2016 • Showtime
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Pilot (Alimony)
When Dice finds out that Carmen is still receiving alimony payments, he tries to get work. Dice gets good news about a big meeting at the Tangiers Casino, but the bad news is that the meeting is at 7:30 in the morning, a time that's almost impossible for him to wake up for.
2 Sal Maldonado
Milkshake uses a fake name at a steakhouse to sound 'mobbed up.' Meanwhile, Dice gets fired as the manager of his sons' heavy metal band and is replaced by a slick new Hollywood agent. After the agent screws his kids over, Dice sets our for revenge.
3 Prestige
Dice gets upset when a plaster molding of his penis goes missing from an art show. Meanwhile, after Dice accidentally dings Criss Angel's Lamborghini, the "Mindfreak" sets out to use his magic against Dice.
4 Elvis
Dice is given the task of going to the casino to get Carmen's brother a wedding gift but instead gets distracted by the casino's new $5 ATM fee. After a bad luck Elvis impersonator causes him to lose $100,000 at the tables, Dice gets cut off. He and Milkshake run to the casino across the street in an effort to win back their money, get the gift and make it to the wedding on time.
5 Six Grand
Dice's place at the top of his crew is threatened when his old friend 'Bobby the Mooch' returns to town with newly acquired wealth. When Dice's jealous behavior causes him to lose his best friend, he fights to win Milkshake back.
6 Ego
After a sex quiz reveals that Dice and Carmen only "sizzle" in bed, Dice makes it his mission in life to make his girlfriend "boil." Meanwhile, an Academy Award winning actor Adrien Brody asks Dice if he can research him as part of his 'method' while studying for an upcoming Broadway performance.

About this show

Twenty-five years after taking the entertainment world by storm, Andrew Dice Clay is eager to reclaim his comedy throne. But that's easier said than done. This scripted, semi-autobiographical series follows him as he tries to make a comeback.

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10 reviews
Gregg Lambert
September 7, 2019
Great episode, Brody is awesome!
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May 2, 2018
Best show on TV.
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Kevin Conlon
October 2, 2021
Freaking funny stuff!
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