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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 The Tale of Harold Horpus
Years after being left for dead by her brother and his gang the Banished Brawlers, Katherine Harlow reemerges as Doris and begins to plot her revenge.
2 A Flintlock & A Hound
Ethan learns about The Brawlers' place when they face off against a rival gang. Doris navigates the obstacles of finding a crew.
3 The Emboldened Conflict
Doris channels her past to recruit a crew with some unusual persuasion. Ethan gets a Brawlers history lesson.
4 On the Principles of Horsehound
Doris learns how to work with her new crew The Monster Ring. Ethan discovers the real reasons he was pushed to join this world.
5 The Tiniest Battle
Doris puts her plans in motion by visiting an old friend, and Ethan is forced to deal with being caught between two worlds after his actions contribute to a sudden death.
6 The Principled Battle of the Archipelago
Ethan fears being found out, as Burt comes home and declares war. Having lost control, Joel does what's best for his daughter.
7 25 or 6 to 4
A shaken Meredith reconnects with her father. Doris and the Monster Ring attend a Bang-a-Rang. Queenie and the Pin-ups defend their family.
8 The Horse Cabbage Heart
Doris and the Monster Ring are forced to shift gears. The Bang-A-Rang reels from an attack, as Avron discovers evidence of a traitor.
9 dammit
Ethan is caught between two worlds and Meredith has to decide if she'll protect him. Matty comes under suspicion, but Avron pushes too far.
10 The Horpus Horrendous
Big Graham is back. The 3 River Phoenixes have to cover for one of their own, and Ethan finally chooses a side. Earl is called away to deal with a crisis at home.

About this show

Reprisal follows one woman’s journey of vengeance against the powerful gang that tried to kill her. After being left for dead, Doris has reemerged years later and many miles away into a new, quaint life in Detroit.

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August 1, 2020
The best ever I love Mena Massoud
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