Bates Motel

2012 • A&E
8.01K reviews
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Season 2 episodes (21)

1 Gone But Not Forgotten
Norman fixates on the death of Miss Watson. The economic livelihood of the motel is threatened when Norma gets unexpected news about the bypass project. Bradley's hunt for her father's killer drives her to dangerous extremes.
2 Shadow of a Doubt
Norma tries to distract Norman from his obsession with Miss Watson by auditioning for a play. A new player in town has Dylan and Remo on edge.
3 Caleb
Norma meets an ally in her battle to stop the bypass. Emma's memorial for a friend leads to a new relationship. Norman falls under the influence of a townie girl.
4 Check-Out
A new revelation forces Dylan to question his loyalty to Norma and Norman. Christine brings Norma into the White Pine social scene.
5 The Escape Artist
Norman trusts Cody with a family secret. Dylan finds himself fighting for his life as Zane's war escalates. Norma makes a deal with a mysterious man to help stop the bypass.
6 Plunge
Dylan is asked to take control of a volatile situation. A secret spreads threatening Norma and Norman's relationship. Emma finds herself in a very dangerous situation.
7 Presumed Innocent
Norman questions Norma's faith in him. Zane's thirst for revenge threatens Dylan. Romero's presented with new evidence that may change the course of Miss Watson's murder investigation. Cody's friendship with Norman reaches a breaking point.
8 Meltdown
Romero digs for the truth behind Miss Watson's murder, while the war between the drug families presents Dylan with an impossible choice. Norman pushes Norma away when she won't tell him the truth about his blackouts.
9 The Box
Norma desperately tries to connect with Norman. Dylan decides if risking his life is worth saving a loved one. Romero enlists the help of a former colleague to determine if Norman is guilty of a crime.
10 The Immutable Truth
Norman is haunted by a tragic event in his past. Norma tries to save Norman from making a horrible mistake. Romero and Dylan find a way to bring closure to the drug war. Emma makes a decision about her future at Bates Motel.
101 Sneak Peek
Go behind the scenes at the Bates Motel, and hear from the cast and creators why Season 2 will be bigger, more exciting and more dramatic.
102 Inside the Episode: Ep 101 - Gone But Not Forgotten
The Season 2 Premiere of Bates Motel starts off with a bang. Discover from the actors and creators what they think is going through Norman's head after Miss Watson's death.  Hear their thoughts on the episode's surprising ending. Find out what else is coming your way in Season 2.
103 Inside the Episode: Ep 202 - Shadow of a Doubt
Take a deeper look into Episode 202 "Shadow of a Doubt."
104 Inside the Episode: Ep 203 - Caleb
Get an inside look at episode 203, "Caleb." Hear from the cast and creators how Caleb's visit will affect Norma, Norman and Dylan.
105 Inside the Episode: Ep 204 - Check-Out
Get an inside look at episode 204, "Check Out." Hear from the cast and crew how the life-changing information Dylan has learned will affect his decisions. Get a deeper look at just how close the connection is between Norma and Norman.
106 Inside the Episode: Ep 205 - The Escape Artist
Dive into episode 205, "The Escape Artist." Hear from the cast and creators how the new relationships Norma, Norman and Dylan have formed will further complicate their lives.
107 Inside the Episode: Ep 206 - Plunge
Take a look inside Episode 206, "Plunge." Find out from the cast and creators how close Norma and Norman's secret comes to being uncovered, and how it affects the unusual bond they have.
108 Inside the Episode: Ep 207 - Presumed Innocent
Get a deeper look into Episode 207, "Presumed Innocent." See the effect Norma's secrets will have on the rift between her and Norman. Discover the implications that Sheriff Romero's new findings will have on a high-profile case.
109 Inside the Episode: Ep 208 - Meltdown
Get a deeper look into Episode 208, "Meltdown." See how Norma and Norman's changing relationship affects her control over him. Discover how far Dylan must go to protect his mother, and understand why Norman is so confused by the direction of Romero's investigation.
110 Inside the Episode: Ep 209 - The Box
Get a closer look into Episode 209, "The Box." Learn the extent of Norma's influence on Dylan's decisions, and how his future could be affected. Discover how Norman's dire situation drives him deeper into his own mind.
111 Inside the Episode: Ep 210 - The Immutable Truth
Get a closer look at the stunning Season Finale of Bates Motel, "The Immutable Truth." Hear how Norma may have sealed her own fate, and how the results of Norman's polygraph test will reverberate in the future.

About this show

From Executive Producers Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Kerry Ehrin (Friday Night Lights and Parenthood), Bates Motel delves into the sadistic and twisted relationship between serial killer-to-be, Norman Bates, and his mother Norma, played by Vera Famiga. A prelude to the classic horror film Psycho, the series takes a contemporary glimpse into Norman's formative years and reveals how he became one of the most infamous murderers of all time.

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8.01K reviews
Jacqueline Simmons
April 17, 2015
The storyline and psychological development of the characters are exceptional features of the show. But I can't say I love it until the end, which I begrudgingly learned after watching the entire Dexter series. So far so good. I'm interested in following this story but would like to see how it ties into the Norman we know. This kid's off but not yet the iconic Norman Bates.
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February 26, 2017
I watched the first few seasons, but when Mother & Son started sleeping in the same bed, and Norman started wearing his Mother's clothes, the plot became too disturbing. As an avid Hitchcock Fan, his plot was ALWAYS the aura of SUSPENSE! Not the lurid deviance of this slasher series. The Season 5 previews look simply abhorrent!
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April 6, 2017
It's a good show but not as terror filled as the original also bit slow for my taste. But actors are great. Bought season 1 but won't buy season 2 nor have I desired to even watch it yet unfortunately there are much better shows to watch.
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