Cherish the Day

26 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Genesis
Evan takes his niece Esther to the library where he notices a woman named Gently James trying to avoid late fees for her boss, Miss Luma Langston, at the front desk. Though Evan offers to pay the late fees, Gently insists it’s not about the money, and he is impressed when Gently convinces the librarian to waive the fee.

Later, Evan and Gently connect on social media, and they meet at a cheesecake shop. As they learn more about one another, Evan offers to help Gently run an errand to pick up a used refrigerator for Miss Luma. They pass the time at a nearby arcade while they wait for the owner to return, but their powerful connection takes a sharp turn when Evan says something that makes Gently feel judged. They finally arrive to pick up the refrigerator, but they once again disagree about how to solve an issue. When the conversation escalates, they separate, feeling regret about the evening.
2 Synthesis
It’s one year later, and Gently enters an art gallery for an exhibition, where she spots Evan. Evan makes his way through the crowd toward Gently, and he breaks the ice by saying he accepts her apology. She says the same, and they share a laugh. Gently invites Evan to join her and her friends at a nearby bowling alley where Evan injures his ankle. Gently takes him to the hospital, and as they wait, they discuss Evan’s career aspirations. Gently encourages him to follow his dreams of launching a app. When Evan is finished at the hospital, Gently drives him home where they connect over music. Evan finally asks more questions about the infamous night of their argument a year prior, and Gently offers a more detailed explanation. They finally share their first kiss. Feeling good about their reconnection, Gently is upset to discover something in his bathroom. Evan explains he only wants to be with her, and she admits she feels the same. They end the evening making love for the first time.
3 Oasis
It’s three months into Gently and Evan’s relationship, and Evan invites Gently to his parents’ anniversary party. Just as Gently reluctantly agrees, she receives a concerning text about her mother. Later, at the anniversary party, Evan and his mother have a heated exchange about Gently. Gently is thrilled that Evan stands up for her, and they express their love for one another.
4 Basis
A year and a half after the start of Evan and Gently’s relationship, Evan consults with both Ben and Miss Luma to plan a romantic getaway for Gently. However, Gently ends up surprising Evan in a move that could re-chart the couple’s course forever.
5 Analysis
Evan takes a day away from his new tech company to help Gently make as many wedding decisions as possible, but they soon realize they have wildly different expectations for their big day.
6 Nemesis
Evan's intense work schedule pushes Gently to the edge as he becomes more and more demanding. Things come to a head when Evan asks Gently to put her work on the back burner in order to host an impromptu work dinner for him.
7 Synopsis
At Evan’s urging, he and Gently spend the day “shopping” for a counselor to help them address their issues, but it soon becomes apparent that their problems are deeper than either of them imagined.
8 Catharsis
Gently hosts a big birthday party for Miss Luma with special guests including her beloved friend, Quincy Jones, but the party really gets started when an unexpected guest shows up.

About this show

Cherish the Day is an anthology series chronicles the stirring romance of one couple each season, with each episode spanning a single day. The season-long narrative will unfold to reveal significant moments in a relationship that compel us to hold true to the ones we love, from the extraordinary to the everyday. Xosha Roquemore stars as Gently James and Alano Miller stars as Evan Fisher. The couple meets and falls in love in Los Angeles, with the full season spanning five years in eight episodes.

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26 reviews
Dee Dee Johnson
May 24, 2020
Great show! The acting...story line is so on point! Not to mention the theme song is the classic by Sade. This show displays Black love and Black excellence from start to finish.
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Annette Duncan
August 21, 2020
This series is so beautiful. I enjoyed every episode. It is a feel good movie that make you want to live life and enjoy the little things.
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Tracey Dunlap
February 14, 2020
I love this show, its a modern day love Jones feel to it. I must say its good and refreshing to see and feel Black Love again on screen!!!
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