Bad Teacher

2014 • CBS
427 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 Pilot
"Left penniless by her wealthy ex-husband, Meredith Davis (Ari Graynor) talks her way into a teaching job at a middle school where she organizes a Career Day targeting rich divorced dads."
2 Daddy Issues
Meredith (Ari Graynor) sets her sights on dating Bronwen's (Gracie Kauffman) dad -- but has to get her permission first. Joel (Ryan Hansen) helps Irene (Sara Gilbert) navigate the world of online dating.
3 Evaluation Day
An important teaching evaluation threatens to cost Meredith (Ari Graynor) her job and Irene's (Sara Gilbert) loyalty. Joel (Ryan Hanson) vows to help Principal Carl (David Alan Grier) stand up to his bullying ex-wife.
4 Fieldtrippers
As Meredith (Ari Graynor) uses a class fieldtrip to track down a handsome employee of an Internet company, Principal Carl (David Alan Grier) appoints Ginny (Kristin Davis) to fill in for him while he tags along.
5 The 6th Grade Lock-In
The annual 6th grade slumber party reveals Meredith's (Ari Graynor) true feelings for Joel (Ryan Hanson).
6 Yearbook
Meredith (Ari Graynor) steps up to help Ginny (Kristin Davis) finish the yearbook and recover from a bad breakup. Principal Carl (David Alan Grier) coaches Kim (Caitlin Kimball) on the Teacher's Exam.
7 Divorced Dudes
Meredith (Ari Graynor) joins Principal Carl's (David Alan Grier) Divorced Dudes group to find a new husband. Ginny's (Kristin Davis) plan to punish Meredith's lax teaching habits backfires.
8 Nix the Fat Week
As Meredith (Ari Graynor) and Irene (Sara Gilbert) compete for the attention of a famous vegan chef, Ginny (Kristin Davis) coaches principal Carl (David Alan Grier) for an annual faculty race.
9 Life Science
In order to afford a new apartment, Meredith (Ari Graynor) bets on the school science fair. Ginny (Kristin Davis) and Irene (Sara Gilbert) vie over who gets to present the winner&s trophy.
10 Found Money
Meredith's (Ari Graynor) moral compass is tested when she's forced to choose between a ski weekend with her rich friends and the school's field trip to the state capitol. Principal Carl's (David Alan Grier) knack for meeting single women impresses Joel (Ryan Hansen).
11 A Little Respect
As two overbearing moms threaten to pull their son out of Nixon Middle to protest Meredith's (Ari Graynor) lax teaching methods, Joel (Ryan Hansen) discovers Ginny (Kristin Davis) holds a grudge over an old sleight.
12 The Bottle
When her plans for her thirtieth birthday bash suddenly fall apart, Meredith (Ari Graynor) piggybacks on Kim's party (Caitlin Campbell) to celebrate passing the teacher's exam.
13 What's Old is New
As Meredith (Ari Graynor) struggles to respond to her ex-husband's renewed interest, Principal Carl (David Alan Grier) must confront his ex-wife when she arrives to administer the state standardized tests.

About this show

BAD TEACHER is about an always-inappropriate, fearless and unapologetic former trophy wife who masquerades as a teacher in order to find a new man after her wealthy husband leaves her.  Ari Graynor, Sara Gilbert, Ryan Hansen, David Alan Grier, Kristin Davis and Sara Rodier star.  The series is produced by Sony Pictures Television and CBS Television Studios in association with Mosaic Media Group.  Hilary Winston, Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg, Jimmy Miller, Sam Hansen and Michael Lasker are executive producers.

Ratings and reviews

427 reviews
Cory Skelton
May 7, 2014
IMO the only funny show CBS has had in years. And yes I'm including TBBT. It's not as crass as the movie but for a broadcast sitcom it's hilarious, the closest thing TV is likely to get to another Apt 23 for a while.
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Vand Al Savage
April 22, 2019
i feel scammed and Clickbaited! The teacher wasn't """BAD""" She gets her cliched sympathetic moments. Also she just isn't bad at all she is just a plain stereotyped gold and gain digger! toilet humor too! 🤦👎
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Noriana Haskins
May 6, 2014
I think she is bad teacher trying to take those kuds money on her first day and trying to date their dads.
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