Gold Rush: White Water

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Season 1 episodes (8)

2 First Gold
'The Dakota Boys' launch their gold dredge. Fred dives in the raging white water, and despite running out of air, the 72-year-old veteran succeeds in finding their first gold.
3 Dredge Down
The first gold nugget promises a monster payday. But when Dustin dives into the danger zone, a torrent where the current moves rocks, a rogue boulder almost costs him his life.
4 Boulder Battles
Fred's ex-boss Todd Hoffman has invested $50,000 in the Dakota Boy's operation. He infuriates Dustin, when he pays a surprise visit in a chopper.
5 Indland Tsunami
73-year-old Dakota Fred gets married for the fourth time and a landslide upstream threatens to unleash a wall of water that could destroy the dive site and drown the miners.
6 Hypothermia
The Dakota Boys' desperate bid to hit bedrock gold is thwarted when 73-year-old Fred's heating system fails mid-dive and he's is overcome by the glacial Alaskan water.
7 The Graboid
The Dakota Boys are digging down to bedrock gold but when they hit the biggest boulder of the season Dustin is forced to rig a new mechanical solution the Graboid.
8 End of Days
A flash flood racing down McKinley Creek threatens to kill the crew and destroy their operation, but the Dakota Boys still manage to find more gold than they've got all season.
9 Hidden Depths
After a devastating end to the season due to a major storm, the miners give us an in-depth look at the ups and downs of mining for gold in whitewater rapids, and what the future looks like for the Dakota Boys and their crew.

About this show

Dakota Fred and his son Dustin risk their lives to find a fortune in gold nuggets, taking them deep beneath the waters of one of Alaska’s wildest creeks.

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120 reviews
Matt Wood
February 9, 2018
Absolutely amazing. And Fred is like super man. First he's hiking all that way with a twisted up leg then he's diving and he's 72 years old. Wow big boot you are the man. I didn't know people would willingly go where they have no cell phone service. Let alone set up claim on a rapid river that has nothing to stand on anywhere around it. That's what gold fever will do to a person. Still amazing I hope you have a great season. Watch next we will see Todd Hoffman and his let's risk everything style of gold mining trying to get Dustin to build some walk ways for him to waddle around on. You know it's funny how Todd treats them after he loaned them fifty grand when all we see Todd ever do is try to talk people in to giving him another chance or more money. But now that he's the investor he wants to be a dick and push his weight around. He must only be religious when he is broke because he is a ass when he is a investor.
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dw momo
December 8, 2021
With as many idiots as I can run into on the road daily all I need is another idiot (Dakota Fred) on TV, I admire that at his age he is out there trying to make a go of things, but really if he hasn't done it by now chances are not good, and the fact is a man of his age still has not learned how to listen, and is a total know it all, seems to be at the root of all his problems. There is not fool like an old fool, (Fred).
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William Sprain (Willspra)
March 25, 2018
Met them in Oregon once. Having been an dredger myself, these guys get my adrenaline going. Fred and Dustin are the Real Deal! Can't wait to say hello to them again too.
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