Ghost Nation

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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 The Boys are Back
The team investigates a haunted farmhouse in White Pine, TN.
2 A Nightmare in the Nursery
The team heads Michigan to investigate an urgent case involving a toddler.
3 The Novelist's Nightmare
The team investigates claims of poltergeist activity in Mantua, NJ.
4 A Legendary Haunting
The team investigates claims of intense paranormal activity in Halifax, VA.
5 The Squire Street Haunting
Jason's daughter requests help on a case she can't crack in Franklin, MA.
6 The House at Deadman's Curve
The team investigates a home near a deadly stretch of road in Dover, DE.
7 Ghosts From the Battlefield
The team investigates a haunted property near Gettysburg, PA,
8 Trail of Terrors
The team investigates a Victorian home with a dark past in McMinnville, TN.
9 Haunting of Weems Plantation
The team investigates unnerving paranormal activity in Georgia.
10 The Apparition of Amelia
The team investigates claims of horrific apparitions in rural New York.

About this show

Paranormal pioneers Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango help local ghost hunters solve their dead-end cases. They track down the source of each haunting and restore peace to the living -- and the dead.

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28 reviews
Jay Gramling
May 16, 2021
This show is MUCH better than Ghost Hunters! They go to some great places and I like how they spend an entire week at the location to get answers. Who knows, though, alot of the evidence captured here might be fake also (I don't really trust Jason) but Steve and Tango are cool.
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May 16, 2020
I like Ghost Hunters and I like the new Ghost Hunters with Grant. I thought and expected this to be good also. J and Steve are the worst. Tango is ok, overall the show is absolutely horrible. Save your money. Revised for Season 2 Season 1 was not good. Maybe because I don't like Steve at all. Jason and Tango are fine. Season 2 is much better, while Steve still plays his stupid games and his fears run rampid, Jason still maintains control and seems better this season
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Mimkes _
August 19, 2022
Season 2, episode 2 Phantom Fury is one of the best episodes. After 34 minutes of the episode, u will see shadows in the hallway, whispers, and tapping sounds.
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