Project Blue Book

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Season 1 episodes (11)

1 The Fuller Dogfight
Ohio State astrophysicist Dr. Allen Hynek is recruited by the Air Force into their top-secret program investigating UFOs called Project Blue Book.
2 The Flatwoods Monster
Dr. Hynek and Captain Quinn investigate a West Virginia case of a woman and her two children who witnessed a flying saucer crash near their farm and an alien being emerge from the fiery wreck. Based on the "Flatwoods Monster" case.
3 The Lubbock Lights
When the citizens of Lubbock, Texas witness a mysterious V-shaped craft in the night sky, Hynek and Quinn are brought in to investigate the mass sighting. Based on the "Lubbock Lights" case.
4 Operation Paperclip
A bizarre UFO encounter with a commercial airliner leads Hynek and Quinn to a top-secret program involving ex-Nazi scientists in Huntsville, Alabama, known as Operation Paperclip, which has a mysterious agenda all its own. Based on the "Chiles-Whitted UFO Encounter."
5 Foo Fighters
Hynek and Quinn follow a series of strange clues leading them to a secret group who not only claim to have witnessed strange lights during combat called "Foo Fighters", but also claim to know a way to contact them. Based on the "Foo Fighter" incidents from World War II.
6 The Green Fireballs
After mysterious green fireballs nearly cause nuclear disaster during a weapons test, Hynek and Quinn must investigate how this could have occurred, each with altering theories as to what's really going on. Based on the "Green Fireball" incidents over several military bases.
7 The Scoutmaster
After a Scoutmaster vanishes when he and his troop witness a strange craft hovering in the woods, Hynek is sent to investigate for Project Blue Book, while Quinn is pulled into a rogue mission for General Harding.
8 War Games
When a film emerges documenting an Army platoon under UFO attack, the Generals send Hynek and Quinn in to investigate, where they find the soldiers not only suffer from physical effects of war, but psychological ones as well
9 Abduction
Hynek is drawn into a case he literally can't escape when a man arrives at Blue Book headquarters with his wife, claiming he was abducted by aliens.
10 The Washington Merry-Go-Round
Our nation's capital is thrown into a panic when Washington D.C. is swarmed by UFOs, and now the highest echelons of power task Hynek and Quinn with uncovering the true nature of the threat before it's too late.
101 Sneak Peek
"Catch a free sneak peek of Project Blue Book"

About this show

Based on the true, Top Secret investigations into UFOs and related phenomena conducted by the U.S. Air Force, this thrilling series follows Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen, Game of Thrones)

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74 reviews
Paul Gaier
July 20, 2020
Very well done. Has X-Files undertones but more creepy and frightening. Just UFO lore stuff here, folks. Nothing else. Stories are intriguing, based on actual events but embellished and dramatized for entertainment value. Nothing wrong with that. Two strong lead characters with a brilliant working relationship. Both are equally skeptical as well as open-minded to incredible possibilities. The supporting characters are just as brilliant and provide equally interesting back stories. Everything knits together very well. This is the way TV ought to be.
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Dana Edwards
March 18, 2021
i studied at american university in washington dc on massachusetts avenue near an apartment complex named the berkshires. i went to camp in the berkshires as my first away from home living in massachusetts. the former president of the school was nasa and had been given to a child sex phone scandal before teaching astronomy again years later. i grew up in a temple with a star bima in privacy laws. fun show
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March 16, 2020
This show is awesome. It tells a great story but roots most of it's accounts and information in actual events just imbelished dramatized and in different order lol. Including the project paperclip Nazi scientists that came to this country after WW2. It follows actual events and accounts reported to and during project bluebook as case files, throughly dramatized with cooler stories attached to them It's Amazing and a great story to watch .
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