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Volume 1 episodes (22)

1 The Addams Family Goes To School
Morticia (Carolyn Jones) and Gomez (John Astin) decide to keep Wednesday (Lisa Loring) and Pugsley (Ken Weatherwax) home from school after Morticia sees the fairy tales they have to read. When the truant officer comes to investigate, he finds Morticia tending her garden of hemlock and poison ivy, and Gomez blowing up bridges on his model train set.
2 Morticia And The Psychiatrist
Pugsley (Ken Weatherwax) worries his morther after he abandons his pet octopus for a puppy and is seen wearing a Boy Scout uniform, playing with a baseball bat, and helping an old lady cross the street. Morticia (Carolyn Jones), fearful that her son is becoming normal, calls in a psychiatrist, Dr. Black (guest star George O. Petrie).
3 Fester's Punctured Romance
Uncle Fester, who has become lonely, convinces Gomez and Morticia that it is time for him to find a bride. He decides to put an ad in the newspaper, looking for love, and Gomez helps him by taking his picture to run along side it. But when Miss Carver comes by the Addams residence, Fester mistakes her for someone responding to his ad instead of what she really is, a door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman. She has a 90 plan to make over Fester, but when she discovers his plans, things change.
4 Gomez, The Politician
Election fever grips the Addams household, as Gomez (John Astin) supports the council candidate whose campaign promise is to drain the town's disgusting bogs. Morticia (Carolyn Jones), who likes "the lovely bogs," labels the candidate an extremist. But Gomez assures her that all politicians do the opposite of their campaign promises.
5 The Addams Family Tree
Pugsley (Ken Weatherwax) and Wednesday (Lisa Loring) start a row at a birthday party when their gift of a tarantula upsets Harold (guest star Kim Tyler), the birthday boy. Harold's parents insist that the Addams children lack breeding and, therefore, are no longer allowed to play with their son. Gomez (John Astin) and Morticia (Carolyn Jones) then hire a genealogist to trace their heritage.
6 Morticia Joins The Ladies League
Gomez takes Pugsley to visit Oscar Webber and his failing circus. After Pugsley befriends Gorgo, the circus's gorilla, Gorgo decides to follow Pugsley and Gomez home, where is accepted as one of the family. Gomez is pleased as Pugsley makes a friend of Gorgo, but Lurch is unhappy when Pugsley teaches Gorgo to do housework. Meanwhile, Gorgo gives Morticia's tea guests, the Ladies League members, quite a shock.
7 Halloween With The Addams Family
A pair of bank robbers are welcomed as Halloween trick-or-treaters by Morticia (Carolyn Jones) and Gomez (John Astin). The creepy atmosphere of the house, Morticia's smoldering holiday punch and Lurch's (Ted Cassidy) ominous presence impel the crooks to abandon their plans to add Addams money and jewelry to their bank loot.
8 Green Eyed Gomez
When Lionel Barker (guest star Del Moore), a former suitor of Morticia's (Carolyn Jones), shows up, Gomez (John Astin) is jealous. But he's soon calmed when he learns that Barker is after Mildred (guest star Pattie Chapman), the new maid. The Addamses then discover that Barker is a con man--after Mildred's money, not her love.
9 New Neighbors Meet The Addams Family
A pair of newlyweds leases the house next door to the Addams Family. But the honeymoon loses its tranquility when Uncle Fester (Jackie Coogan) enters their house through a tunnel. When invited next door, they flee in terror at the sight of Lurch (Ted Cassidy), Grandmama (Blossom Rock) sharpening her ax, and Morticia (Carolyn Jones) and Gomez (John Astin) bathing the octopus.
10 Wednesday Leaves Home
The family faces a crisis when Wednesday (Lisa Loring) packs her spider and runs away (after being scolded for playing with Uncle Fester's (Jackie Coogan) TNT instead of her own). When they try to file a missing person report, a detective is anxious to retire early because of the Addamses' story.
11 The Addams Family Meets The V.I.P.'s
Official visitors from an unfriendly nation receive the shock of their lives when they decide to exploit the Addams Family as an average uncultured American family. The visitors are shaken up by Morticia's (Carolyn Jones) carnivorous plants and Uncle Fester's (Jackie Coogan) penchant for jolts of electricity, among other typical Addams sights.
12 Morticia, The Matchmaker
Morticia's (Carolyn Jones) cousin, Melancholia (guest star Hazel Shermet), wants to marry Clarence P. Harvey (guest star Lee Goodman) after most of her marital prospects have joined the Foreign Legion. Clarence recoils when Melancholia puts on a campaign to win him, backed by support from Morticia, Gomez (John Astin) and Clarence's boss.
