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Season 1 episodes (18)

1 Friends & Lovers
ATL newcomers Titus and Amara contend with issues from their past as they are thrust into a new world of deception, betrayal, and intrigue; Stephanie takes her relationship with Evan to the point of no return; The Carlisles and Purifoys take their generational feud to another level; Rondell and Evan seek to tamp down a common threat; Carly gets in her feelings.
2 Woman to Woman
Stephanie and Amara enter the ring; Evan confronts his father-in-law about a potentially deadly encounter; Bella plays both sides of the fence; Stephanie learns a juicy secret and Evan reveals an even juicier one; Rondell stands up for The Banks.
3 Welcome to Birmingham
Stephanie plans the ultimate takedown for Amara and plots a coup; Evan feels the heat as the DOJ closes in on his misdeeds; Titus makes a new enemy at work; Titus and Amara are greeted by a surprise at home; Carly’s new relationship intensifies; Evan sees more than he can bear.
4 Reap What You Sew
Stephanie and Evan join forces to both bring big business to Atlanta and paralyze Amara; Rondell wins a crucial battle; Titus is dispatched on a mission that could jeopardize his career; Bella is determined to advance her company by any means necessary.
5 Killing Me Softly
Titus and Amara are surprised by a blast from their past who blows into town; Stephanie comes up with a diabolical plan to retain the firm’s most prized client; Rondell’s relationship takes a turn; Bella figures out a way to resume her livelihood; Carly gives Lori an ultimatum.
6 What About Your Friends
Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with at a Women’s Empowerment Summit; Bella forges an alliance with Rod; Evan attempts to bargain with Greg Peters; Carly is taken off-guard by Stephanie’s perfect timing.
7 Poison and Wine
Stephanie makes an accusation and vows to get revenge; Bella navigates Rod and Evan; Amara forms an unlikely partnership that compels Titus to make questionable moves; Senior suffers a health setback; Carly takes a leap of faith with Lori.
8 Back Stabbers
Stephanie and Irene conspire against Rondell; Titus takes matters into his own hands; Rondell makes personal and professional moves; Greg’s family means business.
9 Giving Up
Rondell loses in a big way; Stephanie exacts revenge on Lori; The highly anticipated Anniversary Celebration at Thelma's Place ends sooner than expected; Damian continues to wreak havoc in the lives of Titus and Amara.
10 Ex-Factor
The Barnes have a big surprise for the Carlisles, forcing Stephanie and Evan to fight fire with fire; Amara receives backlash at work for her prior indiscretions.
11 A Change Is Gonna Come
Stephanie plays the ultimate trump card with Amara; Bella takes another chance on love, only to wake up to a nightmare; Rondell and Evan are blindsided.
12 The Thrill Is Gone
Evan and Rondell demand justice from Greg; Bella's best friend Perla dispenses advice; Amara's suspicions are confirmed; Evan finds a new rival in Kent; Titus and Amara work to reconcile; Stephanie pushes back against Greg's cousin Natasha.
13 Since I Lost My Baby
Stephanie closes in on Evan, Hunter, and Titus; Evan and Rondell are greeted with an unsavory blast from their past; Evan and Bella endure the worst nightmare of their lives.
14 You Owe Me
Amara sets a trap; Stephanie gathers new evidence.
15 Blood on the Dance Floor
Carlisle matriarch Irene shows her mettle; A new foe walks into Amara's life; Stephanie issues an ultimatum; Evan betrays an ally; Titus becomes a target; Damian takes a stand.
16 Hit 'Em Up
Rondell and Evan join forces to save Thelma's Place; An unlikely suspect comes forth as Senior's killer; Amara is taken off guard; Stephen and Hunter release their fury; Perla gets revenge.
17 Through The Wire
Stephanie closes in on the corner office; Bella is overwhelmed; Rondell discovers Darcia's dirty secret; Lori grows suspicious of Titus; Stephanie confronts Bella; Damian likes the hand he's dealt himself.
18 Save The Best For Last
Stephanie plays a deadly game with Evan; Titus faces unforeseen circumstances; Stephen has a surprise for Stephanie; Bella loosens Stephanie's grip; Rondell and Evan are pushed to their limits with Darcia; Stephanie and Amara keep their friends close and enemies closer.

About this show

AMBITIONS is a multigenerational family saga centered around one woman who, having recently relocated and intent on revitalizing her marriage, finds herself going head to head with some of the most powerful and deceitful players in the city.

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40 reviews
Noble P R. Bey
December 15, 2019
Absolutely love this show. Love Robin Givens very powerful in a good way. Sometimes you have to ruffle a little feathers. Robins a eagle she flies above all storms. Robins husband is a serial cheater. I have know words for the baby mama. Keep tricking for left over treats, You reap what you sow. Would like to see Robin with another powerful brother period. Love the other actors as well..
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Ramona Elaine Moore
December 24, 2019
My experience has been a good one and I love this show. Keep up the good work. Very good so far for Wednesday night TV. Wednesday had been so blah. Now it's great!
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September 23, 2020
I can get this free on cox but if you don't have it this is good show
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