Star Trek (Remastered)

1966 • NBC
726 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (26)

1 Amok Time
The classic tale of Spock's feverish Vulcan mating urge and mortal combat with Kirk features a host of new artwork for the Remastered edition that adds vistas of the hot planet never before seen on a television scale. The high-elevation nature of the pon farr ceremonial grounds echoes the landscapes of Vulcan of the later motion pictures, but only enhances the mood and the music of the classic tragic battle set up by Spock's manipulating childhood fiance, T'Pring. Sharp-eyed fans will note the distant views of Spock's hometown -- an homage to artwork later used in "Star Trek: Enterprise" -- and a new setting for T'Pring's girlhood photo.
2 Who Mourns for Adonais?
The Enterprise is held captive by the Greek god, Apollo.
3 The Changeling
The Enterprise encounters a probe named Nomad.
4 Mirror, Mirror
The Star Trek "mirror universe" conjures up images of Spock's goatee, the captain's woman and dress daggers -- but the Remastered edition adds a few more touches as well. The routine landing party beam-up is snagged by a new smeary ion storm effect for Kirk, Scotty, McCoy and Uhura's entry into the savage parallel universe. New visuals especially enhance the cruelty of this dimension, with the agonizer and the agony booth both getting a creepier, more visceral CGI treatment. The "mirror" Kirk finds he has a sexy "captain's woman" and a "Tantalus field," that ruthless secret death machine he can turn on anyone remotely -- but will he ever get his people back home?
5 The Apple
The crew discovers a paradise controlled by computer.
6 The Doomsday Machine
The Remastered edition brings an incredibly rich look to the biggest visual-effects episode of the original series, not only improving the visuals but clarifying the most active starship battle depicted in the 1960s. Investigating the loss of sister starship Constellation, the Enterprise stumbles across a huge alien superweapon that wrecked not only the lost ship but also entire planets in several solar systems -- and drove Commodore Matt Decker into a "Ahab complex" that threatens the Enterprise when he forcibly takes command. Now, see the sad wreckage of the Constellation in all-new detail, get a truer sense of scale with both starships, their shuttlecraft and the planet-killer, which gets an articulated treatment that truly enhances its robot-like mission of destruction. Remastered effects also let viewers truly see for the first time the choreography of the battle with each starship's strafing runs -- and there's even a new angle on the shuttlecraft departure.
7 Catspaw
Two alien scouts take form as a warlock and a witch/giant cat to oppose Kirk's crew, tapping into dark human icons that get the full Remastered treatment. Their landscape of Halloween and the paranormal now gets a full "dark castle" facade as well as clean-ups and tweaks everywhere. While struggling to discover the source of the pair's apparent transformational powers, Kirk wonders whether one alien's attraction to him is any more dangerous than the widening dispute between the two.
8 I, Mudd
The return of conman Harry Mudd is not a heavy tale of obvious visual effects, but the Remastered edition gives this romp a beautiful new version of a ringed world for Mudd's Planet. Among the 500 androids who turned on Mudd is leader Norman, the Enterprise hijacker, and here his "android circuitry" and belly hatch are another highlight of the Remastered redos. Mudd teams up with Kirk and even Spock and the staff, of course, for a wacky show of illogic -- their only available weapon for escape.
9 Metamorphosis
The shuttlecraft Galileo makes a forced landing on a world with a single human inhabitant.
10 Journey to Babel
One of Star Trek's classic tales sports our first look at Spock's parents, Andorians and Tellarites, Federation debate, terrorist raiders and covert assassins -- and the Remastered edition brings its special snap to all. With one envoy murdered and Spock's father Sarek the chief suspect until he has a heart attack, it takes a ruse by Kirk and McCoy to get the stubborn Spock into Sickbay to give blood for his father's surgery after Kirk is stabbed and unable to command. The Remastered version features an all-new detailed shuttlecraft landing in the hangar bay and the Orion spy ship, faithful to the original but finally seen in detail -- as well as the Enterprise phaser tracking system which tries to shoot it down.
11 Friday's Child
A simple mission to secure mining rights with the nomads of Capella IV turns upside down when Kirk's party learns a Klingon agent has beaten them to the punch and sponsors a coup that overthrows the old ruler. When his pregnant wife is set to die as well, Kirk kidnaps her against her will in their escape attempt, and he, Spock and McCoy stay on the run long enough for the Capellans to realize the Klingons' deceit and change course. The young son, born amid both danger and humor, is restored to the throne and gets a special name, thanks to the Enterprise officers.
12 The Deadly Years
Accelerated aging affects the senior officers and threatens Kirk's ability to lead.
