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Season 1 episodes (18)

1 Dream
Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney attempt a takeover of the world's third oldest professional football (a.k.a. soccer) club, located in Wrexham, a working class town in northern Wales in the United Kingdom.
2 Reality
Wrexham Football Club attempts to qualify for the playoffs as their new owners try to (very quickly) learn the ins and outs of a game and an industry they know nothing about.
3 Rebuilding
With just weeks before the season begins, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds find themselves having to convince star football players and executives to take a chance on Wrexham.
4 Home Opener
The first Wrexham home opener of the new era arrives, whether Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds are ready for it or not.
5 Fearless
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney land an important partnership as the Wrexham goalies - and fans - face some tough contests.
6 Hamilton
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney try to fulfill one of their biggest promises to Wrexham as a previous owner's dark shadow still lingers.
7 Wide World of Wales
In this "very special episode", Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney take us through on a tour of Wales - and TV show formats.
8 Away We Go
Wrexham Chairmen Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney make a surprise appearance at an away game to watch Wrexham play in person for the very first time.
9 Welcome Home
After a year of cheering from afar due to COVID-19, Co-Chairmen Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney finally get to visit Wrexham and spend time with their team and the town.
10 Hooligans
Unfortunate occurrences at the first home game attended by the Co-Chairmen lead to a police investigation and raise the ugly specter of football Hooliganism.
11 Sack the Gaffer
Fans grumble about Wrexham's lackluster performance and aim their ire at manager Phil Parkinson. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney debate his future with the club.
12 Wins and Losses
Wrexham AFC begin to play up to their potential while off the field challenges put match play in perspective.
13 Worst Team in the League
Roster changes threaten Wrexham's momentum as they prepare to face the worst team in the league.
14 A Hollywood Distraction
Ryan Reynolds surprises the team with a visit as Wrexham prepares for the biggest match of the season against Stockpoert County, their rivals for promotion.
15 Daggers
With one match left to play in the regular season, Wrexham has a chance to win the league and promotion.
16 Hello Wembley
Hollywood stars and Wrexham residents descend on London for the Red Dragons' big match at legendary Wembley Stadium.
17 Wromance
An inside look at the unusual beginnings and dynamics of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's football friendship.
18 Do or Die
For the first time in 14 years, Wrexham has a chance to be promoted out of the National League. Can they do it?

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Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds run Wrexham Football Club as they try to create an underdog story the world can root for. From Hollywood to Wales, the docuseries tracks their crash course in ownership and the interwoven fates of a team and a town.

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