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Don't Forget the Driver


Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Episode 1
Coach driver Peter Green lives a life of ordinary routine: clip-on ties, limp packed lunches and vehicle checks. It is summer, Green is at full stretch and struggling to cope with his disaffected daughter Kayla and his ailing mum Joy. Overworked and overwhelmed, Green is driving a group of pensioners to visit War Graves in Dunkirk with his co-driver Squeaky Dave. But the discovery of a dead body on the docile Bognor shoreline and an unsettling meeting throws Green's life into chaos.
2 Episode 2
Deeply disturbed by the events of the previous night, Green gets up early to take a church group on a day trip to a donkey sanctuary. When he sees the young woman from the previous night being mistreated by a stranger, he makes a rash decision. Meanwhile Kayla endures her first day of work at the layby Snack Shack, and Joy is visited by a community nurse who is worried about her deterioration.
3 Episode 3
Kayla is unimpressed when Peter Green tells her that she needs to look after their new guest. After another home visit, Green is told that it's not safe for his mother to live alone. Troubled by this, and by the woman staying in his house, Green goes to work - driving Fran's son and a friend to the Hydrotherapy Pool. Brad visits Kayla, and the unlikely trio start to make friends. But Green realises he has put his family in danger when the strangers come looking for their property.
4 Episode 4
Peter Green and Kayla reluctantly leave Rita at home alone while they go to work. Green takes a group of Japanese Tourists to Hampton Court. Rita, desperate to contact her brother, goes into town to explore and to get her phone fixed. But when the strange men return to Green's house, the danger Rita is in becomes apparent and Green is forced to take a detour with his passengers in tow. A surprise arrival at Green's house throws things into further chaos.
5 Episode 5
Attempting to escape their pursuers, Peter brings his whole family along on a daytrip to Babbacombe Model Village in Devon. Joy's ailing mind transports her back in time, while Rita looks after her. The twin brothers discuss what to do about their mum, and Barry berates Peter for his decision to take in Rita. Kayla and Brad meet Gulliver, a kids' entertainer who takes Brad's fancy. Squeaky makes a surprise appearance at the Village as Peter and Kayla team together to try and save Rita.
6 Episode 6
Squeaky's absence from work means Peter Green is forced to take on the unpleasant job of a School Trip. Brad prepares to conduct his first funeral, while Kayla considers leaving home. Joy is pleased to have some company now that Rita and Barry are living with her. Fran makes an impulsive decision and joins Peter on his daytrip. When news about Rita reaches Green and Kayla, they are surprised by their own reactions.

About this show

Coach driver Peter is a man of quiet routine. He lives in a small coastal town, where little happens. Peter is in need of a new route, direction, and identity. He isn’t the only one feeling lost. Peter’s mother Joy is just about clinging to reality, and daughter Kayla is increasingly stroppy and stoned by the day. But the tide is changing. Bodies start washing up on the beach and Peter discovers a stowaway in his coach. How might a person in need help you find yourself? And how might one brave soul help a coach driver, a coastal town, and even a country, recognise their own good fortune?

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