13 Lurch Learns To Dance
Lurch (Ted Cassidy) becomes a veritable gazelle when he takes dancing lessons at Gomez (John Astin) and Morticia's (Carolyn Jones) suggestion, after he admits to being a wallflower at social functions. Each member of the Addams Family teaches Lurch a different step in hopes to help him when he attends the annual The Butlers' Ball.
14 Art And The Addams Family
Grandmama's (Blossom Rock) paintings leave an art critic speechless, so Gomez (John Astin) sends for his friend, Sam Picasso (guest star Vito Scotti), to teach Grandmama to paint in the abstract. The starving artist ignores Grandmama's and Morticia's (Carolyn Jones) work as he eats and paints. Meanwhile, the art critic urges Gomez to "throw the bum out."
15 The Addams Family Meets A Beatnik
Rockland Cartright III (guest star Tom Lowell) is a beatnik who crashes his motorbike into a tree and recuperates at the Addams house. Each regards the other as an oddity, although the family learns to appreciate certain aspects of Rockland's life. As a treat, they put Rockland in the stocks and on the rack.
16 Addams Family Meets The Undercover Man
Mr. Briggs (guest star Rolfe Sedan), the postman, is hired by the government to do undercover work in the Addams house. While pretending to be a stamp collector, he investigates rumors that coded radio messages are being sent from the house. Also starring John Astin, Carolyn Jones, Jackie Coogan, and Ted Cassidy.
17 Mother Lurch Visits The Addams Family
Lurch's (Ted Cassidy) tiny fire-eating mother visits and demands that Lurch's employers wait on her boy hand-and-foot after Lurch leads her to believe that it's his house. Lurch revels in the unexpected attention he gets from Morticia (Carolyn Jones) and Gomez (John Astin) who agree to play along and act as his servants.
18 Uncle Fester's Illness
Uncle Fester's (Jackie Coogan) electrical output fails abruptly. His relatives don't know whether to call a doctor or an electrician to bring Fester back to full wattage. Morticia (Carolyn Jones) prescribes a bowl of porcupine mold, and both she an Gomez (John Astin) agree that long exposure to moon rays would be beneficial.
19 The Addams Family Splurge
The family would like to vacation on the moon, but the billion dollar travel cost is slightly prohibitive. Uncle Fester (Jackie Cooper) volunteers $21.13 and Morticia (Carolyn Jones), using Gomez's (John Astin) new supercomputer, suggests placing a $2,000 bet on the daily double horse race at the race-track.
20 Cousin Itt Visits The Addams Family
Cousin Itt is advocated as curator of the local zoo. Gomez (John Astin) uses his influence with Park Commissioner Fisk (guest star Alan Reed) to promote Itt for the job, but the zookeepers are convinced the Addamses' cousin should be confined to a cage. Also starring Carolyn Jones, Jackie Coogan and Ted Cassidy.
21 The Addams Family In Court
Grandmama (Blossom Rock) is hauled off to jail for setting up a fortune-telling booth in the Addamses' living room. Gomez (John Astin) volunteers to act as attorney, and the court session becomes a shambles. Also starring Carolyn Jones as Morticia, Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester, and Ted Cassidy as Lurch.
22 Amnesia In The Addams Family
Gomez (John Astin) loses his memory after hitting his head; he fails to recognize Morticia (Carolyn Jones), and says the house looks like a condemned museum. The Addamses take turns hitting Gomez on the head trying to help him regain his memory. Also starring Jackie Coogan as Uncle Fester and Ted Cassidy as Lurch.

About this show

You rang? They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky! America's first family of ghastly giddiness are here in all of their ghoulish glory in the original TV series based on the delightfully demented imagination of Charles Addams.

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25 reviews
Lorraine Session
June 14, 2020
I Love This Show Because I Suffer with Depression and Anxiety and This Show it Makes Me Laugh and Feel Good, and Before it's over I been Done Forgot What Had Me So Depressed. The Same Goes for Bewitched and I Love Lucy. These Shows have Kept Me From Comiting Suicide, Many Times in My Life Time. I'm 61 yrs Old Now and I Wish T.V. Stations Would Air The Programs. I've Never been able to Afford Cable TV, nor Ruku..Ect..♥️
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Chamberlain Emery
January 28, 2020
I grew up watching the Addams family. It was the ONLY tv show I liked or watched. I still love everything about them.
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Victor Ritter
August 7, 2021
I'm only doing one star because The Addams Family considers Bad things as Good things
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