2013 • SYFY
2.73K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (14)

1 Pilot - Part 1 & 2
Set in the near future, Defiance introduces an exotically transformed planet Earth, its landscapes permanently altered following the sudden -- and tumultuous -- arrival of seven unique alien races.
2 Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go
Rafe & Nolan explore underground St. Louis while hunting for an escaped convict. Meanwhile, Irisa & Amanda clash over a violent Castithan tradition.
3 The Devil in the Dark
Nolan and Irisa track down a murderer who has unleashed a plague of deadly insects on the town.
4 A Well Respected Man
Kenya is abducted in the alien badlands when she sets out to amend the corrupt affairs of Tirra, a troubled NeedWant employee.
5 The Serpent's Egg
Nolan and Amanda face danger outside of town, while Irisa faces her past (and kicks some serious butt).
6 Brothers in Arms
An old war buddy of Nolan's comes to Defiance chasing after a bounty for a notorious weapons dealer. Meanwhile, the weapons dealer becomes a dangerous threat to the town when he runs rampant in the Hollows and forces Datak to help him evade the Earth Republic.
7 Goodbye Blue Sky
When the area is hit by a deadly Razor Rain storm, the people of Defiance must run for cover and stay indoors, where they discover truths about themselves and their neighbors. Irisa's visions lead her to Sukar and the Spirit Riders. But when she arrives at their camp, she discovers that he is under the influence of strange and mysterious forces.
8 I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Gordon McClintock, a NASA hero from the pre-Arkfall days who was presumed dead, is discovered to still be alive when he is revived from an induced sleep; his struggles to adjust in the new world rattle the town.
9 If I Ever Leave This World Alive
A deadly plague ravages the town; racial tensions escalate when the Irathients, who are immune to the virus, are quarantined.
10 The Bride Wore Black
The town of Defiance is shocked when the remains of a prominent businessman who disappeared almost six years ago, is discovered hidden in the walls of the NeedWant. Lawkeeper Nolan and his deputy Tommy spearhead an investigation that unearths the secrets of many citizens of Defiance, causing unrest on the eve of Alak and Christie's wedding.
11 Past Is Prologue
Amanda's mayoral campaign is jeopardized when Nolan is involved in an accident just before the election, causing the town to question Amanda's decision to appoint him as Lawkeeper.
12 Everything Is Broken
The citizens of Defiance prepare to cast their votes for mayor, while Nolan is violently confronted with his past and Irisa must decide whether or not to embrace her destiny.
101 The Making of Defiance
Go behind the scenes of Defiance with the creators and cast who are bringing the unprecedented entertainment experience to life.
102 Pilot Preview
Get a first-look at Syfy's epic series Defiance, with this exciting opening sequence from the pilot episode.

About this show

Set in the near future, Defiance introduces an exotically transformed planet earth, its landscapes permanently altered following the sudden - and tumultuous - arrival of seven unique alien races. In this somewhat unknown and unpredictable landscape, the richly diverse, newly-formed civilization of humans and aliens must learn to co-exist peacefully.

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2.73K reviews
Jax Wild
April 29, 2013
This show could have been great could have brought syfy back to what it should be. First of all the CGI is from the 80's. Look at what other shows are like Falling Sky's amazing CGI Walking Dead very well wrote story line. Let's look at syfy's past accomplishments Stargate and Stargate Atlantis probably the most successful series to ever grace syfy in both story and CGI effects let's not forget Battle Star Galactica as well as Firefly. This show can't hold a candle to even syfy's previous shows.
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Riley Lockwood
April 30, 2013
Overall its a really good show. But could the directors please stop with the sex scenes? They really aren't needed and really detract from the show. I don't if they hint that Nolan was with the prostitute by having walking away from the room with her like they did in episode 3, but please stop with the full blown sex scenes. If those sto p then I would gladly rate defiance 5 stars, because it really is a good show
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Sean Armstrong
June 23, 2015
SyFy is trying too hard to make a show that has a fandom culture already setup. Trekies didn't come pre-built when Star Trek started. This show has some good stuff, but much of the story development seems more centered to developing a fan base for future Cons than for really driving the story.
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