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Season 2 episodes (10)

1 The Heavy Crown
In the season premiere episode, Thomas Wayne has been promoted to Station Chief and sent back to London by the CIA, whose official policy is to stay neutral in the ongoing civil war. This puts Wayne at odds with his onetime flame, Martha Kane, who's now working with Inspector Victor Aziz to support the English League Resistance alongside the Queen. True to form, the League still calls upon Alfred for his skillset – for a price. Martha and Aziz hire Alfred and his mates to abduct and deliver a high-level Raven asset, Colonel John Salt. Meanwhile, at a Raven Detention Center, Bet Sykes is now proudly working as a Captain in the ranks, rounding up student activists, including Katie Browning with whom she makes an unexpected connection. Lastly, Alfred enlists the help of one of his old SAS mates, Captain Gulliver Troy.
2 The Burning Bridge
Still on the run, Bet and Katie find a place to hide, while Bet seeks help from her old friend, James Harwood. Harwood, meanwhile, faces a moral dilemma presented to him in the form of Colonel Salt’s latest deadly program, Stormcloud. Back in London, Alfred’s plans for an imminent departure to America are put on hold when someone close to him is put in danger. Lastly, Thomas is ordered by the CIA to spearhead an operation he’s not entirely on board with – one that will bring him to cross purposes with Martha, and leave him indebted to old foe Aleister Crowley (guest star JONJO O’NEILL).
3 The Belt and Welt
With bombing in the streets, civil war has cometo London, but Alfred’sgot his own priorities. Number one on the list is determining who has thegall and wherewithal to steal from himand his mates. Alfred pays a visit to professional thief and onetime comrade, Gulliver “Gully”Troy to confront him, but is instead made asurprisingoffer. Meanwhile, Aleister Crowley sets in motion a plan to take down the English League’s moral center (andPrime Minister)Archbishop Potter(guest star DERMOT CROWLEY) –with unintended results. Martha Kane is disappointed with both Alfred and Thomas for playing both sides in the conflict.Bet and Katie find refuge with an old friend, allowing Bet to finally make contact with Lord Harwood. Lastly, Alfred tracks down the culprit who stole from him, but the recovery mission goes drastically awry.
4 The Hunted Fox
Still haunted by recent tragedy, Alfred is more determined than ever to leave England behind. Putting aside any scruples, he agrees to join Gully’s team on an upcoming job.But tensions run high between Alfred and his old Captain. Meanwhile, Bet and Katie make itback to North London in search of Bet’s sister, Peg (series regular POLLYWALKER). In the absence of Archbishop Potter, the English League set out to electa new Prime Minister–andJohn Ripper(guest star DANNYWEBB) makes a shocking casewith a brutalmanifesto.Thomas comes to Martha to beg a personal favor involving his sister Patricia (guest star SALÓME GUNNARSDÓTTIR)and her latest romanticobsession (guest star JAMES LANCE). Lastly, pressure in the ranks of the Raven Unionbegins to take its toll on Harwood, and pushhim toward the deployment of Colonel Salt’shorrificStormcloud program. Bearing witness to the deadly trial is none other than Lucius Fox (guest star SIMON MANYONDA).
5 The Bleeding Heart
Alfred comes to Thomas looking for a way out to America, but realizes that the price he’d have to pay would be too steep – and he doesn’t want to be in debt to the CIA. With Daveboy in tow, Alfred returns to Gully to run one last job in order to buy their passage out. Meanwhile, the Union’s Frances Gaunt (recurring guest star ANNA CHANCELLOR) holds a clandestine meeting with new Prime Minister Aziz, hoping to open channels with the League and negotiate a surrender before Project Stormcloud makes it too late. When Harwood learns about Gaunt’s meeting, he feels betrayed and reaches out to the only friends he feels he can truly trust – the Sykes sisters. Unfortunately, Bet’s past is catching up with her as we learn more of her dark, dysfunctional history. Things go wrong on Gully’s heist, leading to a botched escape and a further falling out between Alfred and his former commanding officer. Faced with the consequences of his actions, Alfred finds consolation in the arms of Gulliver’s wife, Melanie (recurring guest star JESSICA DE GOUW). Lastly, Thomas receives an urgent distress message from Lucius Fox, still undercover in Raven Union Headquarters.
6 The Rose and Thorn
