Getaway Driver

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Getaway Driver - Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Crash and Burn
Three competitors put their cars on the line for a chance to be the wheelman in a real-life high-speed chase. Can these getaway drivers evade an elite team of pursuers, find an exit and escape the compound, or will their cars pay the ultimate sacrifice?
2 Electric Shock
A Telsa, a '66 Impala Wagon and an S2000 try to outrun an elite team of pursuers in a real-life high-speed car chase. A wrong turn sends one driver over the edge, while another getaway ends in shockingly painful fashion.
3 Out for Blood
Competition heats up in the compound and the pursuers are taking prisoners. One driver learns a painful lesson, while the others run for their lives.
4 The Smashed and the Furious
A stunt driver, a drift instructor and an exotic car salesman get the chance to live their ultimate driving fantasy -- wheelmen in their very own high-speed car chase. But for one getaway driver, fantasy quickly turns into a nightmare.
5 Road Rash
Two confident young drifters arrive at the compound with a BMW E36 and a modded-out Mustang. The more experienced third driver has come teach these youngsters a lesson. But has he underestimated the compound, the pursuers and the competition?
6 Wet and Wild
Heavy rain transforms the compound into a wet-and-wild wasteland. A '55 dodge pickup, Nissan 240SX and a '94 Ford Taurus scour the compound for traction and an exit as the pursuers try to stop them at all costs.
7 Rage Against the Machine
History is made at the compound when one getaway driver takes the pursuers on the longest run ever. But can he find an exit in his $100,000 Nissan S14 before the pursuers make him pay the ultimate price?
8 All Wheel Destruction
Three all-wheel drive vehicles enter the compound looking for a fight. Will the pursuers deliver the knockout blow or will one getaway driver end up on top and escape with the cash?

About this show

Think you can outrun the cops? Take on a team of America's finest pursuit officers in a one-on-one car chase, make through the abandoned streets to the city limits, and you could win a million dollars.

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6 reviews
Dylan Hauge
December 25, 2021
Pretty sure the 86 isn't AWD swapped (EP8). Show is entertaining enough though. Plus that Wyatt Knox is super easy on the eyes. Would love to see him take out an old Mazda or something to show these folks how to wheel.
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Anthony Dono
November 22, 2021
Michelle makes the show her energy is real and she is down right BADASS!! And please make more showes for the next season thanks.
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Valeria Olmedo
August 10, 2021
Love this show! Should have more episodes' recommend it
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