Adam Ruins Everything

2015 • truTV
949 reviews
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Volume 1 episodes (13)

1 Adam Ruins Giving
Host Adam Conover dispels widespread misconceptions about everything. In the series premiere, Adam tackles the secret history of diamond engagement rings and explains why you should stop giving food pantries leftover canned goods.
2 Adam Ruins Security
Host Adam Conover sets his sights on "security theater," explaining that airport security wastes too much of our time and money, medicine safety seals do nothing to protect us, and your credit card number isn't remotely secure.
3 Adam Ruins Cars
Tonight, Adam dives into the much-beloved auto industry and exposes the surprising truths behind car dealerships, and the fact that the concept of "jaywalking" was created by auto manufacturers to blame pedestrians for car crashes.
4 Adam Ruins Forensic Science
Adam uncovers the scary truth behind unreliable methods used as evidence in criminal cases. He exposes the flaws of fingerprinting, hair strand matches and bite mark analysis - which often send innocent people to jail.
5 Adam Ruins Restaurants
Adam uncovers the hidden truths of dining out. He explains why tipping is a custom worth ditching, shows that experts can't tell the difference between wines, and reveals that mislabeled seafood is rampant in the industry.
6 Adam Ruins Hygiene
Adam reveals that the term "halitosis" was popularized in a 1920s ad campaign that used cruel ads to make people insecure about their breath, and explains why running water is one of the greatest miracles of the modern age.
7 Adam Ruins Voting
Adam explores the twisted history of the Electoral College, explaining that the Founding Fathers did not want most Americans to vote. He also takes a stab at fixing a political system that seems rigged against true democracy.
8 Adam Ruins Work
Adam Ruins Work: In "Adam Ruins Work," Adam reveals how the 40-hour work week not only exhausts employees but also harms businesses. He then highlights the legal mess behind hiring interns and freelancers, and he explores how discussing your salary with co-workers is actually healthy for you and the workplace.
9 Adam Ruins Summer Fun
Adam crashes the last day of summer by revealing that extended vacation makes you dumber, and that iconic rodent Mickey Mouse has made a mess of our copyright laws. Adam also dives into the world of video games and unveils a surprising gender bias that's forever changed the way we play.
10 Adam Ruins Sex
Adam reveals that circumcision was popularized by a bunch of masturbation-curbing 19th century prudes. Plus, he reveals why the fear of having herpes is overblown and explores why the term "pop your cherry" is a bunch of nonsense.
11 Adam Ruins Nutrition
Adam shows why vitamin supplements don't make us any healthier, and that the "balanced breakfast" we've been sold is anything but. Later, he reveals how most of the nutritional science the media reports on isn't science at all.
12 Adam Ruins Death
In the season finale "Adam Ruins Death," Adam explains that "the end" is inevitable; it's a reality that should be accepted and embraced. He shows why immortality is a fantasy and reveals that the American funeral industry is a racket that exploits mourners' grief and fear of dying. He then demonstrates that when people don't accept death, they wind up making terrible medical decisions that ruin whatever life is left.
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About this show

A half hour investigative comedy in which comedian host Adam Conover delivers an onslaught of mind blowing facts that shatter your illusions about the world to hilarious effect.

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949 reviews
Matthew Young (WraithTDK)
April 4, 2017
Smug, ignorant hipster douchebag "ruins" things by pointing out how things are "bad" and "don't make sense," which in virtually every case just comes down to him being too dumb and/or too unwilling to take an objective look at it. This guy's the reason I stopped watching College Humor several years ago.
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Jose Luis
July 22, 2017
I Love This Show, It's A Good Way to Get Educated On some things and I've learned alot from this, it's also a good comedy it is by far one of my favorite TV Shows to Watch and I would recommend it to other people and friends/family members. Really nice. I rate 5 without a doubt good show
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Tazhie Nunurbusinezz
November 3, 2017
If you don't like facts, this isn't your show. This show has leading experts in the field that is being discussed as guests on the show. For every fact there is the resource the writers took it from put up right on the screen so you can check it yourself. There isn't any Wikipedia in sight. They use scientific papers & medical journals. If you hate this, I'd imagine you are the same type that covers their ears when they encounter a fact that conflicts with your world view. 15 out of the last 16 years have been the hottest on record, storms are stronger & more frequent & sea levels are SEVERAL inches higher than they used to be but "climate change doesn't exist & is leftist propaganda" (hands covering ears "lalalalala...I don't hear you"). Those kind of people will HATE this show. I've learned a lot though & I love this show. There isn't another like it. Have a great day!
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