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Still Game

377 reviews

Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Flittin'
Jack's life is increasingly miserable due to anti-social neighbours. He is keen to move but can't find a house until the man across the landing from his best friend Victor dies.
2 Faimly
Victor is awaiting a visit from his son John who now lives in Johannesburg. But when John leaves a message on Victor's answering machine, a crucial part of it is blocked out by the sound of a train horn. Jack and Victor set out to discover what it says with help from their friend Shug who has an acute sense of hearing. Meanwhile Winston gets injured in a fight with Peggy at the butchers over who gets the gigot chops.
3 Cauld
The residents of Craiglang are experiencing one of the coldest winters in years when Winston offers a solution - free electricity through by-passing the meter. Gradually a number of locals accept Winston's help but Victor takes the moral high ground and refuses to participate.
4 Courtin'
Jack asks Barbara, the woman from the charity shop, to go out with him leaving Victor feeling lonely and resentful of his friend's new romance. Meanwhile, Winston gets barred from The Clansman and looks for new places to drink.
5 Waddin'
It's the wedding of the year and both Jack and Victor still haven't received an invite - they decide to do something about it. Meanwhile, it is thought that Wullie MacIntosh has died and Winston plans to rummage through his house to find something that will assure him an invite.
6 Scones
Jack and Victor are irritated by Tam's success at entering and winning competitions and embark on an attempt of their own, involving composing a slogan for scones. Their attempts are futile, and of course, hilarious. Meanwhile, Winston is having problems with the Social Security office who have stopped his benefits. Isa's estranged husband, Harry, also returns after a six year absence.

About this show

A sitcom about two rascally pensioners, Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade. It's set in and around a fictional part of Glasgow called Craiglang, and Jack and Victor's home in Osprey Heights. Focusing on the ironies and comedy of old age with humour, tenderness and pathos, these OAPs prove they're still game for anything the world can throw at them.

Ratings and reviews

377 reviews
Owen O'Neill
August 5, 2015
Got to be one of the best sitcoms ever.....really! Seems to have stayed under the radar for most outside Scotland but I've never met anyone who didn't love it once they tried.
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Bruce Graham
August 3, 2015
£17.49 on Amazon uk for brand new DVD for series 1-6 plus Xmas and hogmany episodes. Which works out at £2.91 and a half penny per season, quit ripping us off.
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Steven Morrison
August 5, 2016
I love this but come on Google this is robbery you can watch every episode and more on YouTube or iPlayer come on Google stop ripping us Off we pay enough.
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