Hard To Kill

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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Test Pilot
Tim Kennedy learns what it takes to do the important but deadly job of a Test Pilot. From enduring G-Forces, hurtling out of a plane from 20,000 feet to escaping a plane engulfed in flames, Tim finds out what makes Test Pilots hard to kill.
2 American Bullfighter
Tim Kennedy heads to Texas to learn about the dangerously selfless job of an American bullfighter. With the help of 5-time World Champion Bullfighter Rob Smets.
3 Bush Pilot
Tim Kennedy heads to Alaska to train for the deadly job of a Bush Pilot. In order to prove he has what it takes to survive a job in one of the coldest environments, he'll have to escape the "Helicopter Dunker" and risk hypothermia in freezing waters.
4 Bomb Tech
Tim Kennedy travels to California to learn what it takes to be a bomb technician. He'll have to pass a grueling test called the Bomb Suit Gauntlet to prove he has what it takes to join a live fire simulation.
5 Commercial Fisherman
Tim Kennedy heads to the Atlantic to train for one of the most dangerous jobs in the world: commercial fishing. He'll have to learn how to haul in the catch and what to do when disaster strikes.
6 Avalanche Rescue
Tim Kennedy travels to the Rocky Mountains to train with an Avalanche Control and Rescue team, led by Aaron Brill. He'll have to fight the effects of high altitude and survive being buried alive under snow to prove to Aaron he can join his team.

About this show

Each day, there are countless people who take on some of the most risky jobs imaginable. Tim Kennedy is ready to put himself in their shoes. Whether triggering avalanches with high explosives or protecting a cowboy from a 2000 pound bull, Tim works with experts to learn what it takes to do some of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

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5 reviews
Eric Marufo
June 27, 2019
Tim is INSANE! ....yet very informative. And does a good job striking a little grit into your heart with the knowledge of the men and women who do these jobs. Awesome show, highly recommend.
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Jacob Crawford
August 22, 2018
Informative show, and Tim Kennedy is awesome.
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Abe Merritt
August 28, 2018
Tim Kennedy is my hero
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