Broad City

2014 • Comedy Central
1.46K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 What a Wonderful World
When Ilana finds out about a secret, pop-up Lil Wayne concert, she and Abbi hustle their way through New York City to scrape together enough money for tickets. No matter how creepy it gets, the girls keep their eyes on the prize.
2 P*$$Y Weed
The girls need to grow up! Abbi wants to buy her OWN weed, like a grown
woman, while Ilana is finally tackling taxes by herself. Also, the girls are
super, super-duper stoned.
3 Working Girls
Ilana tries to make some extra cash in the temp game. Abbi promises her
neighbor that she will wait for his package, but when she misses the
delivery, she must go to the ends of the earth to recover it.
4 The Lockout
After Abbi bug bombs her apartment, and Ilana misplaces her keys,
the girls are forced to face life on the streets -- just in time for Abbi's
first art gallery show.
5 Fattest Asses
When Abbi realizes she's too nice, she puts her bitch hat on while
Ilana decides to achieve her full potential. They attend a high-end
party and meet some adventurous DJs. Literally nothing can go
6 Stolen Phone
After trying to find dudes on Facebook, Abbi and Ilana decide to meet some guys "in real life." Abbi meets the guy of her dreams but loses her phone, and thus, his number. Ilana meets the sexual partner of her dreams but loses interest after seeing his improv.
7 Hurricane Wanda
Abbi and Ilana ride out an upcoming storm with their number twos and number threes (Jaimé, Lincoln and Jeremy) but are unfortunately also joined by Bevers and his sister. A game of "Who Done It?" plays out while the hurricane rages outside.
8 Destination: Wedding
The girls, along with Lincoln and some old catering co-workers, head to a wedding. While the trip becomes a comedy of errors, Ilana must confront Abbi's past friendships.
9 Apartment Hunters
Abbi is riding high after selling her art, but when Bevers pushes her
to the breaking point, she starts the search for a new apartment.
Meanwhile, Ilana is trapped in her own personal hell as she deals
with the cable company and a creepy ex.
10 The Last Supper
The girls go to a fancy-ass restaurant for Abbi's birthday. Abbi must
come to terms with being a "nasty bitch" while Ilana pushes through
self-inflicted side effects of their hoity toity meal.

About this show

A bottle of wine tastes just as good when you pay with all pennies. That's a fact. And no matter what the city throws at twenty-somethings Abbi and Ilana, these broads are all in. Catch the totally fresh, new series based on the acclaimed digital shorts.

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1.46K reviews
Kevin Quinn
September 17, 2017
I don’t see what everyone is bragging about. I wanted to give this show a fair chance and watched as many episodes as I could thinking it would finally hook me. It is so dry laced with female versions of what best I can refer to as fart jokes. Just such stupid and clumsy attempts at comity. Somehow making one woman this sleazy female version of a guy character all about the "D" and the other a simple insecure yes woman and we have a show. If only they had any one who knew how to write. It is sad when opportunities are wasted like this.
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Cynthia Gerber
September 25, 2021
One of the best shows I've ever seen. So silly and poignant at the same time. Right when the irreverence seems endless, this show hits you with all the feelings all at once. We see these girls trying to have fun, learn, be better, be good friends, daughters, people, and professionals on their own terms. It's the Sex and the City for our generation, except they're real about New York! No huge perfect apartment and mention of someone missing/killed in most episodes. A real love story of friendship
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Bamela Anderson
May 2, 2019
I love this show! There's nothing like it out there. There's so much I could say. I'm betting almost everyone that watches is either an Abbi or Ilana! (or maybe one of the many other iconic characters of the show) It's sad to see they're on their last season, but I am just grateful it exists. The scenarios they find themselves caught up in are relateable in many hilarious ways. This show brings a smile to my face and kicks fomo in the balls
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