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2012 • bbc
54 reviews

Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Like Narnia But Sexy
Jamie has just finished his exams and his carefree summer is off to a great start. He's crashed a sixth form party and hooked up with an older woman, 18 year old Laura who is also looking for some uncomplicated fun. But thanks to a combination of post-exam euphoria, too many drinks, and an available bedroom, they soon find they have one very serious complication on their hands. Laura is pregnant. So even though they barely know each other, they now have one big thing in common - and it's getting bigger.
2 Pregnant Rapist
Laura is in shock, having discovered that Jamie is only 16 years old, and refuses to speak to him. Jamie feels that Laura is not taking him seriously and decides the only way to get her attention is to propose. Janet and Alan are in counselling, trying to repair their marriage, but their guidance counsellor Jeremy doesn't really seem up to the job.
3 Scotland
Laura is no closer to making a decision on whether to have the baby, but heads off to university anyway. When Jamie finds out she has gone without telling him, he is furious and decides to follow her to Edinburgh... but he's definitely not stalking her. Meanwhile, Beth realises if she wants any chance of getting together with Jamie she's going to have to make her move now.
4 Man Of The Moment
Jamie and Laura's parents meet for lunch to discuss the future of their families. Laura and Jamie are rightly apprehensive about a family summit, but even they couldn't have forseen how badly this was going to go. Meanwhie, whilst making up the numbers on Beth's double date, Mike faces a sexual dilemma when he's offered a threesome with stunning Carrie-Ann and her handsome gay friend, Aaron.
5 Knocked Up And Homeless
Laura is settling in well at Jamie's place - a bit too well. Keith is sick of her being there, Jamie's tired of sleeping on the sofa, and Mike and Beth have had enough of not being able to see their mate. Something's got to give but the eventual confrontation kicks off a much bigger crisis.
6 Aaargh
Laura is very pregnant and very bored, so she asks Jamie to take her out - but it's definitely not on a 'date', it's just a casual shopping trip - casual that is until she goes into labour. Meanwhile, Mike is up to no good trying to stage a fake charity run, Keith has some bad news about his job for Sandra, and Janet and Alan get frisky.

About this show

Coming-of-age comedy following two unexpected and unlikely young parents-to-be as they try, and frequently fail, to negotiate family, sex and what happens once nine months is up. Meet Jamie, 16, and Laura, 18. They are two teenagers who after one too many drinks, some deceptive party lighting and an available bedroom find they have one very big complication on their hands. Laura is pregnant. With Laura due to start university and Jamie still getting pocket money, the pair of them are not exactly prepared to face the prospect of parenthood.

Ratings and reviews

54 reviews
August 15, 2014
Pramface isn't your typical "two people with a kid" (and yes that is a reference there) comedy, it doesn't just look down on two teenagers who ended up having a child. In fact, it really puts you on the same level, not poking holes at how they live their lives, but instead enjoying it with them. Laura and Jamie are both two extremely loveable characters and throughout all three series, you'll be following their "will they, won't they" scenario as we see them edging ever close together only to be pulled apart again. This coupled with an absolutely fantastic range of hilarious characters, creating for an all together lovely to watch and heart-warming comedy. Series 3 left Pramface on one hell of a cliff hanger and I certainly hope we see it return for a fourth series. Otherwise, another excellent comedy from BBC Three.
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Richie Adam
March 22, 2015
I really liked Pramface Series was so much better than series three which was truly isnt surprising that there isn't a fourth series as the third was such a disappointment. But I enjoyed Series Two as the characters were great and the storylines were great as well.
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James Cook
April 5, 2014
This show is fantastic... written by Chris reddy, he has captured under age pregnancy perfectly and made it relatable. I hope there is a series 4.
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