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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Episode 1
Stephen begins preparations to start running the family business after his dad's death, but the arrival of his foster-brother Andrew brings a change of plan.
2 Episode 2
After discovering Andrew has been left a share of the business in Laurie's will, he and Stephen clash about how to clear the pub's debts.
3 Episode 3
When Andrew's enhancements to the pub bring good TripAdvisor reviews, Stephen worries that it will cause more problems than it is worth.
4 Episode 4
Stephen and Andrew are off on an enlightening road trip to meet the pub's suppliers, while Geoff is left to run the pub in his own unique style.
5 Episode 5
The family set about clearing up after the disastrous pub fire, and Stephen makes some quite startling discoveries about life, death and Andrew.
6 Episode 6
Andrew has transformed the pub and a party is held for what would have been Laurie's 69th birthday, but Stephen finds out some big news about Andrew.

About this show

An acerbic comedy starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Stephen is finally taking over his father Laurie’s pub after his death. The charismatic Andrew turns up at the funeral and claims the short time he spent fostered by Stephen’s family was the happiest of his life. But to Stephen, Andrew is just one of 30-odd foster kids he resented during childhood, and now adulthood.

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10 reviews
jackson atkins
February 18, 2021
Funny and dark, although sometimes bordering on just plain depressing. I love mitchell and webb, and the dynamic is still there.
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MerryWeasel Ride0back
August 7, 2018
Love anything Mitchell & Webb.
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