The Jamie Foxx Show

1996 • The WB
229 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (22)

1 Freezer Burn
The hotel is selected as the site of a televised pool party, but Jamie, Braxton and Fancy may not live to enjoy it. Radio personalities THE BAKA BOYZ guest star.
2 The Accused
Braxton becomes Jamie's prime suspect after a robbery at the hotel.
3 The Employee Formerly Known As Prince
An African prince wants to marry Fancy.
4 One Flew Over The County's Nest
After a mishap, Jamie ends up in the mental ward of a dubious hospital.
5 Is She Is Or Is She Ain't
Jamie knows a secret about Braxton's girlfriend. Helen discovers Junior's newest vice.
6 Do The Write Thing
Jamie sells his TV script to a Hollywood agent. Anthony Michael Hall, Chris Parnell, and Steve White all guest star in this episode.
7 Misery Loves Company
On Halloween, a spooky hotel guest wants Jamie to be her eternal husband. Junior and Helen get more than they expected at a lovers' retreat.

Halloween episode
8 Dog Pounded
Jamie gets into trouble while caring for a celebrity dog.
9 Mo' Money, Mo' Problems
After Jamie and the hotel staff split the winnings from a large lottery prize, each learns a lesson about greed.
10 Traffic School Daze
Jamie and Braxton go to traffic school. Mark Curry guest stars.
11 Too Much Soul Food
Jamie suspects that Junior is having health problems and convinces him to go to the hospital. Rondell Sheridan guest stars.
12 Super Face Off
Jamie's look-alike assumes his identity and hides at the hotel after robbing a jewelry store. Jamie Foxx plays a dual role.
13 Soul Mate To Cellmate
Jamie becomes enamored with a woman--until he finds out that she's married to a convict.
14 Papa Don't Preach
Jamie causes trouble between a talented singer and her overprotective preacher father. Recording artist MARY J. BLIGE performs an original song with series star JAMIE FOXX. Singer RONALD ISLEY guest stars.
15 Convent-ional Gifts
Jamie's bawdy present for Braxton winds up in the hands of Helen, who mistakes it for a gift she's giving a nun.
16 Passenger 187
Jamie and Braxton must control an airplane after the pilot loses consciousness. Helen tries to teach Junior how to use the hotel computer.
17 Ain't Nothin' Happenin', Cap'n
Fancy confuses Jamie by welcoming his romantic advances. Braxton tries popular psychology to get a date. Kellita Smith and Glenn Plummer guest star.
18 It's All Good, Fellas
Jamie's new mobster friend may do Jamie a favor he doesn't want. Eddie Mekka guest stars.
19 You Ain't Gotta Go Home, But...
After one too many all-night parties, Jamie is evicted from the hotel--and becomes roommates with Braxton.
20 The Afterschool Special
A boy decides to use a gun to stop a bully from bothering him. Robert Richard guest stars
21 I'm Too Sexy For This Shot
After Fancy poses for an unscrupulous photographer, Jamie and Braxton must prevent her worldwide exposure. Mark Curry guest stars.
22 How Jamie Got His Groove
As Jamie leaves for a lengthy performing tour, Fancy wonders how to tell him her true feelings for him. Singers K-CI & JO JO guest star.

About this show

Multitalented comic sensation Jamie Foxx (Ray, Collateral) stars as Jamie King, a young Hollywood hopeful striving for stardom -- but working at his family's venerable Los Angeles hotel while honing his musical skills before a captive audience in the hotel's once-celebrated cocktail lounge.

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229 reviews
I Vaughn
December 17, 2018
The Jamie Foxx Show the whole cast is hilarious and I like Jamie Foxx's Singing Moments and Jamie Foxx Is a Funny Man. Also i like his singing on the show including Hotel Song when Jamie said King's Tower and Hot Showers. Traffic School Daze Is a Hilarious Episode when Jamie Sing like Prince after Mark Curry told Jamie give me 50 Push-ups and West-side Connection Episode when Jamie sagged his pants crack me up and I was Laughing Hard and my favorite 90s show of all time. I like the theme song i also watch The Jamie Foxx Show Reboot. I like The Jingle Off.
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Queen of Me
May 10, 2016
I love it.. i feel like a kid again! Jamies goofy behavior,love for fancy and the his wonderful melody he is very gifted! Guest stars mary j and kci jojo and isley brother
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Jean Luc Pressoir
July 15, 2016
This show been one of my favorite since it used to be aired on Atlanta's CW 69 (WUPA) and BET, just like old times all over again
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