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2013 • Sky
79 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Episode 1
Stella is fed up with her appearance. Attempting to glam herself up, she has a bit of fun in daughter Emma's bedroom, trying on her clothes and playing with make-up. But the fun comes to an abrupt halt when she makes a startling discovery.
2 Episode 2
Stella tries to keep her startling news about Emma top secret, but there's no such thing as a secret in the hilarious closeness of life in Ponteberry.
3 Episode 3
The town of Ponteberry is devastated by news their rugby legend, Dick the Kick, is dead. It's up to Stella, Paula and Bobby to organise a send off fit for a hero.
4 Episode 4
Stella is worried that Luke is hanging out with the wrong sort, so she chooses to play a trick that almost gets her into hot water. Sean, playing Stella's hero, asks her on a date...
5 Episode 5
Stella is getting ready for her date with Sean, which means, of course, trying to lose weight by joining in with the youth rugby team, when she learns Dai is in trouble, and has gone missing. The race is on to find him. Meanwhile, Ben has a secret he's now terrified of revealing to all the family....
6 Episode 6
Stella is worried when Sunil starts acting suspiciously. In true Stella style, she goes on an unorthodox mission to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Luke is wrestling with news from his past....
7 Episode 7
Stella is excited about planning a surprise birthday party for Luke, with help from all her family friends.  It is all going to plan, except nothing ever does in Stella's world....
8 Episode 8
The girls head to a spa for Emma's hen weekend, while the boys embark on a camping adventure for Sunil's stag do. Luke and Rob bond, but Stella isn't thrilled.
9 Episode 9
Stella struggles with the thought of losing Luke again, and is determined to keep her life simple, and happy with Sean.  However, when Emma takes her day in another direction, she makes a very impulsive decision....
10 Episode 10
Luke prepares to move to Canada, while Stella must decide between Sean and Rob. Who will she choose? James Corden guest stars.

About this show

As premiered on Sky One. Starring and created by Gavin & Stacey's Ruth Jones, Stella is a heartwarming comedy drama portraying family life in working class Wales. Pontyberry in the South Wales Valleys is home to Stella Morris - a 40-something divorcee with three kids and an ironing business. Eldest child Luke is in prison. Daughter Emma is 16, gorgeous, lazy and in love while Ben, the 13 year old brains of the family, has a natural inquisitiveness that sometimes gets him in trouble. But Stella's friends and relatives are on hand to help her out, from ex-husband Karl to the gorgeous Sean.

Ratings and reviews

79 reviews
Gareth Carpenter
January 4, 2016
really well written comedy. Ruth has developed this to have all the charm but far more character complexity then Gavin and Stacey had. For those of you looking for something that exceeds your expectations this is certainly for you.
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Grá Henderson
August 14, 2015
Amazing love every series light hearted and funny feel good show
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Richard O'connor
August 6, 2014
I have never seen it but I heard about Stella she was nessa in gavin and Stacey.
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