Teen Mom 2

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Season 11 episodes (12)

1 Bless This Mess
Kail files a lawsuit against Briana while Leah meets a new love interest. Sean hits a crossroads in his sobriety as Jade struggles in their relationship. After a low key wedding, Ashley and Bar hit the rocks and she considers ending things for good.
2 ChrisCross
Briana goes on Kail's ex's podcast leading to explosive consequences. Kloie has a medical emergency and Jade must navigate solo with Sean gone, Ashley contemplates the divorce while Bar visits his mom in Ohio. Leah goes on a date with Jaylan but gets a shocking call from her father.
3 Garlic Breath
After Kloie's dental surgery, Christy drops a bomb on Jade. Briana goes on a family vacation but tensions between her and Javi boil over. Ashley navigates living with her ex after Bar returns from Ohio. Leah gets to know Jaylan.
4 Picture Perfect
Ashley hits her boiling point. Jade kicks Christy out before she goes to jail. Bri questions if both dads will be present for the first day of school. Leah gets an exciting invitation that could be a big step for her new relationship.
5 Officially Official
Kail uncovers a secret Vee and Javi have been keeping for years. Leah introduces Jaylan to the girls. Ashley faces her relationship demons. Jade tries to create stability for Kloie, who is struggling in Sean's absence. Briana and Devoin use lessons from therapy to rebuild their co-parenting relationship.
6 There's No Crying in Football
Jade and Kloie reunite with Sean after 3 months apart. Stella has a medical emergency that Briana is forced to navigate without Luis. Bar's past threatens he and Ashley's reconnection. Jaylan has a chance to move closer to Leah, but it's not what either of them hoped for. Kail tries to teach Lux about commitment.
7 Natural Mother
Jade and Sean reignite their spark. Briana is so frustrated by Luis that she reaches out to his parents. Kail and Javi swing the co-parenting pendulum between frustration and flirtation. Ashley & Bar must uproot themselves again and consider taking steps to get vaccinated. Leah prepares to take a real estate exam.
8 Under My Roof
Kail reveals big news about Chris while Briana becomes overwhelmed by Stella's father's absence. Jaylan and Leah make a major move forward. Ashley's vaccination decision upsets her mom. Jade gets her new house but is unsure who will live there when Sean returns.
9 Falling on the Grenade
Kail and Javi consider reuniting. Ashley supports Bar through his mom's health concerns. Briana tries to bring Luis and Devoin together for her girls. Jaylan grows closer to Leah and her family. Jade opens a new salon while prepping for Sean's return.
10 Run Miles, Not Your Mouth
Kail makes a public allegation about Briana, so Bri sends her a gift. Jade and Kloie welcome Sean home from rehab. Leah realizes she and Jaylan don't see marriage the same way. Ashley and Bar reignite their romance while Kail considers her future on the show.
11 Reunion Part 1
Leah speaks out about the social media drama that has gone down recently and Kail reveals she's in a new relationship. Jade discusses rekindling her love for Sean post-rehab and Ashley explains how she avoided divorce.
12 Reunion Part 2
Kail shares a devastating secret while Briana defends her choices. Kail's ex, Chris, shares his side of the story and a surprise guest shocks everyone.

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Teen Mom is a spin-off of the MTV documentary series 16 & Pregnant. We are following the stories of four girls from 16 & Pregnant who are facing the challenges of their first years of motherhood.

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