Sex and the City

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Season 6 Part 2 episodes (8)

1 Let There Be Light
Carrie struggles to 'keep it light' after spending the night with Aleksandr (Mikhail Baryshnikov). Meanwhile, Charlotte volunteers to help others and finds herself in the dark; Miranda gives Robert elevator 'custody' after being confronted with some heavy words; and Samantha leaves Smith in the dark while she re-ignites a flame from her past.
2 The Ick Factor
Carrie wonders how many more old-fashioned romantic gestures from Aleksandr she can stomach. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Harry get sick from their own romantic French dinner; Miranda exchanges some important 'I don't's with Steve; and Samantha, romancing the notion of larger breasts, is given something more serious to swallow.
3 Catch-38
Carrie considers whether or not the ultimate accessory for many women--a child--will match her lifestyle. Meanwhile, Charlotte is thrilled to baby-sit for Brady; Miranda feels pressured to enjoy her 'get-away' with Steve; and Samantha, outraged by a comment about her lifestyle choices, gets a second opinion.
4 Out of the Frying Pan
Carrie is challenged by Aleksandr's preference for strong coffee--and for facing other bitter realities. Meanwhile, Charlotte runs to escape the pain of childlessness and bumps into a tiny bundle of joy; Miranda places a bid on more room for Brady's needs, at the expense of her own desires; and Samantha boldly embraces a new hairstyle.
5 The Cold War
Carrie avoids the cold weather with Aleksandr, but her friends don't warm up to him as easily. Meanwhile, Charlotte and her new 'baby' enjoy the spotlight despite the 'heat'; Miranda toasts her new home; and Samantha circulates a steamy video to counter a not-so-hot rumor.
6 Splat!
Carrie considers a foreign concept posed by Aleksandr--and watches the life she used to know fly out the window. Meanwhile, Charlotte jumps at a chance to use her maternal instincts; Miranda admits her concerns about Aleksandr; and Samantha catches her maid in a vibrator mix-up.
7 An American Girl in Paris, Part Une
Carrie moves to Paris with Aleksandr, but things quickly turn out not quite as she expected; Samantha delivers a heartfelt speech at a benefit for breast-cancer research; Charlotte and Harry continue their quest to adopt a child; and Big meets with Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda to make a major decision.
8 An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux
In the series finale, Carrie finds that life in Paris--and with Aleksandr--leaves her longing for the familiar faces of home. Meanwhile, Smith shows Samantha just how much he cares for her; Charlotte and Harry's adoption roller-coaster ride continues; and Miranda makes a tough decision to help Steve's ailing mother.

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Sarah Jessica Parker stars in HBO's hit series about a thirtysomething writer whose life and friendships are fodder for her weekly column.

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2.08K reviews
tracy smith
August 11, 2016
I never stop watching this show. I love all of the ladies because they connect in so many ways! I am like all of them & being single is bad, good & crazy. But being single from my sad past relationships gave me great sense of freedom & in hope of finding my "Mr. Big". Most of all the ladies taught me having true friends, family or soulmate are forever. BRAVA!
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Toni Marie
January 14, 2017
I love this show and the characters. The issues that they talked can be comparable in some situations, it was cringe worthy at times yet hilarious. I love watching this show it never gets old to me. It's too bad that they only did 6 seasons. I wish there were more episodes or that the cast would do a few reunion shows to tie in with the last 2 movies. I'm forever a fan
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Hey You
June 13, 2014
I feel like an anomaly; so many chicks I know dig this, but I rolled my eyes at it too much. I hate "chick flicks" and "chick lit" for the most part too, so there ya have it. I think those categories often limit the type of characters and writing that can appeal to women. I also hate shopping.
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