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2005 • BBC
57 reviews

Season 1 episodes (8)

1 The Rats
Moz's day gets off to a bad start and rapidly deteriorates. Nicki has discovered a rat in the flat and decides to move out, none of which is good for business. And just when things are looking up, a new customer calls with an unexpected surprise.
2 The Seduction
Moz tries to get the ratcatcher to come round and get rid of the rats so that Nicki will come back, but Cartoon Head has his own ideas about how to get rid of them.
3 Why We Love
Colin calls round, full of grisly tales about a dismembered body found opposite his bedsit. Nicki finds an alternative use for the rat poison and Cartoon Head leaves something in Moz's bin.
4 The Affair
Moz finds something unpleasant in the pocket of his jacket while Colin pays a visit to try and sell Moz some stolen goods, and pockets Nicki's secret polaroids for good measure.
5 The Backpacker
Nicki realises that her polaroids are missing and is worried that Moz might have seen them. Although he wants to reconcile his relationship with Nicky, he is preoccupied by trying to sell the new gear that the PC has supplied.
6 The Party
It's Moz's 30th birthday and Nicki's organised a surprise party to celebrate but everyone's having fun apart from Moz. To make matters worse, his brother Troy sees something he shouldn't from behind the shower curtain.
7 The Pregnancy
Nicki takes a pregnancy test and is worried because there are three people in the running to be the father. Craig and Cartoon Head call round but when Moz suggests to Cartoon Head that they 'take him out', the consequences are disastrous.
8 The Body
All Moz has on his mind is the dead body he needs to get rid of but he is constantly interrupted by a stream of visitors. To properly destroy all the evidence, and for the first time in his life, Moz has to clean the flat.

About this show

Moz has been dealing drugs for over twenty years from his small bedsit in Manchester which he shares with his girlfriend, Nicki. But despite his chosen profession Moz is a man of principles who believes he is providing a crucial service to the local community, which pretty much extends as far as his closest friends: Kuldip, an Asian DJ and police constable who is also Moz's chief cannabis supplier; Jane, the childminder from hell; Brian, a camp scally who seems to have a new boyfriend every week and a man who always wears a cartoon mask, simply known as 'Cartoon Head'.

Ratings and reviews

57 reviews
Another Google User
March 19, 2016
Excellent comedy.
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Chris Taylor
April 20, 2018
Brilliant series. Ideal is an easy going light comedy that's perfect for anyone with a sense of humour and not offended by drug references.
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March 2, 2015
CAN'T get anuf of this original commedy! Really worth the money ! I'm going to get every Serious.
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