Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1997 • UPN
1.15K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (12)

1 Welcome to the Hellmouth
Buffy Summers, a high school sophomore, transfers to Sunnydale High. There she meets her new "Watcher" and learns she cannot escape her true destiny.
2 The Harvest
A stranger named Angel tells Buffy that if she does not stop The Harvest, the Hellmouth will open and The Master will roam free.
3 Witch
In an effort to inject some normalcy into her life, Buffy tries out for the cheerleading squad-only to discover the competition wants her dead.
4 Teacher's Pet
Xander falls for a beautiful substitute teacher who is actually a She-Mantis intent on mating with, then decapitating, virginal boys.
5 Never Kill a Boy On the First Date
While awaiting the arrival of the warrior vampire called the Anointed One, Buffy's big date at the Bronze ends with an assault on a funeral home.
6 The Pack
A field trip to the zoo turns deadly after Xander and a clique of mean-spirited kids become possessed by the spirit of a demonic breed of hyena.
7 Angel
A moment of passion turns to terror as Buffy discovers Angel's true identity and learns about the Gypsy curse that has haunted him for almost 100 years.
8 I, Robot, You, Jane
Willow unwittingly unleashes a powerful demon named Moloch onto the Internet where he turns Sunnydale's computer crowd into his helpless pawns.
9 The Puppet Show
Buffy suspects that a ventriloquist's dummy may be harvesting organs from classmates performing in a school talent show.
10 Nightmares
The nightmare world of a comatose child sends Buffy and her friends into a realm where their worst nightmares become reality.
11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight
As Cordelia prepares for Sunnydale High's May Queen competition, an invisible force starts attacking her closest friends.
12 Prophecy Girl
As the Spring Fling dance approaches, Giles discovers an ancient book foretelling the Slayer's death at the hands of The Master.

About this show

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is a comedy-action series that chronicles the adventures of Buffy Summers, a teenage girl who is gifted with the strength and skill to hunt vampires.

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1.15K reviews
July 27, 2014
There is an episode, a quote for every situation. I would have never survived having a chronic illness and constant hospitalizations. After a bad day, or before a rough one after a bad night, I just watch an episode (usually turns in to several episodes or seasons...); whether I have an episode in mind or just select randomly it always helps and gives me the strength and the change of point of view I need. Always remember: WWBD.
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A Google user
July 30, 2018
Beneath the fighting, and action, Buffy is so much more. It has a lesson for any problem you are facing. Even after 20 years, it's still one of the most relatable shows I've ever come across. This show will never disappoint.
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Susan Ramirez (S)
May 24, 2017
Coming of age story of a girl who literally must fight the forces of evil every day to save the world but thanks to her witty gang of misfits (the Scooby gang) she isn't alone. Buffy has been bringing hope, humor, and enjoyment to its audiences for years. You're never too old to watch this show. Buffy will remain in our hearts and on our screens forever.
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