13 Obsession
Kirk is determined to hunt down a vampiric entity he failed to destroy in his past.
14 Wolf In the Fold
The mood and atmosphere can only be enhanced by the Remastered process when shore leave on hospitable Argelius II turns deadly: Scotty's ladyfriend is found stabbed in an alley and he is found holding the knife over her. Incredibly, Spock's research, witnesses, and two more murdered women eventually point to the murderer as the entity behind the original serial killer, Earth's "Jack the Ripper." The new vibrant look of the Remastered treatment is at its best as always, but be sure to look for the lights of cities on the planet's dark side, matching how the live action of the story all takes place at night.
15 The Trouble With Tribbles
Partly inspired by the work of the 1996 Deep Space Nine homage episode, "Trials and Tribble-ations," this Remastered edition sports an all-new Klingon D-7 ship, the reworked Enterprise CGI model debut and close-up details of Space Station K-7 in this classic Star Trek comedy. Klingons, poisoned grain, a loud-mouth Federation bureaucrat and a mealy-mouthed trader -- and his fuzzy, faceless heroes the tribbles -- are here in all their crisp, clear Remastered glory.
16 The Gamesters of Triskelion
Three disembodied beings wager on fights staged by prisoners abducted from around the galaxy.
17 A Piece of the Action
Star Trek's other tongue-in-cheek romp gets a more realistic planet look from space in the Remastered edition, as Kirk attempts to undo the unintended contamination of Sigma Iotia II a century earlier yields a mobster-like culture like 1920s Chicago. It's a perfect example of the reason for the Prime Directive of non-interference, but Kirk, with an incredulous McCoy and "Spock-o" in tow, decides the best way to heal the damage is to play the part of mobsters themselves -- even if it means learning to drive a car. Along with its crisper, more colorful look overall, the Remastered edition also features a new treatment for the one time we see ship-fired phasers on stun.
18 The Immunity Syndrome
One of the most bizarre and colorful episodes of Season 2 is a showcase for the Remastered edition, with an all-new 3-D approach to the giant spacegoing amoeba that dominates the story. The lifeform is not sentient but still deadly on a mass scale, consuming the Gamma 7A system, the Vulcan-manned USS Intrepid and anything in its path while draining nearby power sources. The Remastered look now gives Enterprise a true "nighttime" treatment while within the "zone of darkness" around the amoeba, and both Spock's shuttlecraft suicide mission and the starship itself now seem truly trapped within the amoeba in a host of more complex and scaled environments.
19 A Private Little War
The Klingons provide arms to a peaceful planet and disrupt the balance of power.
20 Return to Tomorrow
Telepathic aliens take over Kirk and Spock's bodies.
21 Patterns of Force
The crisp Remastered treatment only heightens the irony and cruelty of an all-new Nazi world set up on Ekos, discovered by a shocked Enterprise crew sent to check on missing historian John Gill. Gill's misguided experiments have tragically gone wrong, and Kirk's group is finally rescued from capture and torture by contacts in the Ekosian underground.
22 By Any Other Name
Extra-galactic beings commandeer the Enterprise in an attempt to return home.
23 The Omega Glory
The Enterprise finds a planet devasted by disease that appears to treat the American flag with great reverence.
24 The Ultimate Computer
Enterprise is used to test the new M-5 computer.
25 Bread and Circuses
Spock and McCoy are forced to fight in Roman-like games.
26 Assignment: Earth
The Enterprise goes back in time and discovers a mysterious stranger trying to interfere with 20th-century events.

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This classic science fiction series, set in the 23rd century, follows the voyages of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise as it explores the endless universe - seeking new life, new worlds, and new civilizations.

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726 reviews
Chris O
March 2, 2019
I wish we could see the version without the CGI here on Google as a few lines are cut from the newest remasters, the only place you can get that digitally is Amazon. It's still worth the buy though!
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David Justice
November 28, 2015
60's Cheese sprinkled throughout and also some individual episodes were...just plain bad. Some episodes were great explorations of the human condition. Most were excellent TV-craft. The remastering is mostly replacing the space models and artwork with CGI models. It doesn't look foreign at all.
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A Google user
December 16, 2017
Generally considered the weakest of TOS three seasons (seasons one and two would rate four and a half to five stars). Hardcore trekfen will buy this, less hardcore fans would pick and choose two or three episodes, most notably "The Enterprise Incident" & "The Tholian Web".
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