Even though Alfred has raised the funds for his passage to America, Thomas Wayne offers him a lucrative job anyway – to extract the undercover Lucius Fox from Raven headquarters without compromising his CIA identity. When Alfred refuses, Thomas meets with Martha and Prime Minister Aziz and asks them to apply pressure on his behalf. In return, Thomas helps with a plan that pits Aleister Crowley against Aziz’s political rival, John Ripper. At the behest of the Prime Minister and the Queen, Alfred agrees to take the job, alongside Daveboy and Martha Kane – especially when Aziz threatens to reveal Alfred’s dangerous relationship with Melanie Troy. Meanwhile, Colonel Salt worms his way further into Lord Harwood’s paranoid mind, bringing Project Stormcloud one step closer to being unleashed. And lastly, Martha finds herself distraught by an unexpected change in her life.
7 The Bloody Mary
While Harwood recovers from his mental breakdown under guard at his estate, John Salt maneuvers his way into taking control of the Raven Union, much to the dismay of the others in charge. Realizing the imminent danger to Harwood, a source inside the Ravens alerts the Sykes sisters who come to Harwood’s estate to rescue their old friend. Meanwhile, Thomas and Lucius are shocked to discover that their government refuses to act on Stormcloud. Their only hope is to defy orders and alert Martha, Aziz and the League of the coming chemical apocalypse. Lastly, Alfred’s departure day is at hand. But will his feelings for Melanie Troy complicate his resolve?
8 The Hangman's Noose
While Daveboy watches Mrs. Pennyworth, Alfred accompanies Aziz to facilitate a meeting between the League and Colonel Salt’s Raven Union. As news of Harwood’s death spreads across the countryside, Salt sits down with League leadership to negotiate peace… but compromise and reconciliation are not part of his plan. Meanwhile, Martha finally comes clean with Thomas about her dilemma, but Thomas’s unexpected reaction is more than she counted on. Lastly, Alfred realizes that he’s got to confront Gully before the dangerous killer finds him. But his attempt to broker peace between them escalates into an all-out fight for survival.
9 The Paradise Lost
Recovering at home, Alfred is paid a visit by Thomas, Martha and Lucius who warn him about the Raven Union’s looming ultimatum. With less than 48 hours, the four hatch another “mad job” which involves infiltrating Raven headquarters and stealing the lethal vial of Stormcloud. Knowing it’s a virtual suicide mission, Alfred seeks out Sandra to offer an apology and his love. At the same time, Thomas proposes marriage to Martha. As Alfred, Daveboy, Thomas and Lucius execute their plan, Bet and Peggy Sykes set in motion a plan of their own to honor the wishes of the late Lord Harwood. With everyone converging in Raven headquarters, the conniving Salt always seems two steps ahead – and he does his best to shake Alfred with a face from his past.
10 The Lion and Lamb
In the season two finale, the League celebrates the successful outcome of Alfred’s latest mission against the Raven Union. But all is not as it seems. Unfortunately, Salt has other plans to definitively end the war. With the lethal Stormcloud threat still looming, there’s an unexpected reunion at the Pennyworth household. Meanwhile, Thomas and Martha face the inevitable and decide to get married, in advance of their child being born. As London faces its demise, Alfred makes a last-ditch effort to thwart the Raven threat and stop Stormcloud with the help of his family, his mates and even the Sykes sisters.

About this show

The DC origin series PENNYWORTH follows Alfred Pennyworth, a former British SAS soldier in his 20s, who forms a security company in 1960s London and goes to work with young billionaire Thomas Wayne, years before he becomes Bruce Wayne’s father. With England balancing on the brink of a civil war, the first skirmishes of an undeclared secret war have begun. In this world of secrets and betrayals, we find Alfred Pennyworth. After nine years in the British Army, his training with the SAS has taught him to be a cynical optimist – expecting the worst, but knowing that he can handle it. Now, thrown back into the civilian world, Alfred’s looking for freedom, security… and love. With his SAS mates, “Bazza” and “Dave Boy,” Alfred’s in search of an independent life, being “his own man” where he doesn’t take orders and never has to kill anyone. That’s easier said than done for a man with his skillset.

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17 reviews
Firefly Arc
April 18, 2020
Good acting and plot threads. Very..gritty version of what alfred had done before becoming a butler. Violently done, but it's got its own charm.
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Nathan Kopetsky
November 21, 2019
It Is The Only Fantastic Live Action TV Show, That I Have Seen, & That I Probably Will Only Ever See.
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Janet Weaver
February 4, 2020
The best show I've seen in a long time and, can't wait for season 2 to air. 👍
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