Sister Boniface Mysteries

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Season 2 episodes (10)

1 Don’t Try This at Home
Great Slaughter plays host to the summer roadshow of kids' TV show "Jolly Roger", much to the annoyance of editor Dinah Morgan.
2 The Shadow of Baron Battenburg
A sighting of the mysterious missing Baron Brattenburg sends the press and police into a frenzy.
3 The It Girl
Robin returns to Great Slaughter as super model Birdie, where she again sees her childhood friend WPC Peggy and her mother, with whom she has a difficult relationship. While there, her manager Max is found dead.
4 The Book of Shadows
Sister Boniface and the gang are horrified to discover all the hallmarks of a ritualistic human sacrifice in the nearby forest. Witches, sacrifices and a book once thought destroyed now becomes key pieces in solving the murder. What is "The Book Of Secrets" and what connection does it have to the church?
5 St George's Defence
Convinced that events catastrophic to the Cold War are being planned at the British Open Chess Championships, Sister Boniface must brush up her chess skills and join the tournament.
6 A Tight Squeeze
Felix is Police Advisor on set of the latest "Oh - Do Behave!" picture. Felix is soon called to action to investigate the murder of the abrasive director Sexton St Juste.
7 Stiff Competition
Great Slaughter is buzzing with excitement for this year's talent show, which features a large cash prize and celebrity judge, actress Jane Beaufort. However when egotistical magician, 'The Great Faldini', rehearses his breath-taking trick he ends up magically murdered.
8 Dead Air
Peggy is delighted when her favourite pirate radio station 'Radio Catherine' bring their trendy transmissions to Great Slaughter. Trying to tune in to the latest show, Peggy finds only static - In a shocking turn of events, Billy King has been murdered on the air.
9 Stage Fright
Great Slaughter's Amateur Dramatic Society's upcoming production turns from drama to disaster once the leading actor is killed by the leading actress.
10 Good Samaritan
The language of flowers figures heavily in Sister Boniface's to decipher who the killer is.

About this show

Sister Boniface Mysteries dives into the endearing world of Great Slaughter and its secret weapon in its fight against crime, Sister Boniface. At a time when police forensics is rudimentary, Boniface's I.Q. of 156, her PHD in forensic science, plus an addiction to popular detective fiction and a fully equipped crime laboratory make her an invaluable aid to Police investigations.

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