Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles

1966 • CBS
13 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (18)

1 The Bubbler/The Shocking Electrical Monster/The Spinner
The Bubbler kidnaps the Shah of Shish-ka-bob. Can The Impossibles rescue him in time?

On Dr. Shock's island, the evil genius creates an electrical monster that can drain power. Can Buzz and Frankenstein Jr. stop the monster?

The Spinner steals a million dollar tiara and The Impossibles try to track him down and get it back. Can they beat this web firing fiend?
2 Smogula/The Spyder Man/The Sinister Speck
The Sinister Speck is up to his old tricks and is using a formula to shrink himself so he can photograph top secret plans. Can The Impossibles find this minuscule diminutive evil villain?

The Impossibles are frozen in a block of ice and trapped in a cave by Smogula. Can they escape and protect the city from this floating fiend?

Professor has created a spy detecting device. The Spyder Man hears of the creation and is determined to get his hand on the device.
3 The Diabolical Dauber/The Menace From the Wax Museum/The Fiendish Fiddler
The Diabolical Dauber is painting up trouble. Everything he paints becomes real due to the special brush he uses. Can The Impossibles stop this foul artist?

The fiendish fiddler, Fero, plans to use his mystical fiddle to transport our heroes out of this world. Can they defeat this mad musician before its too late?

Buzz discovers that Mr. Menace has created 3 colossal wax creations. Can Buzz and Frankenstein Jr. stop creator of terror?
4 The Perilous Paper Doll/The Alien Brain From Outer Space PartI/Beamatronmov
A giant brain from outer space comes to Earth and apprehends Buzz and his dad.

The Beamatron steals a priceless painting from a ship. Will the The Impossibles be able to stop him and retrieve the painting?

A top secret plan is stolen by the evil Paper Doll Man, but he still needs to steal the second part. Can The Impossibles prevent him from accomplishing his plan?
5 Timeatron/The Alien Brain From Outer Space Part II/The Burrower
Buzz and his dad are captured by a giant brain from outer space and Frankenstein Jr. tries to help save them.

The Burrower uses his burrowing machine and steals half a million dollars from the bank. He then tries to dig ten miles down to his lair. Can The Impossibles stop this digging fool and his dirty schemes?

Timeatron, the time master, is using criminals from the past to steal and pillage for him. Can the Impossibles stop this time freak?
6 Televisatron/UFO - Unidentified Fiendish Object/ Mother Gruesome
Mother Gruesome uses her new invention to bring storybook characters to life to do her bidding. Can The Impossibles stop the storybook creations and their master?

Televisatron transports our heroes to different programs. Can The Impossibles find their way out of perplexing programs and stop Televisatron?

Zargon and his robot Destructo attack Washington D.C. Can Buzz and Frankenstein Jr. get there in time to save the city?
7 The Wretched Professor Stretch/The Unearthly Plant Creature/Aquator
The Aquator got his hands on a secret formula and shrunk himself to microscopic size. Can The Impossibles stop this micro maniac?

The Plantman discovers three giant plant monsters from long ago frozen in the arctic. He takes them back to his laboratory and brings them back to life under his control. Can Buzz and Frankenstein Jr. defeat this new garden of evil?

The Wretched Professor Stretch is up to his usual tricks and is causing havoc. Can the Impossibles stop this rubber rogue before its too late?
8 The Devilish Dragster/The Deadly Living Images/The Return of the Spinner
The Mad Inventor creates a machine that can make pictures real, but only for a short while. Can Buzz and Frankenstein Jr. stop his crime spree?

The Devilish Dragster has stolen a very important item and is on the run. Can The Impossibles catch this speed demon before he can get away?

The Spinner is back and he has stolen a priceless pooch. Can The Impossibles stop the web flinging fool?
9 The Puzzler/The Colossal Junk Monster/Satanic Surfer
The Junk Man sets out to destroy Frankenstein Jr. with his newest creation, Junkzilla. He sets a trap by stealing a safe to direct the attention towards Buzz knowing that Frankenstein Jr. will be called in to help. Who will win this battle of giant robots?

The Puzzler steals some secret documents and plans to sell them to the highest bidder. The Impossibles smash into his hideout and discover that The Puzzler can change into any shape he wants. Can they stop the shifty criminal?

The Satanic Surfer takes pictures of a top-secret submarine and then destroys The Impossibles boat on the way to his secret hideout. Can The Impossibles capture the slippery surfer before he escapes?
10 The Scurrilous Sculptor/The Incredible Aqua-Monsters/The Schiming Spraysol
Dr. Hook releases three growing monsters into the Conroy water supply and creates havoc while Dr. Hook steals the new Navy sub. Can Buzz and Frankie defeat these monsters and stop Dr. Hook?

The sinister scheming Spraysol plans to steal secret documents and auction them away to the highest bidder. He uses his special spray helmet to incapacitate his foes. Can the Impossibles figure out a way to stop the spraying madman?

