The Red Shadows

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The Red Shadows: Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Episode 1
Aurore Garnier, a cop obsessed with the abduction of her kid sister Clara 20 years ago, traces a wowan who could be her. The latter denies being her sister but is intrigued.
2 Episode 2
The return of Clara unravels family secrets. Aurore receives DNA tests, Clara is her half-sister. Clara's return triggers a series of violent events.
3 Episode 3
Officially a Garnier, Clara is entitled to a say and refuses to sell the Hotel, causing tensions. Aurore explores another lead: she thinks Clara's biological father abducted her.
4 Episode 4
The brothers try to prevent the cancellation of the sale. Clara is set to discover the truth on her past. She is attacked. A man saves her: it's her father, Yann Ivaldi. He's not dead
5 Episode 5
Ivaldi was one of the abductors. He raised Clara as his own daughter to protect her. Aurore gets close to unfold the secrets. She discovers her Chief is a mole, but gets killed by her.
6 Episode 6
All leads back to Paul. When the family go to see him, he's dead, killed by Fred who was being blackmailed. The family gets rid of his body. Rose who knows nothing, remains in doubt.

About this show

In this French-language thriller, a young woman who was abducted 25 years ago comes back to her family to discover the truth about her past.

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