Secrets and Lies

2015 • ABC
602 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (11)

1 The Fall
Eric Warner is at the top of his game and the heir apparent to his family's private equity firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. Newly married and happy, he attends a party to honor his dad passing over the reins when tragedy strikes: His wife Kate is murdered. Detective Andrea Cornell is put in charge of the investigation and Eric soon becomes her prime suspect.
2 The Husband
A shocking event from Eric's past leads to his interrogation by Cornell, revealing a large cash withdrawal by Kate without his knowledge. A desperate Eric looks for proof his life with Kate wasn't one big lie. Amanda helps Eric continue his search for answers, uncovering evidence Eric was being blackmailed.
3 The Liar
Eric has a tense confrontation while looking for Liam, and later learns Kate knew that Liam was a fraud who stole investor identities. John wants to bury this information to protect the firm, but as the prime suspect, Eric does not agree. After much resistance, Eric finally agrees to be questioned by Cornell about Tina.
4 The Detective
Eric and Danny finally track down Liam with a clue from his girlfriend, but Cornell and police show up and take him into custody. While Eric and Danny ambush Neil at Eric's apartment, Detective Cornell arrives to break up the event.
5 The Daughter
After Eric confronts Danny about lying, Danny explains the deal he and Cornell made when his daughter went missing. Meanwhile, Cornell interrogates Neil, and Eric and Patrick discover they have been misled.
6 The Parent
Eric makes a surprising discovery regarding Kate's death, and Cornell threatens to arrest Eric for obstruction of justice. Meanwhile, Cornell tips off Danny and helps him get away, only to meet up with him later.
7 The Statement
Cornell questions Melanie about her whereabouts the night of Kate's murder, and Eric discovers Patrick arranged for a secret loan in order to buy real estate. Cornell testifies in court and is jailed for contempt.
8 The Racket
Eric is stunned as one by one the dominoes fall around him, and the secrets surrounding the mysterious house at 8686 Mint Hill Drive are revealed. Circumstances force him to take drastic action in an attempt to stop the demise of SEG and his family. Meanwhile, Detective Cornell inches closer to finding Kate's killer.
9 The Brother
Following the blackmail trail, Eric and Danny discover John has another family. Everything goes awry at the police station as Patrick makes a shocking confession in a fit of rage, and Eric feels he is no closer to knowing who killed Kate.
10 The Truth
A guilty Patrick nearly unravels before Eric and Amanda can stop him. Meanwhile, Cornell arrives to make an arrest in the case, and later, back at the station, Cornell and Turk question Eric about his mother and the night of Kate's murder.
100 Sneak Peek at ABC's Drama "Secrets and Lies"
Season 2 of ABC's hit drama, Secrets and Lies, focuses on Eric Warner (Michael Ealy), the smart, well-educated heir apparent to his family's private equity firm. Newly married, Eric is attending a party to honor his dad passing over the reins to him, when his wife, Kate (Jordana Brewster), is found dead. Overseeing the case is the formidable Det. Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis). As Eric battles to prove his innocence, he discovers that his family are not who they appeared to be.

About this show

Ben Garner is about to go from Good Samaritan to murder suspect after he discovers the body of his neighbor's son in the woods. As Detective Andrea Cornell digs for the truth, town secrets and lies come to the surface and no one is above suspicion.

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602 reviews
Ken R
December 11, 2016
After 2 seasons, you need to understand what you are getting into when you watch "Secrets and Lies". The plot changes dramatically almost every episode. They introduce new twists and turns. Unfortunately, it is always a new character or situation that you learn about in episode 9 (out of 10) who is the true killer. Is a rip off. Sad, because the lead detective is quite good, and the actors are quite good. But look for season 3 to be the same thing: New character in the last chapter who did it.
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D. K.
July 30, 2017
Ey Yi Yi. Please try to find the original Australian version of this and re-think what constitutes GOOD. This US version is SO watered-down. (not unlike The Slap, The Bridge, The Returned... where our re-do just does NOT cut it, after seeing the originals)
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Joe Hall
May 4, 2015
holds interest this is up there with once upon a time on my number 1 favorite tv shows. if you have not watched it yet i recommend you do.
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