Customer Wars

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Season 1 episodes (15)

1 Everything Must Go! (#101)
A woman vandalizes a New Jersey convenience store by randomly sweeping items off the shelves. A rideshare driver in Florida is pushed to the brink by a rude and unsanitary rider.
2 Extra Special Delivery (#102)
Customers brawl over an all you can eat crab legs buffet in Queens, NY. Trash talking between two groups of diners at a pancake house in Texas comes to blows.
3 The Last Straw (#103)
A man in Florida attacks a fast food cashier apparently over a lack of available straws. A grounded passenger in Texas gets a serious comeuppance after slapping an airline employee.
4 Slippery Customer (#104)
Supermarket loss prevention officers try to wrangle an accused teenage shoplifter. The owner of a watch shop fights off two masked robbers. A woman attempting to buy alcohol at a pharmacy refuses to show her identification.
5 You're Out!
A delivery driver falls through a plate glass window at a New York pizza parlor. A concert goer in Toronto is accused of throwing a glass container at the stage and is set upon by the band.
6 Full Moon Brawl
One customer's kind gesture sparks an all-out brawl in a Florida convenience store. Cops are called after shoppers duke it out over toilet paper. A retired police officer in California blocks an alleged shoplifter from leaving the parking lot.
7 Deli Derriere
In a Michigan grocery store, a woman frustrated with the deli counter wait-time displays her derriere. Fists fly at a luxury resort in Rio when one couple doesn't get their way.
8 Shoplift Til You Drop
A shoplifter takes on a security guard in Oregon. A brawl breaks out in a parking lot in Illinois as thousands of concert goers try to leave at once. An emergency room doctor's horrific bedside manner is caught on camera in California.
9 Beer Run
A woman in Idaho tries to steal a chainsaw by stuffing it in her pants. Disgusted customers watch a woman eat directly from the serving ladle at restaurant buffet.
10 Haircut 911
A customer fights a raging fire in a New Jersey superstore. A mother in Massachusetts calls 911 on her son's barber. Late-night brawlers in Maryland end up crashing through a store's window.
11 Fast Food Freakout
At a fast food restaurant in Florida, a customer acts out after claiming to witness uncleanly behavior from an employee. A jewelry shop owner in China wrestles with a robber wielding a large knife.
12 Baseball Brawl
A man accused of cutting in line at an Arkansas drive-thru has to contend with an angry local. A brawl breaks out at a baseball game in Philadelphia when a sports fan is blocked from leaving his row.
13 Lip Service
An Ohio customer fights fast food employees, apparently over a customized drink. A Scottish man has trouble ordering at an Alabama drive-thru. At a New York diner, a server tells off a customer. Thieves try to rob a gun store in Tennessee.
14 Nail Salon Nightmare
In Florida, a couple is booted from a flight after allegedly refusing to follow instructions. A young girl in California finds herself stuck in a gumball machine. A hatchet-wielding customer terrifies customers in a New York City fast food restaurant.
15 No Backup Needed
At a fast food restaurant in South Carolina, a man stands up to what he believes is a rude customer, and things quickly become physical.

About this show

With supply chain shortages and prices skyrocketing, positive customer relations are nearly impossible. This series spotlights conflicts that arise when disgruntled customers face employees doing their best to help. From fiery exchanges at the fast-food drive thru, to loss-prevention brawls this series proves that "The customer is always right" is the exception rather than the rule.

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