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Season 1 episodes (18)

1 Episode One
In the remote Arctic town of Fortitude, two children make a remarkable find; and later, a horrific crime is discovered.
2 Episode Two
Vincent is arrested for the murder; but a new arrival in Fortitude gives Sheriff Anderssen something else to think about.
3 Episode Three
The police are closing in on their prime suspect for the killing. But Ronnie Morgan is acting suspiciously…
4 Episode Four
Dan and Frank travel up the coast in search of a suspect. But Dan’s feelings for Elena are threatening to overwhelm him.
5 Episode Five
The evidence against Frank looks overwhelming. But Elena’s past is about to catch up with her…
6 Episode Six
A shocking discovery threatens to tear the Sutter family apart.
7 Episode Seven
After the awful discovery of Liam’s guilt, Fortitude tries to move on. But there is more horror in store…
8 Episode Eight
Another murder has shaken the town, but this time the identity of the killer seems obvious. Can things really be so simple?
9 Episode Nine
Frank takes the law into his own hands. Meanwhile DCI Morton is closing in on the truth about Pettigrew’s death.
10 Episode Ten
Vincent and Natalie are forced to question their own ethics. Meanwhile Morton gets a surprise that may turn out to be his last.
11 Episode Eleven
Dan has an emotional encounter with Morton. Meanwhile Vincent has a brainwave which will lead him into danger.
12 Episode Twelve
The horrifying truth about the murders is revealed.
101 Filming in Iceland
Executive Producer Patrick Spence with crew and actors Nicholas Pinnock, Christopher Eccleston, Richard Dormer, Sienna Guillory, and Sofie Grabol discuss what it's like filming in Iceland for this FORTITUDE special feature.
102 On the Glacier
Cast and crew speak about the beauty of filming in Iceland and on a glacier. Executive Producer Patrick Spence, Producer Matthew Bird, Richard Dormer (Sheriff Dan Anderssen), Nicholas Pinnock (Frank Sutter) and Michael Gambon (Henry Tyson) appear in this FORTITUDE special feature.
103 Meet the Cast
Meet the cast and hear how the ensemble worked together in this FORTITUDE special feature. Including Sofie Grabol (Hildur Odegard), Stanley Tucci (DCI Morton), Michael Gambon (Henry Tyson) and more.
104 High Council
Sofie Grabol (Hildur Odegard) and Christopher Eccleston (Professor Stoddart) speak about the complexity of their character roles and how they relate to each other in this FORTITUDE special feature.
105 Calling the Police
Stanley Tucci (DCI Morton) and Richard Dormer (Sheriff Dan Anderssen) discuss the challenges their characters face as they try to work together on a murder case in this FORTITUDE special feature.
106 Fellow Forensics
Sienna Guillory (Natalie Yelburton) and Luke Treadaway (Vincent Rattery) discuss their challenges, their academic rivalry, backgrounds and suspicions of each other in this FORTITUDE special feature.

About this show

Fortitude is a place like nowhere else on Earth: a frontier boom-town in the wild and savage landscape of the far north. Sheriff Dan Anderssen leads a world-class search and rescue team but now finds himself investigating the shocking murder of a prominent member of the community. What’s more, he’s forced to work alongside DCI Eugene Morton, a British murder detective who’s just flown in. As they search for the killer, each of these cops find good reason to suspect and mistrust the other. And as things turn out, this murder won’t be the last.

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113 reviews
March 19, 2017
I really enjoyed this. It started slow, but definitely gained momentum and kept that hightened level of suspense for the rest of the season. Even though events got sort of outrageous, it still felt realistic. Also, there are so many gorgeous exterior shots (watch on a nice TV with a good contrast ratio).
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Christopher Eckhardt
April 3, 2015
The plot builds slowly, but give this show a chance and a few episodes later you will be hooked. A great murder/mystery with a sci-fi vibe that reminds me of the first time I watched 'The Thing'.
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Daniel Gordon
April 1, 2015
The plot builds slowly, but the rugged videography is amazing!  It was shot in Iceland, and scored by one of my favorite artists - Ben Frost.
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