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Season 1 episodes (24)

1 Pilot Episode
Hawkeye writes a letter home to his father and describes the 4077th's antics, including a raffle to send a Korean houseboy to the states.
2 To Market, to Market
Hawkeye and Trapper deal with the black market to obtain some much needed medical supplies.
3 Requiem for a Lightweight
Trapper steps into the boxing ring to keep a favorite nurse from being transferred out of the 4077th.
4 Chief Surgeon Who?
To Frank's dismay, Hawkeye is promoted to chief surgeon, which prompts Frank to call General Barker to the 4077th.
5 The Moose
Hawkeye and Trapper help a young Korean girl gain freedom from her G.I. "Master."
6 Yankee Doodle Doctor
General Clayton sends a film crew to the 4077th, but Hawkeye and Trapper, appalled by the propaganda, take matters into their own hands.
7 Bananas, Crackers, and Nuts
While Henry is away, Hawkeye fakes a psychiatric problem to gain some much needed R & R.
8 Cowboy
Henrys life is put in danger by a disgruntled helicopter pilot who will do anything to receive a discharge.
9 Henry, Please Come Home
Henry receives a transfer and Frank is in charge, until Hawkeye and Trapper devise a plot to get their leader back.
10 I Hate a Mystery
A rash of thefts occurs at the 4077th and Hawkeye is the chief suspect when the loot shows up in his footlocker.
11 Germ Warfare
Hawkeye and Trapper swipe a pint of blood from Frank, but the patient they give it to comes down with an infection.
12 Dear Dad
In a letter to his dad, Hawkeye describes the 4077th's follies during the Christmas season.
13 Edwina
The nurses refuse to see the doctors after hours until Nurse Edwina finds a suitor.
14 Love Story
Radar's spirits need lifting when his girlfriend dumps him, so Hawkeye helps him win the attention of a new nurse.
15 Tuttle
Hawkeye creates a fictional captain in order to give the local orphanage money and medical supplies.
16 The Ringbanger
Hawkeye and Trapper stop a Colonel from creating unnecessary battlefield casualties by having him sent stateside.
17 Sometimes You Hear the Bullet
A childhood friend of Hawkeye's is killed by a stray bullet and Hawkeye stops the possibility of another senseless death by sending an underage G.I. home.
18 Dear Dad... Again
Hawkeye writes to his father about Frank and Hot Lips's continuing affair and a new doctor who turns out to be an imposter.
19 The Longjohn Flap
During a cold snap, Hawkeye's pair of longjohns becomes a popular item as it gets traded for necessary supplies around the camp.
20 The Army-Navy Game
During the popular Army-Navy football game, an unexploded bomb lands in the compound.
21 Sticky Wicket
After insulting Frank's surgical skills, Hawkeye has a patient who turns critical.
22 Major Fred C. Dobbs
Frank wants a transfer but Hawkeye and Trapper trick him into staying when they plant phony gold near the compound.
23 Ceasefire
The 4077th celebrates and prepares to go home as a rumor of cease-fire spreads.
24 Showtime
A troupe comes to entertain the 4077th as Henry is waiting for news of a baby and Trapper miraculously saves a critically wounded patient.

About this show

A fast-paced and fun-filled series relating the antics of a mobile army surgical hospital crew during the Korean war. They are basically dedicated surgeons who turn to humor as relief from the front-line operating room.

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146 reviews
GW Tilse
December 28, 2021
Many of my favorite shows like this one, Seinfeld, Twilight Zone, Barney Miller, All In the Family and Alfred Hitchcock among others are not available in complete season box sets like they are on iTunes! Would rather watch them on my Nvidia Shield with Google Play but unfortunately iTunes offerings on complete sets are better! All 11 seasons of Mash are available for $69 on iTunes, Twilight Zone's 5 season's $79 and all 9 of Seinfeld for $99! Sold, Sold and Sold. SMH @ Google
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Shane Connor
May 18, 2019
Best sitcom of the 70s and early 80s and that's not up for debate. only 3 stars because there's no way to turn off the atrocious laugh track. Had to buy this complete set, though when Google had it on sale because I have faith it's a feature that will be added if demand is high, adter all, Google bumped my Mad Max Fury Road to 4k just cause they wanted to be awesome. so come on Google, hook a brother up!
62 people found this review helpful
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July 1, 2019
cant boot up. u want to sell me this????? u nukkin futts. 5 star show. and u wsnt to sell me a pass for some thing i can watch for free my rate -4
26 people found this review helpful
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