated romantic paradise. The romantic dating series features new twists, shocking surprises, unexpected guests, unlikely relationships … and, of course, drama!

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329 reviews
September 11, 2019
I cannot figure out how to send a direct message. I purchased the season, but in order to view an episode, it has asked me to pay multiple times for each episode. This is also happening with other shows I have purchased the season on. Frustrating. Would like a refund.
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Willa Stewart
August 19, 2019
Mixed emotions. People are truly people. They're Great in some areas and terrible in others. l pray for them all. Your heart belong to God. A well chosen mate will last a lifetime.
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mitzi Richards-Cojolo
September 3, 2015
Like to see how the behavior of one human gets wild and foolish. The ignorance of a man is the illiteracy of his brain. They be portraying and acting up for someone who they don't even know at all. It's fun for me to watch with d amazing behaviors of people.
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