The Scurrilous Sculptor is loose and he's turning everyone into statues. Can The Impossibles stop the awful artist before they too become statues?
11 The Insidious Inflator/The Gigantic Ghastly Genie/The Artful Archer
The Artful Archer steals a million dollars and a priceless violin. Can The Impossibles stop this arrow happy villain?

The evil magician, Zorbo the Great, creates a giant ghastly genie and orders it to eliminate Buzz and Frankenstein Jr. Can our heroes survive the day?

The Insidious Inflator builds giant balloon monsters to commit his crimes for him. Can The Impossibles pop these overblown menaces?
12 The Return of the Perilous Paperman/The Birdman/The Dastardly Diamond Dazzler
The Birdman kidnaps two astronauts and it is up to Buzz and Frankenstein Jr. to rescue them and prevent The Birdman from achieving his evil scheme.

The Dastardly Diamond Dazzler steals a precious diamond and plans to awaken the genie inside of it. Can The Impossibles stop the gem crazy hooligan before it's too late?

The Paperman makes a return and gives The Impossibles a hard time. Can they stop the paper thin crook?
13 Cronella Critch the Tricky Witch/The Invasion Of The Robot Creatures/The Terrible Twister
The Impossibles face off against Cronella and her bag of evil tricks. Can they avoid the tricks so they can put her in a jail cell where she belongs?

Sutano, the evil villain from Galaxy X, has come to Earth and demands its surrender. Can Frankenstein Jr. stop this madman before he gets his wish?

The Terrible Twister is on a crime spree and is stealing precious jewels. The Impossibles go to London, England to stop this fiend in his tracks. Can The Impossibles capture the terrible tornado of a criminal?
14 The Terrifying Tapper/The Manchurian Menace/Professor Stretch Bounces Back
The Manchurian Menace has developed the world's first nuclear powered submarine to steal a returning space camera capsule that holds the first ever pictures taken on Mars. Can The Impossibles stop him before its too late?

Professor Stretch has broken out of prison and is up to his old evil ways. Can The Impossibles stop the stretchy snake before he does more damage?

The Terrible Tapper is a phone fiend who is able to transmit himself over the phone lines and commit crimes. Can The Impossibles put the phone fanatic on hold?
15 The Infamous Mr. Instant/Mad Monster Maker/The Anxious Angler
The Anxious Angler has stolen some secret information from space research and plans to sell it to another country. Can The Impossibles stop the fishy fiend?

The evil Mr. Instant is using his insta-gun to create all out mayhem. Can The Impossibles stop the insto-matic instigator?

Baron Von Ghoul, while hiding out in an abandoned movie studio in London, reassembles three of the monsters from his movies and sets them loose on the city. Scotland Yard calls in Professor Conroy and his son Buzz to help stop him.
16 Billy the Kidder/The Monstermobile/The Fiendish Doctor Futuro
Billy the Kidder is planning to swindle the U.S. Mint. Can The Impossibles corral the criminal critter?

The evil Dr. Futuro from the future comes to the past to steal a gold brick. Can The Impossibles stop the futuristic fiend before he gets away?

The Mad Inventor unveils his latest threat to law and order, the Monstermobile. He believes that he will be able to use it to steal money while keeping himself safe from Frankenstein Jr. and the police.
17 The Bizarre Batter/The Pilfering Putty Monster/The Rascally Ringmaster
The Bizarre Batter kidnaps the team's star player and demands a million dollars for ransom. Can The Impossibles rescue the player from the baseball bozo?

Buzz is waiting for his father outside the Science Hall when he sees Mr. Menace with his new monster. The clever criminal uses his monster steal a $1,000,000 dollar coin collection and kidnaps Buzz. Buzz calls his friend Frankenstein Jr. to save him but will he be in time?

The Rascally Ringmaster puts on a circus as a distraction and robs all the patrons. Can The Impossibles catch the rat fink Ringmaster?
18 The Not So Nice Mr. Ice/The Spooktaculars/The Crafty Clutcher
The Crafty Clutcher uses an invention to bring his gloves to life and uses them tp steal for him. Can The Impossibles stop this crafty cleptomaniac?

Mr. Ice and Freezer use their ice gun to freeze things and plan on freezing the city and taking over. Can The Impossibles melt the chilling criminals?

Dr. Spectro constructs three giant ghoulish ghosts in order to take over Penciltrainia. Can Buzz and Frankenstein Jr. apprehend these ghosts and save the day?

About this show

Take off for adventure with Frankenstein, Jr., a super-strong robot built by boy genius Buzz, as the good-hearted robot and his young creator battle evil the world over. In the same animated series, a trio of rock 'n' roll stars--The Impossibles: Multi Man, Fluid Man and Coil Man--use their superhuman powers to battle villains between rock concerts.

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13 reviews
Elena Torres
October 17, 2018
I Love My Favorite Character Frankenstein Jr. Because he is one of my favorites.
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Juan Diaz
November 16, 2019
I loved I loved😘😘😘
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