Resident Alien

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Season 3 episodes (8)

1 Lone Wolf
In an attempt to gather information on the Grey Aliens, Harry puts Asta in harm's way.
2 The Upper Hand
D'arcy inserts herself into Harry's mission, while Kate grows more uncomfortable in her own home.
3 141 Seconds
Harry tags along on Ben, Kate and Max's family trip, hoping the mayor will lead him to answers.
4 Avian Flu
Harry gets distracted from his mission, while Mike and Liv make a huge discovery.
5 Lovebird
Asta and D'arcy take a drastic step in an attempt to get Harry back on track.
6 Bye Bye Birdie
Harry hits rock bottom, Kate begins seeing the truth, and Mike helps Liv face her greatest fear.
7 Here Comes My Baby
Harry and Asta get surprise visits. Ben grows suspicious of Mike and Liv's private investigation.
8 Homecoming
Harry and Asta team up with an unlikely ally to try to save the Earth.

About this show

An alien on a mission to Earth crash lands and finds himself in the remote mountain town of Patience, Colorado. After assuming human form and taking the identity of a doctor, Harry Vanderspeigle, the alien works in Patience's clinic, struggling to blend in with the humans and understand their baffling traditions and emotions, all while trying to complete his mission. But to do that, Harry will have to outwit the one child in town who can see through his disguise and outrun the secret government agents hunting for him.

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144 reviews
neal muhly
February 8, 2021
One star for enjoyable show and lousy streaming policy. Episodes 1 and 2 available on Amazon, same price without the theft and zero customer support of Play store. Time to contact consumer protection agencies and remember this institutionalized thievery by Google when voting in the next election. SyFy should be ashamed to do business with such criminals. Also available on Xfinity, (my ISP) cheaper in SD.
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Joi Popernack
February 9, 2021
I have high hopes. The story is as intriguing and likeable as Tudyk. Normally Scifi uses a pilot to give you basic exposition and character introductions. This one just jumped in and engaged. Eagerly awaiting episode 2. * edit Attempted a refund. Amazon has the same thing for the same price but they actually deliver it. This is a scam. DO NOT PURCHASE because there is no way to contact customer service to get issues resolved. Low review is for unavailability not the show
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Kwan Lowe
February 3, 2022
Very enjoyable show but don't buy it on Google. Buy it on Amazon Prime which delivers each episode on a timeline basis and also works correctly. I don't partciularly like Amazon but at least it works. Though I have hundreds of shows and movies, there are just too many issues with streaming on Google Play. Alan Tudyk is one of my favorite actors. Lots know him from Firefly but it was in "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil" that I really started to appreciate his timing. Since then I've watched his other movies and enjoyed them. If you're old enough to remember "My Favorite Martian" you would get a kick out of this. Well, the premise is roughty similar but it's quite different in tone.
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