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3 reviews

Season 1 episodes (4)

1 Episode 1
Two very different Scottish brothers kill an old man while driving home.
2 Episode 2
Max tries to derail the private detective he engaged to assuage Angie's fears.
3 Episode 3
Angie and Jake's burgeoning but complex relationship has hit a problem. Jake has a few suspicions about her, but she manages to explain away his worries. Jake wants to make things work, but she gives him a reality check. How would they live off Jake's record shop, given Max controls the finances - a fact that baffles Angie. Jake starts asking questions about why Max controls the shop’s accounting and as a result pressure is applied to Max from another source. Is there more to the record shop than it first appears? Who is really in control of Jake's shop and his future? Unable to control his little brother'€™s rocking of the boat, Max takes matters into his own hands, with terrifying results for Jake.
4 Episode 4
Sheila claims ignorance when she discovers Walter's real niece has contacted the solicitor. In order to protect his brother, Max orders Jake to leave the country with Angie promising to sort everything out. Angie has still not shaken off her suspicions of Max and sets about proving to Jake that Max is not looking after his brother's best interests. Meanwhile, Max and Angie have their own separate suspicions about Sheila's real involvement in the night of Walter's death.

About this show

A story about two brothers, Max and Jamie, who run over and kill a pedestrian on a darkened Edinburgh street and find themselves in an escalating, unpredictable, comic nightmare.

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3 reviews
Patch Sandy
November 12, 2019
Not that great ok but boring only half watch it
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