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The Larkins


The Larkins: Series 1 episodes (6)

1 Episode 1
Excited and busy, plans for the approaching May Day Fair are underway in the village but everything is not as peaceful as it might be in the Larkins' world. Mariette is keen to leave home and see the world. Ma and Pop are devastated and doing their best to convince her to stay.
2 Episode 2
Mariette has agreed to stay for the summer and with the arrival of Charley and Tom Fisher her heart is being pulled in many directions. But love must take a back seat as the Larkins convince Charley that they don't need to sell the farm to pay their back tax.
3 Episode 3
Ma, worried that Pop is working too hard, books a weekend in Margate. Charley (now fully ensconced in the Larkins household) and Mariette are left to mind the kids and sort out the new (huge and ghastly) TV aerial which is being delivered by the wily Wilf. Meantime Tom Fisher is making his move and asks Mariette on a date, much to Charley's chagrin.
4 Episode 4
It's strawberry picking season and the Larkins and many of the villagers including Pauline are off to pick fruit. Despite being left to the wiles of Pauline, Lil and Pol, Charley enjoys himself even though he is pretty dispirited when he sees Tom make his move on Mariette.
5 Episode 5
With the imminent arrival of her sister, Ma is beside herself and cleaning like a demon. Bertha, her husband Howard and their daughter Jemima are firm suburbanites who despise the countryside and in particular dirt and animals. Things aren't going very well between Mariette and Charley, so Tom makes his move.
6 Episode 6
The Larkins dash to the railway station and manage to stall Mariette's departure to France. They convince her to stay for a Donkey Derby/Gymkhana and Cocktail Party in a few days. The pressure is on for the Larkins - this has to be a magical social event which will change Mariette's mind!

About this show

An exciting new adaptation of the much-loved H.E Bates classic novel. Set in the late 1950's, The Larkins follows the golden-hearted wheeler dealer Pop Larkin (Bradley Walsh) and his wife Ma (Joanna Scanlan), together with their six children, including the beautiful Mariette (Sabrina Bartlett), as they bask in their idyllic and beautiful patch of paradise in Kent.

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