Lachey’s Bar

2014 • A&E
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 A Bar Is Born
Nick returns to Cincinnati, where he and Drew are opening a bar together. They must quickly make several key decisions about the bar and decide to embark on a pub crawl as a means of research.
2 Brothers In Beer
Nick & Drew take a trip to a local brewery to figure out their bar's beer selection. They each make a unique signature beer and have a keg party at their friend's house to decide which will earn permanent placement at Lachey's.
3 Tailgate Taste Test
When Nick and Drew can't agree on which menu items to serve at their bar, they take the vote to the people--holding a taste test at a Cincinnati Bengals football tailgate. Also, Vanessa surprises Nick in Ohio.
4 From Boy Bands To Bar Backs
After a challenge from their friends to bartend on opening night at their bar, Nick and Drew take bartending classes in order to learn the necessary skills. Additionally, the guys are selected as Grand Marshals of Cincinnati's Oktoberfest celebration and enter various competitions at the event.
5 The Big Bourbon Battle
With Nick stuck in New York, Drew takes some friends on a rollicking trip to Kentucky's Bourbon Trail, where he purchases an expensive barrel of bourbon. When he surprises Nick with it, the brothers don't exactly see eye to eye.
6 Bartender on Board?
With the bar opening just two weeks away, Nick and Drew must hire one more bartender... but a secret project Drew is working on complicates matters for the brothers.
7 Open for Business
It's all come down to this--the bar is finally ready to open. Or is it?! Nick and Drew work through the night to get it ready to open, get the key to the city from the Mayor, and at long last, officially open the doors.
8 Mom's the Word
With Nick back in L.A. with his newborn daughter and family, Drew is holding down the fort at the bar in Cincinnati by himself.
9 Businessmen, Babies & Bachelorettes
Nick and Drew have a private event space at the bar that they want to make use of, but when both brothers book parties in the same space on the same night, they have to figure out how to keep customers happy.
10 In Cincy to Stay?
When Nick and Drew get an offer to host a weekly radio show at the bar, it prompts Nick to consider relocating his family to be in Cincinnati full time.

About this show

Brothers Nick and Drew Lachey are giving up the spotlight to fulfill their lifelong dream of opening up a bar in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. The problem is they have absolutely no experience in the bar world.

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