The Fosters

2013 • Freeform
5.91K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (21)

1 Pilot
Callie, a 16 year old girl fresh out of juvenile hall, goes to live in the care of Lena and her partner Stef and their kids.
2 Consequently
Callie is accused of selling pills around school, and Lena and Stef decide not to punish Brandon which causes tension among the parents.
3 Hostile Acts
Mike asks Brandon to move in with him, and Jesus and Lexi continue to keep their relationship a secret from Mariana.
4 Quinceanera
Everyone is celebrating Mariana's quinceanera, and the secret Jesus has been hiding comes to light, which causes tension between Mariana and Lexi.
5 The Morning After
Stef and Lena try to find time to work on their relationship, while Lexi and Jesus have to deal with the consequences of their actions.
6 Saturday
Brandon has an audition for a sought after piano coach, while Jesus is invited to a church camp.
7 The Fallout
Lexi's parents punish her when they find out the truth about Lexi and Jesus.
8 Clean
Ana is pressuring Mariana for more money, so Jesus confronts his birth mother but there is an unexpected consequence.
9 Vigil
Mariana and Jesus deal with the repercussions of their actions.
10 I Do
The Fosters are getting married, but Stef is not as involved as a stressed out Lena would like. Callie faces a decision on her case against Liam.
11 The Honeymoon
The family faces the realization Callie has run away. Mariana and Jesus spend as much time as possible with Lexi before she leaves for Honduras.
12 House and Home
Callie's fate is left in a judge's hands. Mariana joins a school play. Jesus struggles with his ADHD medication.
13 Things Unsaid
Callie and Brandon sneak around. Stef goes back to work, worrying Lena. Jesus joins the wrestling team. Mariana is caught in a love triangle.
14 Family Day
Callie considers applying for an apartment. Lena wonders if she can still have a baby while Stef has trouble accepting her father's apology. Jesus diets to drop a weight class in wrestling.
15 Padre
Stef deals with a loss. Callie faces a tough decision.
16 Us Against the World
Brandon goes to extremes to pay Mike back for the piano lessons. Stef is worried about having to testify.
17 Kids in the Hall
Callie takes pictures of other foster kids to help get them homes.
18 Escapes and Reversals
Lexi visits Jesus by surprise. Stef and Lena decide on a sperm donor.
19 Don't Let Go
Callie visits her father to see if he will sign away his parental rights so she and Jude can be adopted. Mariana meets Zac's mother.
20 Metropolis
Ana gives Stef an ultimatum. Wyatt comes back to town. Callie is the butt of a school prank.
21 Adoption Day
Callie and Jude find out the truth about Donald. Vico seeks revenge against Brandon.

About this show

From Executive Producer Jennifer Lopez comes the new original series The Fosters. This groundbreaking drama follows a multi-ethnic family of foster and biological kids being raised by two moms. Stef Foster, a police officer, and her partner Lena Adams, a school Vice Principal, have built a close-knit, loving family with Stef's biological son from a previous marriage and their adopted twins. Their lives are disrupted in unexpected ways when Lena meets Callie, a hardened teen with an abusive past who has spent her life in and out of foster homes. Lena and Stef warily welcome Callie into their home thinking it's just for a few weeks, until a more permanent placement can be found. Starring Teri Polo, Sherri Saum, Jake T. Austin, David Lambert, Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez.

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5.91K reviews
Maria Osorio
June 21, 2014
Ive gone through family issues like the ones present --my mom is alcoholic and ive nearly been removed from my home a few times. There arent any shows out there that I can relate to; so when i saw the pilot for this show last year, i was ecstatic. Im really glad that this show has increased awareness a bit concerning bad home situations. Its just a bonus that all the actors are superb. This is a great great show and i recommend it to everyone because chances are you can relate to it one way or another.
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The Brand Ambassador (Jenelle Laws)
July 3, 2014
I bumped into this show late 2013 and I have went threw trials and tribulations to continue watching it. Friends house, online, netflix you name it. Being in a 8yr same sex relationship while becoming a foster parent this show has helped my process.I have become more drawn to this than the L word when I first came out about my life choices. I could go on for days on the benefits of this show, but honestly im just proud of a show of this standard and what is represents. Great job to all those involved.
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Chris VanDette
June 28, 2016
This show makes you feel at home, and the way they bring social issues to life pulls us together. They aren't afraid of the "elephant in the room." Young people have sex. Let's deal with it. People have problems with drugs & alcohol and mess up lives. Let's deal with it. Multi-ethnicity and sexual identity. Suicide, mental illness, gun violence. Let's deal with it. Not point fingers or assign blame. Not throw in the towel or stew in anger. Let's learn how to deal with life on life's terms. Together.
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